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  1. I have been MIA here lately. Life has really been throwing me some curve balls. My husband has gone in for the first surgery to treat a Melanoma. I hate to complain, his health issue is more life-threatening than mine, but my concerns are very real as well. I feel so helpless on both. In July I noticed a tremendous amount of pain in my hips after vacationing and walking a lot. I thought it was from lack of previous exercise with the weight. But, it continued. I went to my GP, and she was very concerned with my lack of range of motion. She sent me for x-rays, and it quickly came back as SEVERE arthritis in BOTH my hips. WTF?? It got worse. She sent me to an orthopedist who told me that it wasn't arthritis, it was actually a condition where bone grows into your hip socket, causing limited range of motion (think oval socket versus round) and bone against bone pain. The first ortho said "live with it, until you can't live with the pain anymore, then we will replace your hips." REALLY??? That is your suggestion?? I quickly sought a second opinion, desperately hoping for better news. Nope. This one didn't suggest waiting AT ALL. Would have liked getting me into surgery sooner than later. Being a teacher, I suggested end of June. She vetoed that, saying "sooner." We compromised on Thanksgiving break, assuming that we can get it through the insurance hoops by then. In the meantime, I am at goal, and unable to exercise. I live in constant fear that I will regain the weight. My social life has suffered considerably. My get-togethers with friends involved walking on the beach, in the mall, etc. Now that I am unable to do those things, I am at a loss. Yesterday, I "bit the bullet" and went out to buy a chair that was more suitable for me at the beach. I have been unable to get up and down into my lower beach chair. This has kept me from going to the beach. I can literally walk to the beach from my house, or used to be able to. Now I have to find a parking place at a spot where there are no steps to go up and down. I have a handicap parking placard, but on a holiday weekend, the spaces are few, far between, and full. This has caused me to become depressed. I am at goal, and should be celebrating, but am struggling. I want to share this with my husband, but we are more concerned about his health right now. I am so very much at a loss to figure out how best to support him as well. Yikes, now what??
  2. @@bring I am so sorry to hear this. I, too, am struggling with this problem. Most people say, "When you hit a plateau, exercise more." What if one can't? I went into this with a "pretty-sound" body. Little did I know that the mobility issues that I thought were weight/age related, were really a very serious Hip disease. Now, I am facing, at age 52, a bilateral hip replacement. Any exercise, including Water aerobics, causes pain. It isn't debilitating yet, normal, everyday movements cause just modest pain. But it is increasing every day. I went to 2 orthopedists, hoping for better news. The second was worse than the first. Has anyone else suffered from pain, loss of range of motion that limits exercise? How did you cope?
  3. lclemur

    Cramps... No ibuprofen

    I am so confused on this. One of the deciding factor for me, between BP and VSG was the NSAIDS issue. I knew that I was a high candidate for arthritis, so I didn't want to give up the NSAIDs option. I chose sleeve specifically because I could continue these meds. Was anyone else given this information?? Low and behold, a degenerative hip disease has surfaced, and I don't know how I would handle it without 800mg of Ibuprofen.
  4. lclemur


    AND, if that isn't scary enough, MAJOR constipation is linked to this as well. Well, S&=t! Pun intended.
  5. lclemur

    Restless Legs and No Sleep

    I had this even before my surgery. I tried the soap, but was told to put it by your feet. If I kept it near my knees, I am sure that it would keep me awake. I am the "princess and the pea" type when I sleep...
  6. lclemur


    I asked my doctor whether caffeine/coffee was still allowed after surgery, because if it wasn't, surgery was off. I had to keep at least one addiction! Seriously, I drink about as much as I did before surgery. I had to work up to it. I am now 7 months out.
  7. lclemur

    Pretty fantastic NSV's

    I started back to work last week (1st grade teacher.) A student from last year gave me a hug, and her arms went ALL THE WAY AROUND!!
  8. Boy! Not in California! You have to beg for a glass of water!
  9. An old WW habit. Once a week, fluctuations daily would drive me bonkers! I also count only the whole #. If it says 173.9, it is 173.
  10. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    173! 4 lbs to goal (100 lbs!)
  11. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    176 same...sad, because I can't exercise, and I am constipated AGAIN!
  12. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Congrats on onederland!
  13. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    What an exciting announcement! Such an accomplishment!
  14. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Congrats on onederland!
  15. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Hang in there! I am close to that "end of the party."
  16. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    174! 7 lbs to goal!
  17. lclemur

    Gall bladder after sleeve

    One of the joys of obesity! I had mine removed 3 years prior.
  18. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Huh! My other posts haven't shown up on the spreadsheet. It looks like I haven't lost any. 2 lbs. A week. Down to 180!
  19. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Sorry I have been awol. 180
  20. lclemur

    Probiotic Anyone?

    I am jumping on the probiotics as well. We will see!
  21. lclemur

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Did I post? Didn't I post? 184. Thanks!
  22. Yes, when I spoke with my father after surgery he said "Why wouldn't you feel depressed? You shot your best friend..." I suppose that is it in a nutshell. Time to find new friends...

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