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  1. Ms. Cortez

    January Sleevers ❄️

    Hey Zzzombrie! It's felicia from OCC, I finally went after having some decaf coffee the other day, then I was at the toilet a million times after that! How are you doing? Are you losing? I've lost 10lbs since surgery.
  2. Ms. Cortez

    Calling January Sleever????

    I'm at the Marriott right now. Getting sleeved tomorrow with OCC. Guess I'll see some of you guys there tomorrow!
  3. Ms. Cortez

    Calling January Sleever????

    I went through US passports. I sent all my info to them as well as a bunch of money.
  4. Ms. Cortez

    Calling January Sleever????

    Got passport approval today and it's being overnighted back to me. I sent all the info in on Friday, so that's pretty quick turnaround but super expensive. I suppose that's what I get for not getting my passport years ago. I've been on the phase 1 Atkins no sugar, no carbs and I'm down 5lbs, 4 pounds to go before the 6th. The weightloss is mainly because my mind loves carbs. My body is like what?! Protein?!! Sweet. My mind and I aren't friends right now. Haha.
  5. Ms. Cortez

    Calling January Sleever????

    @@Zzzombrie how exciting! My husband and I don't fly into SD until around 4:30 and then comes the joy of crossing the border. I ordered my passport with a rush and should have it next week. I was put on phase one of Atkins to lose 10lbs prior to surgery (5 weeks). I ordered shakes and my vitamins and lypo something? This carbaholic has stopped all sugar and carbs and I'm still trying to remain sane. My poor children.
  6. Ms. Cortez

    Calling January Sleever????

    I am booked for January 7th with Dr. Ariel Ortiz! I fly in the 6th and out the 11th. I can't believe it's finally happening. I just bought some protein shakes and different broths just to start the ball rolling…. AHHHHH!

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