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  1. I definitely feel the pain. I had started at 286 got down to 130. That was 7 years ago. In the last 3years I went to 150. But then this last year with COVID I jumped up to 170. I tried many things with no results and finally went back to my original Post surgical weight. Low carbs and cutting portion sizes. I am back down to 150 and working towards my goal of 135. We worked hard for the surgery and postop. Don’t give up we can do it.
  2. Congratulations!!! It is life changing. I had a gastric bypass at 56 and sole guardian of 2 of my grandchildren. Who were 2 and 8 at the time. I have no family members where I live and friends were out of the question. My daughter who has a young family could only come up for 4 days, it worked out fine. Sore a little but not bad you need to move and walk so having responsibilities to make sure you do kinda helped me. The worst part for me was cooking and preparing meals when I felt sick just looking at it. And then when my daughter ordered pizza!!!! Lol my weakness but I wouldn’t. Good luck you got this!
  3. Vega I thought I was the only one with this. It does not appear to have anything to do with eating sometimes it happens late in the evening while watching TV. I had a Gastric Bypass about 4 years ago and this just started about 1 year ago. It takes my breath away and sometimes it gets a little scary. Would love to know if I can do something to avoid this. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, does not feel good at all.
  4. Once you start dropping sizes it seems to change fast good will was my go to store so I wasn’t spending a fortune. I still wear my bigger clothes just in very different ways. Shirts that were too tight I now wear over tights like a short dress or tied around my waist. You can get very creative.
  5. joy59

    Seniors and Baby Boomers

    I will try and attach my before and after pics
  6. joy59

    Seniors and Baby Boomers

    I was 59 at the time of my gastric bypass 10/2014. I was on insulin and still had blood sugars in the 300’s , high blood pressure ,sleep apnea could hardly walk I was so short of breath and zero ability or desire to lead a “normal” life. That was then, I am now turning 64 exercise almost daily and feel wonderful. I am off all my meds except for my synthroid but even that has been reduced. No more sleep apnea and I feel better then I did at 30. I am now loving and living life. I weighed 286 I am now at 140 but had been as low as 130 I would like to stay around the 135 range.
  7. Anyone else having issues with hypoglycemia? Mine started about a year ago and having blood sugars that drop into the 30’s about 2 hours after eating especially carbs. Trying to really limit my simple carbs but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
  8. I was 2 years out when I had my first episode I became confused luckily I was talking to a friend on the phone and i began talking jiberish then I was slurring my words I knew I was about to pass out and I sat down my friend called the ambulance when they arrived I was semi conscious with a blood sugar of 36. Went to my endocrinologist who told me about this complication following gastric bypass but they know little on how to treat it. I follow a pretty strict diet and sometimes it is fine other times I become very effected. Seems to happen about 3-5 times a week. Still very glad I had the surgery just wondering if others have found a better way of managing it.
  9. I am now 4 years out lost 150 lbs but every morning I’m afraid I’ll find myself the way I was
  10. I actually experienced reverse discrimination. I went into the store where I had always shopped where I could buy my size 26 and the saleswoman came up to me and was quite rude and basically told me to leave until I told her I was there for someone else, I couldn’t believe it.
  11. joy59

    OCTOBER 2014

    Once you get dehydrated it's like a vicious cycle. Need more but then pain cramping. I would make sure your doctor knows what you're going though. When I got my IV fluids I was just in the infusion room for about 5 hours and then home so it wasn't an admission.
  12. joy59

    OCTOBER 2014

    Hi All it's been a while since I have been here and wanted to do a quick check in. I had a tough time with fluids clear liquids were very hard and the first week got dehydrated. The swollow test in the hospital showed a very swollen esophagus got 3 liters of fluids and still dehydrated but better. Finally at 2 weeks and getting fluids in just water and ice pops and I started a protein shake a day so doing better. I was having so much omg what have I done but it is getting better. Cooking for the kids still a little hard. Went and signed up at the gym yesterday lol just signed up haven't actually gone. Good luck everyone it is a tough road but at week two off blood pressure meds, insulin too. And my skirt actually fell too my knees lol and a shirt that I love but was always too small is now big. It does work!!!!
  13. Iptreg I can relate I had surgery oct 7th and also cannot get down 1 protein shake. I keep sipping the water and every 2 or 3 hours taking sips of premier shake but I remember that they told me 60 to 80 gms of protein is the goal we need to work up to it. I also had some leaking put steristrips in place and chsnge bandaids every so often but I am walking around too today there is much less drainage. Just feel supper stuffed with water and the little shake but every day a little more hydrate and walk is my main focus. Good luck to you.
  14. joy59

    October Surgery Date

    Hi All, Surgery on Tuesday and home this afternoon. Everything went very well I had the worst time with chest pain , dr had me do a swollen test and esophagus was very swollen so placed me on decadron to reduce swelling so I could start drinking. It started helping after the second dose so taking clear liquids real slow and steady. Still in insulin the decadron messed up my blood sugars but probably for a very short time. Very glad to be home.
  15. joy59

    October Surgery Date

    About ready to leave for the hospital surgery starts at about 1030. See everyone on the other side!!!!!! Superbariatricbabe I want to do as good as you!!!!!! Thank you everyone.
  16. joy59

    October Surgery Date

    Thank you Beni for the good thoughts. Surgery tomorrow and scheduled for 10:30.
  17. joy59

    October 2014 RNY-ers :)

    Congratulations dc that is great news.
  18. One of my favorite tools was using my fittness pal as suggested by my nutritionist and going on a well balanced 1200 cal program, eliminate all sugars, bread and between meal snacking. Start practicing chewing, eating slowly, get in at least 64 oz of fluids and increase your protien to at least 60gms a day. Good luck on your journey.
  19. joy59

    My incredible year

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love how you know that you loss interest in exercise so you are are finding a way to be successful and will be helping others while being accountable, genius! You are truly an inspiration. Thank you
  20. I agree, but I do think it is hunger, maybe hunger for more protein. Do you use my fitness pal to log food? That could give you an idea of what to focus on. Little steps at a time, you will figure this out.
  21. joy59

    October Surgery Date

    Layknee you definitely have a good plan and you did really good, actually it really wasnt even a cheat lol. Beni what an awful day, after going through so many hoops as the time gets closer there seems to be last minute things coming up that almost nakes you want to say forget it. For me I was suppose to have surgery for Sept 9th. August 13th I lost my job of 16 years requiring to pay Cobra then insurance changes 3 month NUT visits to 6. But things worked out Surgery set for October 7th because insurance went back to the 3 month nut requirement. So even though I am on the home stretch I am still just waiting for something else to happen. Hang in there it will come together and you will get this done.
  22. Amy, how often are you eating..what is your protein and calorie intake. The readon I ask is that this is something I am very concerned about and wonder if keeping between that 60 to 90 gms of protein and 600 to 800 cal and allowing no more then 4 hours to go by without eating will help.
  23. joy59

    October Surgery Date

    What ever you do don't beat yourself up. It is a journey and filled with choices and learning experiences. You made some really good choices keep it up.

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