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  1. Jachut

    Help my band is outta my control

    A lot of people can't tolerate such a level of restriction without heartburn and reflux, so willpower is a big component of success for many people.
  2. Jachut

    I just don't feel my band working anymore!!!i

    Its hard this far out - I'm in the same boat so I can sympathies. I'm at a good weight but don't feel terribly in control of it t the moment, my band is very little help, it just doesn't work like it used to. Menopause has sent my metabolism spinning and carb cravings soaring. I rely on very heavy exercise to control my weight - and it's exhausting me! My band is nearly full - I wonde if revision is the way to go. I just want it to be as easy and natural as it was.
  3. Jachut

    Cardio & toning up

    Both ideally, but put it this way - to strip fat cardio is great but you can lose muscle too. Strength training is slower to result in weight loss but will build you a better body in the long run. Both is perfect. In reality strength training makes me sooooo hungry, I simple can't help but eat more. For my body an hour of running a day is the best way to lose weight but now ive been at goal for five years, creating a calorie deficit isn't my focus but I literally get so hungry with serious strength training I have to restrict somewhat so as not o actually overeat. But I love what its doing for my shape!
  4. Jachut

    Why yogurt????

    I struggle with it too - and Soup. I also add Cereal to my yogurt and it goes down fine. I cannot get any sort of cooked or stewed fruit down either and smoothies are torture. But I can eat a whole sandwich for lunch!
  5. Jachut

    stretched pouch, anyone ?

    I suspect so! Mine has been weird since a total unfill for surgery two years ago. One the one hand,I bought a fitbit and started logging. I am easily eating 2000 calories a day - sandwiches, snacks, two pieces of toast for breakfast!!! Things I could never have dreamed of eating. BUT - I am maintaining, and feel better than I ave in several years due to improved nourishment - I gave up trying to starve (and binging on crap) and started just eating norml person healthy meals. I am enjoying my food and my weight is fine, even losing slightly again now I'm eating healthier. Who cares if the bands not really restricting me? On the other hand, is something majorly wrong. I gave 3.4 cc in a 4cc band and slightly suffer from heartburn, one 20mg nexium holds me three or four days so its hardly severe. I'mfar raid to remove the fill and let it rest - what if I gain? But surely I'm doing it myself now anyway? Soooo confusing!!! But I had a barium swallow over a year ago, had a very slight dilation which the doc was happy to leave.
  6. Old habits die hard even SEVEN years after surgery!
  7. Yes,definitely. I'm 5ft 10 and about 148 at the moment. I got down to 130 whilst I was having chemo and was feeling great - truly I was so sick mentally at that point because I looked absolutely awful by all accounts - but I was finally beginning to feel acceptable. My body made its way back to a healthy weight and I've really struggled because I'm a big girl again. I feel large next to other women even if theyre significantly overweight. I envy petite and curve because I'm large, athletic etc. I would love not to be "big". I am a fairly fine boned build (think runner) too so curves are not for me - any weight is just flab, not shape. But you're right, I just have to accept it, it isn't going to change.
  8. Jachut

    People who are at or near goal

    It took me two years to lose 20lb - but I dont "diet" - I don't count, measure or weigh.
  9. If you read Paul O Brien's book The LapBand solution it ok's low calorie soft drinks, bread, Pasta and rice, which mirrors the advice we are given at his clinic - eat healthy in smll portions, 40g or so of Protein a day should be ok, tc. It even reports that based on clinic anecdotal data moderate wine drinkers lose more weight. Paul o brien is a band pioneer and trained a lot of US docs so it's a credible source. Australians lose weight with lapbands just like Americans do despite this differing approach. We don't lose all our muscle either. Do what suits you and stay true to your own nutritional philosophy - eat the way you believe you lose and feel best and you wont go wrong but don't be so sure that she is wrong and you are right - you may end up looking a bit arrogant and rather silly if you make a big song and dance over this.
  10. My BMi is 21 and I feel fat - I have love handles/muffin top and saddlebags.
  11. Jachut

    Too Full

    I have been three or four times for six week periods over the pasttwoyears (bowel surgeries, ileostomy and obstructions), I felt a bit conflicted too - I like my high fibre wholegrains - but in truth it was fine. I didn't gain any weight on this diet and my guts healed each time so it did the job. Why is it so contrary? Protein foods are ok, soft cooked skinless veggies and fruits, you can still avoid carbs if you wish - personally I eat a little tice, bread and Pasta. I missed nuts, raw veggies, grainy breads and muesli!
  12. Jachut

    Does protein bother anyones GI tract?

    Yes, me! Protein shakes give me terrible gas, so do bars. Since cancer treatment, I now have problems with wheat, lactose and fructose and artificial sweeteners too. But seven years ago, before cancer, when I got banded I tried to follow what everyone on here advised (even though my own doc said to just follow a normal diet) and every time - rumble belly, eye watering gas. So, they were off my menu. I eat enough protein in regular foods - cheaper, more natural. Suits me.
  13. Jachut

    HELP! Prep for Colonoscopy

    I let it go flat and sip sip sip.
  14. A barium swallow will show this
  15. Jachut

    I Love Exercise!

    I love it too. I still suck at dieting and controlling my food intake but I love running and spinning nd the gym so it all balances.
  16. Jachut

    Caloric Intake and Working Out

    I truly do nt believe that sort of calorie burn for Zumba, some of those sites are waaaay off. Everything you read, for example, says spinning is a huge calorie burner. I run and m fit and I spin on heavy gears, sweat buckets and work so hard I see stars in some sections yet my HRM and the bike computer agree 300ish calories. Sheesh. I I believed what I read I'd assume I burned 700 or so, especially since I burn 400 in a half hour run and it feels way easier. I know I'm 140lb, not 340 but still. If the ate what I though I burned, I'd be in trouble! But food wise go by what you feel. Eat to satisfy hungry. Myself, I can't work out like I do without carbs - bread cereals and Pasta make up half of my diet. We're all different.
  17. Same here -I can eat a hole sandwich with 3.8 in my 4cc band! I say I have maintained but when i was very skinny from cancer treatment, at lest 10lb underweight. Since I refilled my band iv gained 20lb - back to my norml weight. I think that would have happened anyway but I've got to be careful from here.
  18. Yes definitely. I was thrown into early menopause by pelvic radiation. Now that was followed by sme pretty awful surgery and chemo, got to the point I was 25lb underweight. I've put that back on at an alarming rate but am hanging on by the skin of my teeth not to gain more! And no matter what I do I cannot lose a few pounds. I get extremely upset and frustrated but when I put it in perspective all my peri menopausal friends (I'm 45 now) have gotten decidedly fat and I'm still a BMI of 22, so it's not took bad but I enjoyed the experience of being model thin and didn't want to regain it all, just half maybe.
  19. I think the thing is this is a trade off we have all chosen. Once you've lost the weight, you will always have to undereat to some degree to keep it off - so supplementing is important for WLS patients. By the same token, many overweight people eat nothing but garbage and run the same risks - so its not purely about calories. I just had an iv Iron infusion - ferritin level of 8. I eat red eat regularly, eat my leafy greens, don't have periods it's simply due to my smll portions - simply inadequate given my needs as a runner.
  20. Many people feel fine but you'd better be eating very high quality calories because even 1200 will catch up ith you after a few years - iron, calcium, b12 can ake a long long time to deplete and you won't even notice till you're deficient.
  21. Jachut

    Cereal and the Lap Band ?

    Obviously we Aussies are a nation of muesli eaters!
  22. I adore Peanut Butter - I can easily blow calories but not as bad as with other food, for some reason peanut butter satisfies me after three or four spoonsful - now that could be 500 calories easy which is bad, but you're talking to a gal that can still eat a family block of chocolate (1200 cals) or a packet of scotch finger biscuits (over 1000 cal). So for a blw out its not too bad a choice for me. I am a carb junkie - me and Cookies or muffins, omg it's ugly. They slide right on through and just plain don't make me feel sick after a While like chocolate does. Thankfully I hate ice cream, pizza and can easily resist chips and lollies like jelly babies etc. I'm a bit of a demon on nuts though and really need to be strict with myself with my morning muesli, mmmmmm coconutty almondy oaty goodness, with vanilla yogurt droooooooool.
  23. Jachut

    Cereal and the Lap Band ?

    I just don't eat the box/flake type of cereal - I make my own muesli with oats, nuts, coconut, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and LSA, that type of cereal goes down better and sticks with me and provides a burst if top class nutrition. I have it with yogurt.
  24. You turn it on and stand under the Water, lol. Only joking, but I remember being hauled out of bed and into a shower the morning after my Caesar. If you can shower that, you don't need to worry about a few lap incisions. Just be gentle.
  25. Jachut

    Running & excess skin

    Never skimp on running clothes. Compression tights will make your running experience so much more pleasurable. I don't have loose skin but I still need to be held tight to enjoy running.