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  1. First off, a short back story as I havent visited this forum in years. I was banded in 2005 and had fantastic success, losing over 100% of my excess weight. I've had some regain since then due to a number of factors but not terrible. In 2010 I was diagnosed with rectal cancer - some of that fabulous weight loss, I believe the last 10kg, was due to having active cancer. I was treated, and am fine, albeit with a colostomy and I had my band totally unfilled (it was NEVER the same again) upon reflilling) I went through a sudden menopause, a brutal one, went back to full time work, stopped being able to focus entirely on myself etc and am now *just* within my healthy weight range. Still, all in all, a great success, although having a BMI of 19-20 was very very nice while it lasted.

    Anyway, since the early years, really, I had some very infrequent attacks of chest pain. It would start as a warning ache deep in my chest, and would radiate - the roof of my mouth, my jaw, the backs of my arms, through to my back, even my ears - it is excruciating - deep and vice like. It literally happened 3 or 4 times over 5 years though. I did mention it to a GP who really had not much to offer (when do they ever?). Last year I started to get a little night time reflux - I was too tight. In an effort to offset the weight gain, I'd overtightened rather than admit I needed to recommit to exercise and eat better around my crazy schedule. I had some Fluid out and BAM the pain was frequent and the attacks unpredictable. When it starts, I know I cant stop it. It just aches, so deeply and radiates and its agony. Sometimes a hot drink can relieve it, and I always take a Nexium. I had a gastroscopy with my surgeon and I had esophagitis and was put onto Somac which I have stayed on. Havent had a problem in a year now but now I have a cough and its back, probably cuased by the coughing. Its honestly really frightening to think it may happen in public, last year I had to go off in an ambulance from work and had a full cardiac workup which was all normal.

    I guess my question is - if anyone can relate to this, could it be apband related? I assume it is, since unfilling tends to trigger it and I know i have a slight pouch and my band is ever so slightly out of position. I think I would find it comforting to hear that others have the same issue - I will be looking at my options as this cant go on. I fear revision surgery is on the cards. I am still so happy I made this decision, its been 12 good years and I always knew the band would need attention at some point in time, particularly since I have the old old 4ml version. I will also go to my GP this afternoon, I think more cardiac investigation is warranted, as well as looking at my lungs - this is some serious pain!

  2. Firstly Im sorry youve been through this. But can i ask your symptoms? Reason being ive had minor chest pain episodes in the 10 years ive been banded - squeezing pain that starts out of nowhere. A very intense ache that hurts all up my esophagus, into the roof of my mouth, my cheeks and jaw. It also stops quite suddenly and i *think*?eating something with a hot drink can help relueve it. Nexium doesnt help. I maybe had one or two attacks a year but i had a small unfill last week and next day i had such a bad attack i had to call an ambulance. Got thoroughly checked out, heart great, no gallstones, lungs fine, band looked ok on xray but hospital didnt do a gadtrosvopy ir barium swallow,, i am seeing My surgeon next week, no doubt he will do those tests. But this pain was a ten, way worse than childbirth!

  3. Since banding the taste if bread has changed for me - i can really taste the yeast and i dont like it. I remember the taste of a toasted cheese sandwich or apiece of toast and get a strong craving occasionally but every time i indulge it im disappointed.

    I melt cheese on rice cakes or any sort of crispbread, even sandwiching them in the sandichpress and enjoy that far more. Much lower carb too.

  4. Very normal. Its simply sitting under your skin and once the fat is gone it can become very visible,

    When i had my Tummy Tuck, my plastic surgeon moved mine and took the back off it to reduce its profile, its now much closer to my belly button where there is a natural contour, and barely visible even though i have a very flat stomach and liw body fat.

  5. Mary's Gone Crackers - wheat free, gluten free, made from rice, seeds and flax. Rather low calorie and moderate carb, and at least nutritious - not empty process wheat calories. You can have 13 for 136 calories according to te box.

    Hard to get in Australia and probably specialty store item in the US too but easily available online.

  6. Me too - although I've gotten into the habit of taking a container of raw veggies to work every day. I've simply accepted that I don't like fruit much, won't eat it despite my buying it and making a lovely looking fruit bowl for the kitchen bench.

    But I happily munch my way through raw carrot, cucumber, button mushrooms and red capsicum and for some reason the texture is better for me. The only fruit I really like is the occasional Jonathan or jazz apple, peeled.

    I loathe pizza, can't even cook it at home, the smell nauseates me. Mc Donald's I never eat, haven't had KFC since I was a kid but do love a south Melbourne dim sim! Hate subway and usually end up with just a coffee at the food court.i always pack food for road trips so when the family stops, I'm quite happy with a coffee and carrot sticks with Peanut Butter.

    I do love a good, oven (not bainmarie) meat pie though.

  7. Salty isn't my thing either.

    On weekends when DH eats Breakfast, he cooks himself up some poached eggs and bacon. Bleach. There is no way on earth I would ever want to eat that. Give me my bowl of all bran buds with a spoonful of my home made muesli (oats, nuts, seeds, mmmmmmmmm) and a tiny dollop of thick cream any day.

    I love my good, wholegrains carbs too. I don't overeat those. It's just the sugary, refined things hat send me off on a binge.

  8. Sticking to three meals a day, eating only until satisfied, eating mostly healthy food keeps me to 1200 thereabouts. I just watch what I eat. I do snack and have extras now because I don't need to lose any more. In that, I do keep in mind the calorie count of those extras becuase thy add up and I like to stay below 1800. But for me, near enough has always been good enough.

  9. I'm terrible, I relky want to work on this.

    Surprisingly, Prozac has helped me a lot. I started it eight weeks ago or other reasons but it's really hit me how much my body and wight obsession is linked to anxiety.

    My problem, I think is that I'm so tall. My BMI is 22 and objectively I can see signs I'm slim - collarbones, wrists, flat stomach. I'm pear shaped and wide hipped - still a size 12 and next to other women, I still feel so darn big - because I am! I stand out in photos, always get comments if I wear heels etc. I hate it.

    It used to be I was the biggest even though far from the fattest. Now I stand out as this huge beanpole!

  10. It depends if you are a sugar addict. Sugar addiction is very real and if you are then you can't have just one post band. I avoid all sugars or anything sweet even if its sugar free because that just starts a downward spiral. I also do not eat starchy carbs they are also a trigger. I dont feel that I am being deprived I feel like I have control over my addiction which is sugar.

    That's me, I can never stop at just a little. I really am asugar addicts- I'm not a binge eater (don't eat till I vomit, wouldn't eat out of the bin, don't hide and eat or eat truly stupendous amounts but an entire packet of Cookies is easy to eat in a sitting.

    You know, I have it under enough control that I stay sugar free most days but every now and then, I have a pig out and just enjoy it. I lost all my weight, I keep it off and I exercise a lot so I just go with it on the odd occasion.

  11. Not only as she cost te system a lot of money, no doubt she will continue to as her health fails due to her weight.

    It seems to me she thought it would be magic - like so many do - and was unable to do her part. It's frustrating,yes, but it lso highlights what a terrible disease obesity is and no helpless one people are in it's grip.

  12. You have to liten hard for it. I can graze my way through 2000 or more calories in a day easily, yet if I eat proper Protein based meals, find it hard to reach 1200. I am never really hungry unless its mealtime.

    But I suffer terrible boredom eating and sugar cravings. For that there is no answer but willpower. I've had fills I didn't relky need trying to knock that on the head and it never works.

  13. Exercise, however difficult it may be...is always rewarding as an accomplishment...

    And with every accomplishment, you want to reward yourself with doing just a little better....

    It will boost your confidence.....boost your self esteem.....relieves stress....fights / prevents depression.....improves coordination...fights disease and improves overall health

    Improves memory....clears the mind and even gives time for deep thought and problem solving....or Meditation if you wish...

    And I'm not even close describing the "Runners High"...that is something else...an incredible - ADDICTIVE drug....

    You have to start somewhere....however small...and build upon that....

    I'm a runner..only started running about 1 year ago....I run 4-5 mils a day....

    There are days...many days, I do not want to get out of bed let alone go to the gym....but I do..why? Because I have done it many times before and I know there is no reason not to do it again.....

    Once there, I get on the treadmill, and after 3 minutes I tell myself "Today is just not my day." I'm gonna stop, everyone is entitled to those days, right?

    But then I tell myself I will go 5 minutes....I've done that before, no reason I can't do it today....

    At 5 minutes I tell myself I can go another 5, let's make it an even 10....I can do it, I've been doing it everyday no reason I can't do 10 minutes today....

    At 10 minutes I tell myself I might as well go for 15....nice 1/4 figure......I've done it before, no reason I can't do it again....

    At 15 minutes I tell myself I might as well go 20....

    After 15-20 minutes I completely forget everything....I'm in a groove...can go an hour if I want...a trance...only thing that stops me is I don't want to hog the machine....

    so now, I tell myself I'm gonna run for an hour, did it yesterday, and the day before that, no reason I can't do it today....

    Bottom line...when all is finished...I am so into myself for what I just did...self esteem - confidence...overwhelming euphoric feelings....can't wait for tomorrow to show myself (and the world)

    that I can do it again...and again....

    Why do we see so many people running on the side of the roads in so many different places? For their health? (well yea, of course) but it is so much more than that!!

    But you have to start small....and build one accomplishment - reward on top of another...then you'll want more...and more...you'll want those little rewards to become bigger rewards...

    I should be happy to run 20 minutes and move on...but I'm not...I want as much of.."Whatever This Is"

    But trust me, it has not always been so....2 years ago I was out of breath carrying groceries into the house...I'm the guy everyone had to stop and wait for while I needed to pause and catch my breath....I had a Myocardial Infarction and did not know it! SILENT which is common among Diabetics and women...only did a stress test reveal it , they freaked and rushed me into surgery....

    Oh, and BTW, did I mention I'm 61 years old? And getting younger everyday???

    What he said!

    There is NOTHING that fees better than running easily when you used to be fat and unfit. Some days it feels like flying. You just have to get out there and through the first five minutes.