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    Jen Beck reacted to Healthy_life2 in DO YOU THINK THE SURGERY WAS WORTH IT?   
    Welcom to the site
    I am so sorry you have experience complications. Know that you are not alone. I can understand why you feel this was not worth it.
    Some of us have no complications and others unfortunately have them. I fall in the category of I don’t regret this. I bounced back from surgery and maintain years out. I have compassion for anyone that experienced what you are going through.
    Here is a link. There is a search button at the top of the forum. You can type the topic that you are looking for. I typed complications.

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    Jen Beck reacted to Sosewsue61 in Phentermine After Weight Loss Surgery   
    Phentermine does work, and you still have your surgery to curb your portions after using it. It still takes work either way. I think bashing anyone's attempt to get on track is wrong, getting there, then staying there is why we had surgery. If it was simply calories in, calories out, and exercise wouldn't we already be there and not need surgery in the first place? I used it for a short time but after 2 days it kept me awake for like 20 hours several days....and that I couldn't handle. There is also diethylpropion and some phentermine combinations too. If regular doc won't prescribe, bariatric ones will, mine did.
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    Jen Beck reacted to Jerricka22 in Phentermine After Weight Loss Surgery   
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question... Has anyone taking Phentermine after weight loss surgery? I’m 2 year out and I’m considering getting some just to loose the extra weight and get to my goal. Because I have been stalled for 7 months. I just have 30 more pounds before I reach my goal. Thanks.
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    Jen Beck reacted to Bypassgirl92 in 8 months Post OP Gastric Bypass   
    9 months ago guys I was at my heaviest weight ever at 304 lbs. Today 7.5 months post surgery I am currently at 179 pounds. I am so happy and so proud of my self! you should all be as well. This has been a great journey so far with no negative side affects so far and I wanted to share it with all you guys!! Hugs to you all!!! 😄
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    Jen Beck reacted to pssk in Date Set! 9/10   
    I’m set for 10/15 and I question myself all the time.

    I get scared but then I remind myself that it would be scarier if I don’t fix my health problems.

    This can only happen by losing weight and keeping it off!

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    Jen Beck reacted to Thea7777 in Date Set! 9/10   
    My date is set and I'm thinking to myself - is this really the right thing? Yes, I KNOW it is! I need to be healthy - my joints just ache and other obese issues cause trouble.
    But, I read over stories all the time here - both good and bad. Then wonder - What if I end up having consequences? And then scary in another way - what happens when I'm thin? (Having not really been anywhere near thin since 15.)
    Anyway - I just had to put this out there to other understanding souls :)

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    Jen Beck got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in Power lifters, bodybuilders, strength trainers, OCR runners!!!   
    Love this! Im just getting started on here after a 5 year hiatus. Lots of new perks to this app since then and I'm relearning. Hopefully this reply will allow me to follow the thread... More to come. Congrats to you NurseMichael [emoji123]

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    Jen Beck reacted to NurseMichael in Power lifters, bodybuilders, strength trainers, OCR runners!!!   
    Had bariatric surgery and now you want to become a beast of physical fitness? Let’s use this are to share workout ideas, diet plans, goals and accomplishments!!!

    About me... HW 356
    Gastric sleeve - May 2016
    CW 214 and 14% body fat

    Lifts currently
    Squat - 315
    Bench - 205
    DL - 405

    Let’s get this going!!!!

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    Jen Beck reacted to Im_a_Loser in Today’s the day !!   
    In one hour I go for surgery, little
    nervous but ok I guess. Only decided a month ago to get it and been very quick process.. loving the designer gown and stockings 😂 . Pre diet was good, I’m surprised I didn’t get hungry much.. I’ll let all know how I am and more once I am able to .