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  1. LBS15

    Anyone From Kentucky?

    Lara, 38, Louisville, 3/9/15 sleeve
  2. LBS15

    Anyone From Kentucky?

    I went to initial info meeting In December and had surgery 3/9. From what I can tell the way dr old ham does it is much more efficient than other doctors. Part of the delay was my insurance. Good luck. He is super nice and cute.
  3. LBS15

    Anyone From Kentucky?

    Surgery 3/9 and down 65! Good luck ladies!
  4. LBS15

    Victorias Secret

    I need to go there but worried it's too soon. My current bras' cups are too big for me. I'm into an class from 2x/3x but afraid I'd be disappointed trying on their bras and them not fitting.
  5. I was told 15/1 hour. I've seen 30/30 and tried drinking sooner after eating and I feel sick so sticking to one hour.
  6. I had surgery 3/9. I went back on birth control about a month later. I have had my period for over 2 weeks. Also, in the last 2 weeks I have only lost a pound a week. Has anyone else had their period like this? It is not heavy and not consistent but will start sometime during the day.
  7. Okies triple zero 15 grams of protein
  8. LBS15

    I need to VENT!

    I had surgery 3/9 and get all my protein, water, vitamins, etc. it takes about 6 weeks. Hang in there!!
  9. LBS15


    My husband and son had pizza the other night for dinner and I wasn't hungry so I did a workout video while they ate. Most nights we eat together but I did mine own thing sometimes too. Just part of the new life, I guess.
  10. No hunger at all. Best part!
  11. LBS15

    Anyone From Kentucky?

    If the psyche was the same guy he was a weirdo. He said something to one of the ladies in the group I was with the day I was screened about needing therapy and she freaked out on him. He seemed to need therapy himself.
  12. LBS15

    Anyone From Kentucky?

    I'm not a fan of Kirstie but everyone else is great. And I think I've been successful so far;)
  13. LBS15

    Anyone From Kentucky?

    In louisville. Had surgery 3/9 with Dr. Oldham at Baptist Bariatrics.
  14. On my schedule it says baby food. Does anyone go and buy baby food to eat? I'm not in a hurry. I had surgery 3/9 and it takes me 45 minutes to eat 1/2 a jello cup;)
  15. LBS15

    Cheated every day of 7 day pre op diet

    I came to the board excited about surgery 3/9 until I read this. I have a 10 day pre op diet of 3 bariatric advantage shakes a day, 700-900 calories and water each day. I had a few days I wasn't perfect. But I weighed myself today and have lost 16 pounds in 9 days. I'm good with that. I may not have been perfect but would not use that as a reason to delay surgery. And I wouldn't take advice off the internet of whether or not I should reschedule a surgery. While yes there is ownership over this pre op plan but in reality we have very different plans. My plan is not tailor made to me it comes from a preprinted manual. The doctor does it for everyone. Following a pre op diet exactly may be an indicator for future success but I don't believe that. I know what I'm going to need to do and realize that this surgery is a tool to that end which for me is what I need. My point is I think people need to be careful dispensing and listening to medical advice on the internet.
  16. I'm waiting to hear from my surgeon for a surgery date. I have done all the preop testing. I even have done the scope. Today I got a letter from my insurance company that I am approved for surgery stay starting 3/9. So I guess I'm having surgery 3/9 even though I have not heard back from doctor on my scope, EKG and chest X-ray results?
  17. LBS15

    Insurance question

    I've done all the pre op stuff. They do surgery 10 days out from meeting surgeon so if do that 2/26 could have surgery then. I'm hoping!
  18. Tess, that would be great! My PCP approved surgery so just have to wait on insurance and pre op testing!
  19. Did anyone else's doctor require them to buy bariatric advantage shakes and vitamin packages? I've had other protein shakes. Are the bariatric ones good? I'm worried about having to drink them for 10 days. What flavors are the best? Thanks!
  20. For the pre surgery diet the doctor requires the bariatric advantage shake
  21. My next step is meeting with my PCP for referral approval. February 9 I get EKG, EDG and chest X-ray. Hopefully will meet with surgeon that week and schedule surgery. Depends on how quick insurance approves. But could have surgery 2/23.
  22. I had my appointment today for surgery screening. My doctor does all everything in one day. Including: psychology testing, meeting with dietician, medical history review and testing; insurance coverage info; and set up appointment for EGD, EKG and chest X-ray. I'm very excited. I got to reading too much negative stuff and was worried about having the gastric sleeve. I go 2/10 for the other tests and then surgery consult is set up after that. Only insurance requirement my weight has to stay where it is between now and surgeon consult.
  23. I just need to get recommendation letter from PCP to fulfill insurance and move process along and have appointment Monday.
  24. Hi! I'm going 1/20 for my pre screening appointment. I'm very excited to do this. I've been fighting this weight issue since I was 10. My BMI is right at 35 but I'm diabetic, fatty liver, high cholesterol, snoring/apnea so I'm covered by insurance but I've been told to make sure that my weight is still at least 240 by 1/20. I have not been eating well but am worried about the weighing in. Do they do it naked? I'm worried I won't be able to gain. When I try to lose I can't and I can't gain! Also, the biggest worry I have about this surgery (besides leaks) is unwanted attention after weight loss. I have issues with compliments and not sure how to mentally deal with that. I'm very happy with my marriage and that is not the issue. And is there anything else I need to think about?
  25. LBS15

    BMI, attention from men, etc

    That is great about the diabetes!! Hope it works that way for me.