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    No support - how do you do it?

    I was sleeved 1 1/2 yr ago..I only told 3 ppl..fortunately my hubs is my support at home. This is the hardest thing I ever went thru. The physical wasn't hard it was the emotional and mental. It plays with you. No matter how committed we are hormones are strong . Keep trying to get him on bored. Yes ultimately it's us individual. We would have to be perfect in mind or a robot that is programmed not to give in and not succumb to our impulse or what have ya. Can you get him to go to an appointment with you? Heart to heart talk? I have couple friends who live a lifestyle of whatever and live to eat. He keeps feeding her despite her diabetes and other health issues I'm talking 400 pds. He doesn't want her changing and she can't see that he's controlling her or see his insecurities. I don't get spouses like these. Sorry venting some here! If ultimately he doesn't come around now it's hard telling what will happen. Have a local support group. You will need it! I'm sorry your dealing with this. Don't worry about the what ifs. Do this for you. It might be the hardest thing Iv done but it's the best thing for me. I'm down 120 I'm a lot more active my confidence is way better then ever I'm 52 and life is good! (except the x I fall off and find my way back..it does and will happen)! Best wishes dear
  2. I only told a few ppl..1 of them was my hubs and 2 bff's. I am 13 months out and my immediate family still don't know and when anyone asks me a "lost weight" question or health related I smile and say "My health is not up for conversation"..I smile and change the subject. there is other things to talk about then my body. some of my family is obsessed with numbers and looks and I stop it before it gets started. It already is a emotional and mental transition I wasn't about to have to deal with the lack of educated comments of others..I hate that you have to hear this...hang in there xx
  3. blondebomb

    Decide To Feel Good About Your Body Today!

    thank you for these reminders. as females yes we are constantly reminded on body image no matter what our appearance is. if your overweight, underweight there is contraversy everywhere and it does affect us. I have been guilty of the inner neg dialog myself..losing over 100 pds and still seeing the imperfections of the over 50 class...yea its been hard. some days I hold my head up high and feel confident and proud with what I have accomplished and I wonder if its being over cockiness or if its sheer confidence that I have refound..I don't want to appear as cocky "truly" confident yes. so I am in the kinda "hiding myself" phase again. it's really hard to "hide" this weight loss.. my weight loss is not up for conversation with anyone. when it's brought up I change the topic quickly. I don't like attention..and yes I have a phsycologist I talk to and see thru out the yr still..I am relearning still how to love myself ..thanks again for the article I am glad I seen this!
  4. seen a "NUT" once..with all the changes I had already done and relearned it was obvious she was behind and in old school mentality. never went back and it wasn't required to go back. what she showed me was standerized for all and still stuck on artificial items..
  5. blondebomb

    Has Our Forum Been Hacked?

    so we were hacked! I just found this thread...
  6. lol...I was on the cell the other day and the format and topics didn't make sense at all! it was crazy I don't know what happened..haha..
  7. Hang in there! I went thru a stall that lasted almost 6 or 8 wks..can't remember exact it was very frustrating on the scale but the inches were melting
  8. 11 months..no hair loss from being sleeved ..still take liquid biotin daily..
  9. I feel the need to mention Iv seen some comments on here that appear to be done by me..Iv been Hacked! I'm on my mobile right now but my profile for what I see looks like I'm all over the place! Ugh...making changes..
  10. blondebomb

    The easy way out? Bullcrap!

    you better believe it!! I would still be almost 300 if not more by now not bc of unhealthy lifestyle but bc of the dxs I have..100 pds off and it has saved my life and I have my life back! Better then ever..it was worth the obstacles bad emotional roller coaster and challenges!
  11. When it's my time I'll need the whole enchilada done myself. After 2 preg over 35 yrs my tummy muscles also will need tightened..panni won't be enuff for me either..looks great!
  12. Hubs an my 2 bff's is all I told. My family doesn't even no..I'm 11 months po..
  13. blondebomb

    How soon can I move around?

    I was a few wks ...but it took 4 months for my energy to feel strong enough to go out on my own.
  14. blondebomb

    How soon can I move around?

    I was exactly 4 hrs after..didn't do much but I got up..took some steps turned around got back in bed..lol
  15. blondebomb

    Drinking Diet Soda

    I took a sip when I was 6 months po..not plesant! For 1 ..its on my instructions not to drink can stretch tummy from carbonation..(others will argue over this) I'm not taking the chance...too many bubbles! Very uncomfortable..
  16. I received mine at my last preop class..there bariatric card..Iv never used mine..we either split or I get a to go box and eat later..
  17. This is very interesting to me! Even though you were eating no more than 500 calories per day, you were putting ON weight. Then your endocrinologist sent you for WLS after getting your thyroid condition under control? My question is, do you think your weight gain was JUST thyroid related? If so, why WLS considering you were managing calories to less than 500 per day? If not, do you think the WLS has helped despite the thyroid issue? Thanks! And continued success I have been to see her twice since the surgery we havnt adjusted my armour thyroid at all still on low dose, I am on target for weight loss from the surgery, my bw on my thyroid panel is at optimal levels not just within range, I deal with hashis, lupus,fibro, I live a clean diet have for 3 yrs no junk is bought the only difference or change iv done is we are eating full fat diet..and no fat free. The first month of surgery yrs I was on ff...after that I included fat in diet ..the surgery was and is a tremendous tool for me and I am very limited on activity..I don't do what you would consider the gym life..I'm alot more active but I manage ..so far so good. Also the role insulin resistance plays, I could not reverse this on the clean diet alone bw showed this along with scale not going down..as soon as I did this sleeve it reversed. Combination for me...I still watch what I eat..????
  18. blondebomb

    Acid Reflux?

    I had gerd for yrs prior to mine..took nexium for many yrs..had gerd till a few months ago I am 11 months po been off nexium for several months I eat clean diet..the nexium actually was doing more harm for me. Don't eat late at night an then lay. Certain teas like luzian was hard on my tummy as far as acid. I use Kroger brand so far doing fine. Only rolaide here or there every once in a while.
  19. blondebomb

    Protein in coffee

    I do drink the chike espresso protein..yummy!
  20. blondebomb

    Protein in coffee

    I gotta chk this out!
  21. blondebomb

    VSG With Simultaneous Hiatal Hernia Repair

    my internist called a liquid in for me..after I was home. It was a water soluble novicane..
  22. I'm needing shoes!!! Lol..I understand! I am walking out of a few I retired..haha..luv it!
  23. blondebomb

    VSG With Simultaneous Hiatal Hernia Repair

    I had both at same time..everyone's different I had esophagus spasms it started when I started sipping water..after the first night I had my surgeon keep me in another night to stay hooked on iv I knew I would leave and end up in er I could barely drink didn't want to get dehydrated. I was given a script by my internist to numb my throat and coat on down I just had to be super careful to much would numb my mouth so I had to get it as far back before I swallowed..haha..ended up sipping on luke warm teas..last for 2 wks for me..my gerd never left still had it for about the first 6 months or so but it's resolved itself..been doing good for several months..everyone's different. Maybe talk to your surgeon about a script for stand by just in case..? Just suggestion..first month for me was hard..I was 4 months getting energy back..best wishes..????
  24. blondebomb

    Uncertain futures

    I just seen this post..I am soo sorry your family is dealing with this. KNow you will be in thoughts and prayers in this community. It's an ugly thing to have to go through but It sounds like the medical experts are at your service. I hope you get the ins straightened up. it's usually at this stressful times that this is where it gets complicated. I have received a few letters lately about some changes to some scripts and they have the power to do so sad to say but I also have the power to appeal and get dr's involved. I am sure you guys are on top of it! hang in there...we may not be close to be physical support but we are here to support. rant rave whatever ya need! keep us dated when possible. and remember..I read you are a women of faith good for you! Matthew 6:34 "so never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have it's own anxieties. Each day has enough of it's own troubles". SOO TRUE! wise words from our creator. He knows how and what we need.Hang in there take 1 day at a time. take care of yourself and the hubs. hugs...