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  1. @@freshair - I have good days and not so good. I pulled a muscle in my right side while tying my shoe so I've needed to take pain med in order to sleep. Some things make me nauseous but I try things all the time to see what will work. The most difficult thing is training myself to eat slower...take 1 min between each bite. I'm getting used to it. I still have constipation and from what I'm reading, that may be something that doesn't change. I'm down 34lbs and feeling good.

    How about you?

  2. Dyros -

    I have not had many lows. I worked with my entire care team and specifically my endocrinologist. We had a plan in place and I'm blessed it worked! I went to 50% basal and 1:10 bolus on my pump. Of the two low's I've had, I have been using "glucose shots" by Dex.....liquid and easy to get down.

    I hope you are doing well...take it easy and try not to get frustrated. I had my surgery 12/1/14 and I still have days where I have an ache/pain or feel nauseous....one day at a time :)

  3. I have been T1 for 37 years and as I get older, the weight was more challenging to get off so the scale was climbing. I had my surgery (gastric-bypass) 12/1 and so far I've lost 30lbs and have drastically reduced the amount of insulin I take. I can't speak to getting rid of diabetes because my pancreas doesn't work. My A1C use to average 8 in the past 20+ years and my recent A1C was 6.4!!! I will tell you to take things slowly and monitor your glucose like you've never done before. Best of luck on your journey!

  4. My surgery was 12/1 and I had 2 days of pre-op prep. It's important to get your brain around the loss of energy because you'll have it after surgery too. I am nearly 3-weeks out and my energy is zapped. I was told as my eating plan expands that will change but I know how much it sucks. Hang in there....you'll be done with surgery before you know it!

  5. My breath is offensive! I brush my teeth and "swish" with Listerine every day but I think my diet is contributing to my foul breath. My husband even said something this morning. Has anyone experienced this and what have you done....surely with Christmas next week and time with family, I don't want to knock anyone over with festering odor.

  6. I guess I'm fortunate. I haven't had anyone say this to me....either I'm fortunate or they're afraid of my reaction - LOL B)

    I had my surgery for a number of health reasons and keeping my legs was the primary one! I'm a type-1 diabetic and have several comorbidities ... circulatory problems, back pain, uncontrolled glucoses, hx of heart issues. Personally I don't think it's anyone's business what a person decides to do with their health. If YOU saw the track you were on to be a difficult one and one that couldn't be sustained for a healthy life then why wouldn't you make change?! Keep focused on you....haters will hate so don't let them suck you into their negativity!

  7. SLOW DOWN! ;)

    I will be 14 days post op come Monday and I'm still not fully mobile. Most likely you still have air in your belly from surgery - hence the dimple. I had that for roughly a week. As long as you all your functions are working...burping, passing gas, and pooping...I hear that's most of the battle. I was in the hospital for 4-days and spent another 4 days in my bed at home going to the bathroom and back to bed (20ft) until things started to deflate (if you will). Stay focused on the here and now...it will all come together!

  8. I'll be 14 days post-op come Monday and I too have little energy. Primarily it's in the morning until I have my Vitamins and take a shower. Keep in mind that we're not taking in as many carbs as before and carbs is where we get most of our energy from. It was encouraging (to me) to read that it took a month and a half to feel somewhat normal. I was thinking something was wrong with me because all of this is so new. Hang in there!

  9. Thanks to everyone for your replies! "Freshair" - do you not have any pain medication? I stopped taking pain meds during the day (Oxy) and use Tylenol to ease any aches. I took a 1/2 Oxy when I went to bed (last night) and it seems to cut the edge off the pain but not fully.

  10. I had a gastric bypass surgery 12/1. While I was supposed to be in overnight I was in-house for three nights. So far, that was the worst of it! I'm going for my post-op follow up next week but couldn't wait to get on the scale! I'm down 14lbs. I still have some pain at the incision site and gas pain....anyone else have this experience? In addition, I also am having difficulty sleeping. Until a few nights ago, I was using a back cushion to sit up and sleep but obviously want to get back to some normal sleep positions....on-my-side. How have you adjusted to returning to your normal sleep position and how long did it take.

    Overall I am pleased with my surgery and the decision to have it...just want to make sure I'm on the right track and not hurting myself.

  11. I am so excited for Monday! I started out with the sleeve as my focus but the more I learned about gastric bypass in conversation with other patients and my surgeon....I'm scheduled for gastric bypass come this Monday. I've waited nearly 7 months and did everything I was directed to do. I am confident my life will change for the better as I move forward toward a healthier life. I have some co-occurring conditions that will benefit from surgery and I simply cannot really put to words the overwhelming emotions I have about this. Wishing all of you well as you move through your journey. I'll be back on the grid a few weeks after surgery.