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  1. Ive read all the stories about needing to try on your skinny clothes while you are losing weight so that you can enjoy them. Well all mine are too big now. I'm kinda sad cause I had some really nice skinny clothes that I never got rid of when I got bigger. My wife wanted me to get rid of them but I told her no. One day I will fit into hem again. Well I did for about a month. Now even my suites are baggy. I've taken two bags to goodwill already. I really just need to take the rest.
  2. micmt


    I feel for you. I brewed my own beer before my rny. Now I'm "aging" what I brewed. Beer is hard for me due to the carbonation. But wine and hard liquor a oh my. Nothing like getting tipsy off one shot of whisky. Or really half a shot since a full shot at a time is too much to drink at once.
  3. micmt

    Dining ouy

    I take a lot home. I get very worried waiters asking if everything is ok all he time. I'll eat on it for a few days and then throw most out. I just love the taste. Kinda of like Julia childs just taking a bite of everything to taste it not to fill up on.
  4. micmt

    Dinner - what do you eat?

    I'm about 3 months out. My wife likes to go out. I order out of bad habits but only eat a few bites before I'm absolutely full. I just do a shake in the morning and at lunch also a shake.
  5. I had the same issue but just had an in/out cath the first time. After that I was able I urinate on my own. But I have had a full cath before for 10 days. I never noticed a smell. My first thought with your situation is keep your bag empty and clean. Stale urine stinks bad.
  6. Muscle gain but is this the first time you started working out stressing your muscles? If so they can hold onto water.
  7. micmt

    Dry skin

    My back gets so dang dry. I have a scratching stick. Does a great job
  8. micmt

    The easy way?

    Easy no. Could I have done it again without it. No
  9. Just Mona. We are about the same time period. Rny 11/4 and started at 295 the day before preop. I'm now at 242. Had a nice long week stall at around 250. My problem I think was mental block at the 250 mark. Anyways once I got over it I dropped like 5 lbs in 3 days and right on track for my 30 day running average of 20 lbs lost. I have given up on the weekly weight loss. I look towards monthly. Still weigh myself everyday though cause I am amazed at the loss. But I'm the crazy one to still weigh everyday when others have tossed there scales
  10. Too much soy is not good for males. Just a thought. I try to stay away from soy and make my protein shakes with almond milk and half water. It's not as thick that way.
  11. micmt

    Change of heart?

    I also had an omg what did I do moment. For the first week then I stepped on the scales and had an omg I'm glad I did this moment. It's still tough some days watching co workers eat a big hamburger and think yummy but it's not for my tummy. I know I look so much better and feel better. My only real worry now is how do I stop losing weight. I'll ponder that problem when I get to my goal though and not a second before.
  12. micmt

    Carbonated Water?

    I can't take the carbonation. I just burp and burp and burp and burp and burp and burp. Makes me feel real full after just a a sip. I have let it sit on the counter for about 30 minutes to get some of the fizzle out but then only once and only about a quarter of a cup. Got my fix and now back to flavor water.
  13. I lose about 20lbs a month and I feel like I am doing good. My dr told me 15lbs a month. My surgery was nov 4. So far I am down 52 lbs since surgery. If you have lost 30 lbs in 5 weeks you are doing good. 6lbs a week. A lb a day. But something to think of. You are losing a pound a day. A pound of fat is around 3000 cal. You are eating 300 calories. So you have a deficit of around 3000 cal a day. To increase your weight loss you must increase your calorie deficit. Is it wise to try to lose 2 lbs a day? Omg I would not. But it's your body
  14. micmt

    Peanut Butter

    Ok I could really have done without the listing of what's in peanut butter. I don't eat much of it. Maybe a tablespoon in the last two months but I really don't want my kids to eat it now. I got the pb2 before surgery from wal mart and with a little bit of water it's the texture of creamy peanut butter. I still don't eat much of it after surgery though.
  15. Right now with my busy life I still drink two to three protein drinks a day. I try to eat a small protein meal at dinner time with my family. So far I have lost about 20lbs a month since surgery. My wife wants to know when normal will be. Lol. I told her until I get to my goal weight this is normal.
  16. micmt

    Sublingual b12 ?

    The liquid tastes bad when I go to swallow. What does the pill taste like?
  17. micmt

    Sublingual b12 ?

    Sublingual--- mine is liquid form. It sounds like yours is a pill form. Does it actually say sublingual on the bottle? Can sublingual be pill form?
  18. Ok I'm almost 4 weeks post op. I've been to my 2 week dr appt already but forgot to ask the dr. He did mention that the incisions looked like they were healing ok and that I had the dissolving stitches. My question is I have what seems like a small filament sticking out of one of the new scars. Very tiny. I can barely see it. I can feel it. I tried pulling on it with tweezers but it's definitely stuck. I'm going to ask the dr about it but my next appt is in two weeks and this is driving me nuts. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?
  19. Yes I now have left overs! It kills me to throw it away. But I love the fact that there are left overs. I know some people will say just don't make as much. Well that's hard. to do when the recipe calls for making a meal for four. My wife eats, My young kids pick at it and I just taste. Then I put the rest in the fridge until I have no more room. By Friday I dump everything and we start the dance over again. No one in my family likes to eat left overs Another note: I buy a quarter beef every spring. I'm perplexed on how to use the beef now when I know a lot of it might get thrown away once it's cooked. I still have a good portion left from my last quarter so just not buying this spring does not help. I know the small problems we face after getting this surgery done. Anyone else have these difficult decisions to make lol.
  20. In my skinny life I used to sleep on my stomach. When I got larger I had to sleep in my side due to back pain so I was not worried about sleeping on my stomach when I got my rny done. Now at 60 lbs lost from my hw I am sleeping in my stomach again with no back pain. Would I do this again. Yes. No doubt about it. Are there things I can't eat. Yes. Should I have been eating them in the first place on the quantities I was. No. I am happy with my decision.
  21. micmt

    Do you snack?

    I snack just a little. Just to taste something that's not sweet. Sometimes with salt. Omg! Not on a regular schedule though. I try to do 2 Protein shakes a day 55 grams of protein. I am down 57 lbs from my hw of 325. 30 lbs since rny nov 4. My dr is going to kill me when I go Friday for my 30 day post op. He said no more than 15 lbs loss a month. Oops
  22. Proton pump inhibitors can have some serious consequences long term such as stomach cancer and malabsorption especially b12. Before my bypass I was on protonix for about 18 months and the dr recommended I stay on it. After I discovered these potential side affects I stopped taking them. I had 48 colon polyps before my rny and the dr has no idea why even after pathology and genetic testing. Not sure if this may be a contributing factor but I do know that the decrease in stomach acids increases the chance of cdiff/ h pylori and other bad stomach bacteria causing diarrhea and stomach problems. I'm not saying stop taking anything for gerd, just be aware of long term consequences. Drs do not know everything. They are specialized in what they do. Ultimately it's your body and you have to live with your decisions.
  23. Thanks everyone. I ended up cutting it close. It still bothers me but not as much now that I know what it is.
  24. micmt

    Regular diet?

    My dr told me I could start taking bites of chicken and well cooked vegetables at 10 days

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