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Duodenal Switch Patients
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    Consult done

    thanks so much for the support. good luck to you as well
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    This is not a new procedure. They have been doing the switch for 25 years, but until 2007 they were doing the switch much further down the intestine. This was causing some people to have malabsorption of Vitamins even though they were receiving vitamins. So this newer version does the switch further up allowing for more absorption of vitamins. Weight loss is greater with this procedure, and most have been able to keep it off. Also, unlike gastric bypass, there is really no risk of dumping syndrome. This procedure is also recommended for patients with BMI >50, due to the greater amount of weight that needs to be lost.
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    Anyone is Colorado?

    I am wanting to lose 150 lbs. I have always been active, but this year I have actually started to feel my weight is slowing me down. I always promised myself that if I ever felt that my weight was slowing me down that I would do the surgery.
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    Anyone is Colorado?

    Hi everyone. I am in Parker, and will be going to the seminar 11/6 and my first appointment with Dr. Long 11/7. Then on 11/10 I have my NUT appointment. I would love to be able to have the surgery during the last part of December, but I know that is not likely to be the case. Just want to wish everyone good luck!!!