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  1. Girl, have you ever seen the cartoon of the skeletal woman sitting with her hands crossed in her lap on a park bench...... the caption reads 'waiting for the perfect man'?

    This is how I feel about my weight loss. First stall at week three, like the rest of the planet, lasted ten days. Now it's been 13 days since weight loss at 8 weeks post op. I've had more days of stalling then weight loss. And yes, these two crappy pounds keep floating back and forth.

    However on the bright side I notice the difference in my clothes. Today I'm wearing a pair of slacks that are going to Goodwill. They look like pajamas! I remember putting them on pre-op and flopping on the floor like a fish to get them on!

    But we all know that this didn't happen to us overnight. It's like that Pantene commercial - it won't happen overnight but it will happen.

    I'd like to hear from everyone too!

    Good luck with your dad....I hope everything is okay?

  2. I'm eight weeks post-op and have hit my second stall. Totally hit that three week stall like everyone else, it lasted 10 days for me. I'm on day 13 of this current stall. It seems since surgery I have more stall days than loss days.

    Anyone else hit their second, third, tenth stall? If so can you please share your story so I can feel better? ;)

    I've lost 22 pounds since surgery so I'm very happy and proud of myself! And just so everyone knows I eat around 800 - 900 calories a day (I'm 5'8"), exercise is here and there and I get about 80 g of Protein a day. I may not exercise everyday but I'm an active person.

    Thanks everyone for your comments or suggestions!!!

  3. I'm totally there with you, I'm 7 weeks post op (a June sleever) and the 3 week plateau did come with a pound or two weight gain and nooooo weight loss for a week. Here is week 7 and I've gained 2 pounds! Here we go again. Booooo!

    I'm right with you in calories too, I hear about ppl who can BARELY stomach 600 calories, I'm between 800 - 1100. I'm 5'8". While your caloric intake is higher than others at your stage, you aren't eating enough to GAIN weight.

    Your Protein looks good, Water is good (I'm not doing well in the Water intake department), exercise looks good.

    Remember, you will hear this throughout this site and the SAME thing happened to me with my first stall, getting into 'onederland' sometimes takes a while. My first stall at 3 weeks I was at 201 and stuck like Chuck. One week later I lost 4 pounds! We have different set points, maybe this is yours.

    I am now stuck again at 7 weeks, same issues as first stall and even though I know it will pass I am discouraged. But stalls come and go from what I hear, so we better get used to it. Just keep truckin' along and stay positive. :D

  4. I hit that stall for WEEKS. I think I finally broke through, since posting about my stall I've lost 3 pounds (in a week).

    My stall lasted for exactly two weeks. I read and read and read others stories to find comfort. The stall is very common and everyone kept saying 'this will pass, hang in there, this works'. But I was mad and assumed I was different, I cannot lose weight like others can. Nobody understands my body. I had a little pity party.

    So I will say this: this will pass, hang in there, this WORKS! I get it now, that scale will move.

    I'm eating differently than you guys though. I have a Protein shake everyday but I kinda eat what I want now as long as it's soft. No fried, crunchy, sweets, or red meat/pork. When I do eat I get a really small bowl and eat sloooooowly. I have 3 pieces of sushi and I'm done.

    Can you guys feel the food going down? This is new to me. I actually feel it hit my stomach too. After a few bites I'm like 'whoa!, that's it for me!'.

    I'm getting around 700 - 900 calories a day and about 70 grams of Protein. I'm NOT drinking the amount of Water I should. And I'm not exercising however tomorrow I'm going to start the C25K app.

  5. Thank you MommaCEO for the 200 lb. issue. Maybe that is my problem. I'm at 202 right now and holding steady. Although for a fleeting moment, I was 200.9. That was such a great day.........

    Yes, the stall is still here. No weight loss in 12 days except for a 1 pound weight GAIN.

    Lots of others have experienced the same thing, from what I'm reading. And from what I see, the stall can last a week or two.

    Here is an article I found while obsessively looking for others who have stalled. I thought this was interesting...


    Okay ladies (any men following this? I dunno) it's Monday! Let's all get on here and tell everyone our progress! I would love to hear from you!


  6. I've gained another .5 pounds. Weight loss over the past 10 days is + 1 pound. I'm eating around 700 - 800 calories a day. Most of it from Protein Shakes, which I actually like.

    Yesterday I made fun of it, today I'm pissed. When in the WORLD will the scale move? Of course weighing ourselves everyday is not ideal however if I weighed myself a week ago, I would see I weighed LESS than I do right now. WTH?

    I'm wondering if I'm getting enough Water. Were you guys told not to drink while eating, waiting 20 - 30 minutes before and after eating to drink? This is hard to get used to, planning when I can drink fluids. Then I forget and I'm hungry and it's time to eat 4 spoons of Soup. FULL!! Oh, I can drink in 30 minutes. Forget. dinner time!

    So today I'm going to make an effort to drink more. We will see. My fingers are all bloated.

    I'm rambling.

    Good luck ladies. Hang in there. This is a great way to get out our frustrations together.

  7. i'm glad I'm not the only one. Shiner86 I'm right with you. Lost 12 pounds the first week (ahhhh, memories.....) then nada. And here is week 3 and I'm STILL waiting for the scale to move.

    Oh, pardon me, it did move! I've gained .5 pounds.

    And I'm eating enough to sustain a small reptile.

    I've heard it all, body adjusting to surgery, starvation mode (referring to food gathering days as a caveman).

    So I've come to this conclusion: I'm a post-op, caveman who eats like a lizard.

    Yaaaaaaaay me!

    Thanks guys for keeping this topic going. Hey, while we lose weight (NOT!) we can at least laugh about it??? And we all know we will but in the meantime this kinda sucks. <_<

  8. Jeallbaroma - 201 is probably a big set point for you. A few ago when I lost a ton of weight 200 was super hard to pass. Try changing up the exercise if you can.

    Start 230

    At sx 218

    Now 208

    Started food and loving it. My NuT doesn't do puréed. I can have lunch meat, cheese, cottage cheese, yourgurt, Beans. I love having food again but it's hard to tell when I'm not longer hungry versus over fulling "tool". Yes, I named my tummy "tool".

    Thank you! Ironically you are spot on. I haven't been below the weight I am right now since, oh - I was 10? Hahaha! My body must be going nuts! Today I started walking. :)

    Good luck everyone! We ARE all doing great! You guys inspire me! :D

  9. I seem to have hit a stall. No weight loss for the past 5 days now. Booooo! But I've read it could be my body adjusting to surgery. So I'm cool with that. I don't expect, as I'm sure any of you guys do, an overnight miracle. ;)

    Today I start on purees like many of you do. OMG, I've never been so excited to blend stuff!!

    My highest weight (following our 'Topic Mama' IfICanDream) was 268.

    Surgery weight: 214 (June 9th)

    Current weight: 201

    Goal weight: 140

    Height: 5'8"

    The biggest 'perk' I've noticed so far is my cravings for sweets is GONE! Yesterday I made a chocolate trifle, which is my favorite dessert. I would sneak bowls of it when no one was watching. My mind would constantly be on that huge chocolate creation in the refrigerator. Last night I was serving it to my friends and I couldn't care less about it. The smell didn't effect me. I had absolutely no desire to even take the smallest taste of the pudding part. I find little changes like this fascinating.

    I know it's still very soon post-op but I would love to hear if anyone else has experienced any changes like this? Something different?

    I'm so glad everyone is doing well! :D

  10. I had my post-op appointment today at the surgeons office. Everything is going great! They said my incisions looked great. I asked them quite a few questions, and I thought I would share there thoughts.

    Sodium - I was worried about how closely I should watch it. broth really packs in the sodium (even the reduced sodium kind so I was a little worried!). They told me not to worry about it right now since I am having such few calories.

    Biotin - she said that some people see that it yeps with Hair loss and that it doesn't really do much for others. She said that there make dissolvable biotin that I can start taking morning and night if I want to.

    Exercise - I'm an over-doer, so I was really worried that my daily walk totals have been between 2-4 miles. I still am having pain in my big incision, and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't delaying my healing. They said that there is basically no way to walk too much. As long as I wasn't pushing or pulling weight that I was fine. Yay! Also, she said that I could do any exercises I want starting at 6 weeks (all restrictions are off then). I can't wait to start my C25K program!

    Diet - I've been having the same diet for the last 6 days and I wanted to make sure that was okay. She said I was completely fine doing that right now. I am on full liquids until next Tuesday, so I plan on continuing 3 shakes plus a cup of broth with added Protein until then! Starting next Monday, I switch to pureed foods, where my calorie intake should increase to around 800. Basically, I will have to keep taking in all of the protein drinks I currently am, but I need to start adding in the extra calories from the pureed veggies/cottage cheese that I'll be consuming. I have to do pureed foods for a solid month. After that, I can switch to soft normal foods and onto completely normal foods as my stomach allows.


    Wow, I found this entire post very useful. Especially the Biotin thing, I've heard the same about hair loss. I don't have much hair to begin with so I'm NOT looking forward to the thinning stage. I heard that, if it happens (everyone is different), will be around month 3 or 4 post op. Has anyone else heard this or something different?

    Thank you for posting this! My first post-op appointment is tomorrow and you've answered most of the questions I have!

  11. 17 pounds?!?!?! Daaaaaaayam! Good for you!!!

    So for me my pureed stage is approaching in less than a week. I'm so sick of Protein Shakes but I know they are important for lean body mass and healthy hair, skin and nails, so that motivates me.

    For all of you on, or about to be on, the pureed stage this is what I've found (on this site, another topic)

    --thai spice tuna pureed with Sriracha sauce
    --sweet & spicy tuna pureed with low carb bbq sauce
    --rotisserie chicken (no skin!) pureed with low carb BBQ Sauce, sriracha sauce, or peanut satay sauce
    --chicken pureed with marinara sauce and nuked in the microwave with mozzarella cheese
    --ground beef pureed with vodka sauce or tartufata sauce
    --lemon dill salmon pureed with olive oil mayo
    (the types of fish are those flavored tuna and salmon pouches you can pick up at the grocery store).
    --sauteed shrimp sauteed with garlic aioli & mayo or remoulade

    I've also read about having a small amount of refried Beans with melted cheddar cheese on top.

    For more recipes I found this:


    Hope this helps! After finding these recipes I'm looking forward to pureed foods. This stage will be 2 weeks for me.

    Let me know what you all think. :D

  12. Yaaaaaaay! I'm glad you're having a great day and congrats on the weight loss! That makes sense about the headaches too. What level is your gas at now? I'm so ready to move past this stage. For days post-op every time I burped I felt like throwing up. The pain was nuts as the gas rolled up my esophagus. Now it just happens when I eat (sugar free pudding and yogurt now) or drink. Also I still have a lot of lower stomach bloating. How about you? Again I'm so glad you are having a great day!!!

    Thanks Jealbaroma! It's feels like a new beginning :) Sorry to hear that gas has been so bad for you! Mine has been pretty minimal. Mainly, I seem to notice in the night. To be honest, I think it's because I can hear all of the weird noises that my stomach and intestines probably have been making all day! Have you tried the gas-x strips? They seem to help me (even if it's just a placebo effect :)

    Bloating: so much of it! I managed to lose 48 lbs on a pre-op diet, and it literally looks like I have it all back on! I'm secretly hoping that it means, that once I lose all of the Water weight that I'll be like 20 pounds lighter even though I KNOW that there is no way I still have that much water left in me. Pretty much my entire massive stomach is swollen. You should consider yourself super lucky that it's just your lower abdomen!

    Have you been able to get much exercise in yet? Any major pain? I'd love to hear how you're doing!

    Wow! Congrats on the pre-op weight loss. That is awesome!

    I will try gas-x strips. I've been thinking about it but wonder if that deters from the natural flow of this gas GETTING THE HELL OUT OF MY BODY ALREADY? Hahahaha!

    I have no pain anymore, I bounced back quick however yesterday I went to costco and didn't do well. It was crowded, loud, big, etc. I usually don't care but it bothered me. My the end of our trip I was pissed off and hurting, and a little nauseous. I wanted to go home. Anyway back to work for me tomorrow however I have a desk job so it should be okay.

    Thank you so much for creating this topic, it's really nice to see how everyone progresses. We are all different - that's for sure.

    I hope you have another great day today!! :D

  13. Hi fellow June niners, ok so this is a little more info than some May want to read, so just a caution,

    I haven't gone to the bathroom since June 7. I'm in pain, I'm afraid to strain myself too much because I'm seriously scared that I will put too much pressure on my new belly, and that my incision will burst open! I know that it probably won't happen, but I really don't know, too much straining can't be a good idea! Ugh, of course it's Saturday and no doctors office is open right now. Do you think it's ok?

    Hi cutiecake, no bowel for a week isn't a good thing. When was your surgery? You've been on fluids since your surgery or what stage are you at? Remember pain meds can cause constipation. My DR told me it was safe to take a stool softener, NOT a laxative. So if you have those around I would try it, especially if you are in pain. Maybe just one pill (if the directions are to take two).

    I had the SAME problem as you the day before yesterday (which was day 4 post-op). I'm prone to being constipated so I wasn't surprised. I tried and tried and strained and strained. Finally, yesterday morning my bowels had a Kumbaya moment and I felt MUCH better.

    You can also try sipping Water like every 2 minutes and walk walk walk.

    Straining is okay, it won't hurt your incisions. My DR explained it this way: we've had MAJOR surgery done, our GI is going nuts. We have to give our bodies time to get all their abilities back. It may take longer for others to achieve that.

    Good luck and don't worry. If by Monday you are still waiting, call your DR.

  14. So today the scale finally moved! I was down 3.8 pounds than yesterday. I still am quite swollen from surgery, but I'm starting to get excited!

    Also, I think I realized that the headaches that I have been waking up with in the morning are caused by the position I'm sleeping in. At about 2 am last night I woke up with a headache starting again. I added more neck support with a pillow. To be safe, I also took 2 gas-x strips, and I went back to bed. I finally woke up headache-free!

    Pretty much, having a great day all-around!

    Yaaaaaaay! I'm glad you're having a great day and congrats on the weight loss! That makes sense about the headaches too.

    What level is your gas at now? I'm so ready to move past this stage. For days post-op every time I burped I felt like throwing up. The pain was nuts as the gas rolled up my esophagus. Now it just happens when I eat (sugar free pudding and yogurt now) or drink.

    Also I still have a lot of lower stomach bloating. How about you?

    Again I'm so glad you are having a great day!!!

  15. I have a recipe guys! Day 5 for me introduced skim milk and Protein shakes are a must (three times a day). I got this recipe from a friend and as I type this I'm sipping on it. And it's gooooooood. And really filling too! I cannot imagine being able to down three of these a day. Awesome way to get in Protein too!!! Enjoy!

    Protein Shake:

    1/2 cup skim milk

    1 TBSP PB2 (look it up on Amazon if you've never heard of it)

    1 Scoop whey Protein powder (I use Gold Standard 100% whey - Extreme Milk chocolate - 24g of protein per scoop)

    10 ice cubes

    Of course you can omit the PB2 if you wish. It really only adds a Peanut Butter flavor. The added protein is minimal. Look it up anyway, the stuff is a gift from heaven. Hahaha!

    I used my blender and hit it until it was pulverized. But sip SLOWLY. I imagine this shake will last me till lunch time today.

  16. It's weird how different everybody feels. I've had absolutely no shoulder gas pain, and I have no hunger cravings or pain. I still am a little heavier than when I went in (by about 2 pounds), but I am still SUPER swollen. Like it looks like I gained 20 pounds in my stomach.

    Today is my first full day home, and I'm doing good. I've went on two separate 8-block walks, drank 52 grams of Protein and 32 oz of Water. Not too bad!

    Anyone else having issues with headaches? I have woken up with a BAD one the last 3 days. I'm praying that tomorrow morning will be different! Any ideas on how to relieve them?

    I've had mild headaches too. I think it might (for me) be a caffeine withdrawal. I've been taking one Tylenol a day, it helps. Pre-op I was drinking 2 - 3 cups of coffee a day and tons of Diet Dr. Pepper. Today is the first day the headaches seems to have dissipated. Let me know if they go away. Don't worry, I'm sure they will. And that's awesome exercise you are getting in! And so soon post-op!!!

  17. I'm glad to hear everyone had their surgeries and seem to be progressing normally.

    I had my surgery June 9th too. Pain in my shoulders was ridiculous. Gas coming out in burps and those burps HURT! I had a large hernia repaired too.

    So this is day #4, been doing well on Water, sugar free Jello and sugar free ice pops. But today, and the reason I am posting, is the HUNGER! Today has been, by far, the worst. Maybe it's in my head? I don't know.

    I didn't expect all hunger to go completely away but DAYAM. I wasn't expecting this much either.

    Besides this the gas is mostly gone, my lower stomach is still bloated. Pain is minimal. I'm doing great!

    Ten pound weight loss so far, this is all fluids I'm sure.

    Now someone get me a sandwich! Hahahaha!

  18. Me too me too!! Tomorrow is my day, have to be at hospital at 9:00 surgery at 11:00. So nervous, and excited!! What are y'all bringing with you to the hospital ?? I've heard gas x strips are a must

    Socks and a sweater! Oh, and something comfortable to wear home. Nothing with a waist. Lip balm and a book. I've heard GasX strips are important too. I have them already packed. Good luck girl!!!! ;)

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