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  1. I am only 42 days / 6 weeks post-op. So I'm a WLS newb.

    But I see so many newly sleeved people -- on this and other forums -- who (as soon as they recover from surgery) start strutting around, pontificating how this surgery is the EASY way to deal with weight problems, proclaiming that they now have this baby licked, swearing they will never gain another pound ever like those weak people who don't keep their weight off.

    Obviously, some of these folks are losing significant weight for the first time in their lives and think they've died and gone to heaven. Some of them are just young and stupid (sorry, kids). Some of them of them are on an emotional high from the no-ghrelin/no-appetite phenomenon, which they assume will continue forever.

    Not me. I've been up and down the scales via serious diets 30-40 times in my life. Each time I've lost 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, nearly 70 pounds. I've done everything you've ever heard of. And now I've paid someone to cut out 85% of my stomach.

    When you have that kind of lifelong dieting history, having dared to hope each time that it was the miracle cure, you develop a healthy skepticism and, of course, start to see patterns in what sent your weight right back up the scale:

    * Personal, family and job stresses

    * Physical disabilities (which increase as you age)

    * The idiotic idea that you're doing this to "reach goal" -- when there actually is no finish line

    * The idiotic idea that when you "reach goal" you now deserve a prize (usually one with calories)

    * The sugar and carb and fat addictions that were non-existent while you abstained, but become roaring monsters after you eat the first Pasta dinner, ice cream, hamburger with fries, etc.

    * The feelings that spur your compulsions to soothe those feelings with food (usually carbs)

    * The shame and the disappointment that you've regained (so quickly!) 5 pounds, which sends you another 5 and then 10, then 20, then more.

    Anyone who imagines that WLS will hold at bay the effects on us that future illness and death and bitchy people and rainy weather and financial problems and bad haircuts and the election of idiots and terrors on the evening news is due for disappointment.

    So the only things I'm really counting on WLS to do for me is to give me (I'm guessing) close to one year to practice eating less than I used to eat; eating Protein first, veggies second, and (if there's room left) some more highly processed, but still healthy carbs; drinking at least 64 ounces of liquids every day; taking my vitamins/minerals; moving my ass significantly most days, and one more thing: learning to recognize what makes me reach compulsively for food to soothe myself and learn some new ways to soothe myself without food.

    I wasn't this smart over 60 years ago. But I'm smarter now.

    That what you said is the REAL deal!

  2. Dana, I'm EXCITED! I'm on day 2 of liquid pre-op and lost 7lbs so far. I am starting to feel the effects already of no sugar, caffeine, carbs...but like you said...ONLY 12 MORE DAYS!

    Wow!!! This is fantastic! How do you feel overall? Are you able to work ft w/the pre-op? I'm worried I'll be super exhausted... And I start mine tomorrow..

  3. Grrrr. Got a call today. The surgery coordinator was off for a couple weeks. Apparently the person taking over for her messed up. My surgery was bumped from 10/6 to 10/14. Then my husband called and bitched. She called me back a few hours later and said they had a cancellation 9/22 if I wanted it. That's just a little toooo soon since I haven't planned for it, have patients scheduled, would have to start post op diet TOMORROW. She said she was going to offer someone else on 10/6 the earlier appointment and try to get me back on 10/6. Still haven't heard back from her! Soooooo frustrating.


    I hope they got you worked out - they're really messing with your schedule - I see.

    Where you able to keep your October surgery date?

  4. Hi, I just quit smoking in July. I never thought I would be able to overcome that hurdle because I had attempted to quit so many times before. I was determined to quit for my health and for a quick recovery after surgery. It also helped that my surgeon required me to quit 3 months before surgery :).

    I want to give you some tips to overcome the urge. You will probably experience your worst withdrawal the first 2 weeks. Try to make flushing the nicotine from your system top priority (morning until night); drinking cranberry and or grapefruit juice and lots of Water. Also begin taking a Multivitamin. Once the nicotine leaves your system the craving will subside.

    You can do it and hope this will help you.


    Thank you so much for your thoughts and guidance! Apologize for not seeing it sooner. I've gotta get the kids to set my notifications up properly!!

    I was able to stop - it's going on 2 1/2 weeks - still on chantix and will remain until a month after surgery - I am thinking. Have you had your surgery yet? How are you doing?

  5. Im 12 days out and wondering if this the right decision, yikes! Im just scared but I will follow through. Prayers to everyone.

    I'm right with you! I'll be going in for mine on the 14th of October and have been a little emotional lately when I speak with my children mostly.

    I was like this with my 4th and final pregnancy as well .... I want to know the mortality rates - I want to know complications & what they look like...

    I am fearful and scared too - I'm trying to give it all to the higher power!

    There are so many major health reasons 'why' I need this ... My pros far out weigh the cons... Luckily!

    Prayers to you!!

  6. I randomly smoke a cigar or Black n Mild from time to time. I even go months without one. My biggest fear is absent mindedly FORGETTING I can't smoke and failing my blood test.


    I'm going to give the chantix a chance and with Patches too. I'm going to begin tonight ... For years I've used smoking as a stress reliever - hence I have 4 little girls. :-) I need to be mindful today about other options to relieve the stress.

    I don't think a random smoke of a cigar / or even a black would pop a positive though ... That would depend on 'how' random the use was. I wish you the best. I know drinking lots of Water helps to rid the body of tobacco toxins - looks like I'll be drinking it by the gallons!

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