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    African American vsgers!

    Hey guys I saw a thread from 2011 that I wanted to continue. I love all of my vsgers but as we know african american women tend to carry weight differently. I would love to follow you ladies on your journey and for us all to support each other. I was sleeved on September 5th so I'm a week out. I'm doing good so far and feeling better everyday. I stayed at the hospital 3 days mostly because they discovered my allergy to morphine while I was on the pump with a fever and my entire body on fire. But I'm home now and much better. I was just moved to the full liquids stage so I'm pretty happy considering that the liquids stage made me nauseous. I've lost 24 lbs since my surgery so any pain I have is over shadowed by my joy. Looking forward to hearing from you ladies and seeing some progress pics!
  2. theshrinkingdutchess

    African American vsgers!

    Actually 3 months
  3. theshrinkingdutchess

    African American vsgers!

    Hey guys ! I was the one who started this thread and I'm so glad to see you all connecting. Here's a little photo update on me . Right now I'm just working on getting workouts in. I've been in and out of the hospital since my pouch keeps getting restricted but I'm doing well now. I've stalled for the second time so I'm going to kick up the workouts and protein to try and get the scale moving again. Hope you all are doing well. And you can find me on instagram @theshrinkingdutchess .
  4. theshrinkingdutchess

    African American vsgers!

    Thank you! How are you doing so far ?
  5. theshrinkingdutchess

    African American vsgers!

    Great to hear! I'll be praying for you!
  6. theshrinkingdutchess

    Problems swallowing?

    I'm 5 days post op and when I swallow liquids I feel it go down and get stuck. It goes through in a funnel effect. I have pressure in my chest. I've tried different positions, different temperatures but no matter what I'm feeling the same thing. Having a hard time getting in my liquids. Anyone experience this ? How did you handle it ? Is there a fix ?
  7. theshrinkingdutchess

    conserned about pain in calf

    Get it check asap ! Go to emergency and make them do a ultrasound of your leg. That's how my blood clot started. I walked around for a week in pain and almost killed myself. This is not something to be shy about.

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