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  1. Hello, Everyone! My RNY was 12/10 /14. My highest weight was 280 and I started this adventure at 245. I was 204 the day of surgery and I'm 132 today. Only 4 pounds from goal! I can't say that this has been an easy year (kidney stones and surgery to remove them) but it has been an AMAZING year! Along with gaining back my health, I gained a daughter in law and my first grandchild (Gabriel just turned 6 months old)! Today is my 60th birthday and when doing my hair this morning, I realized that I'm less grey than I was. Apparently, after the hair loss, when all the new hair grew in, it came back in my pre-grey original color! Talk about a great birthday present!
  2. Mommabird

    Anyone From Texas?

    Not currently. I've been after Scott and White to start one for most of a year now. There's some talk of peer mentoring (I told them that I'd be interested) but haven't heard anything more about it. There are monthly meetings in Temple and Harker Heights, but that's a ways for you to drive.
  3. I think that you stated the root to your problem at the end of your post. You're bored and emotional. Unfortunately, rocky emotions are just part of all this, Hormones are rapidly changing with rapid weight loss and emotions are all over the place from the major changes in your life right now. Boredom is as much of a problem as the emotional upheaval! You are accustom to being busy at work and now you are stuck at home. Try to find things to keep yourself occupied. Take a walk, (you need to start exercising anyway!) read a good book, organize something, (a closet, drawer etc) Just don't let yourself sit and brood about things. Keep your mind busy and it will help with the boredom. Which will help with temptations. You are NOT a failure!!! And you haven't screwed anything!!! You've got this, I believe in you!! you're just in a low spot at the moment. Go make a Protein shake and sip along on it. Before you know it, you'll have it down, you'll feel better and you'll be back on track. You know we're always here when you need us! .
  4. Mommabird

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    In May 2014, I had just been to the informational seminar and was two days away from my first weigh-in required by Aetna, when I attended my nephew's wedding. I wore a snug 3X dress. I had my Gastric Bypass in December. On October 3rd,I will be attending my niece's wedding wearing a very comfortably fitting size 14 dress!
  5. Mommabird

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I had my 9 month post-op check-up yesterday. My surgeon (who I saw 2 months ago for an unrelated issue) walks into the exam room, does a double take and says "Holy cow! I didn't even recognize you! You look fantastic!"
  6. Mommabird

    Anyone From Texas?

    I'm in Hewitt, just south of Waco. I had a gastric bypass 12/10/14 at Scott and White in Temple.
  7. Hang in there! It will break! You might want to tighten up your food plan, make sure you're sticking to it as close as possible. Also, make sure you are getting all your fluids in. Has your food plan changed recently? When I was allowed to add fruit back into my diet, I started gaining, then stalled and was ALWAYS hungry. Quit eating it and busted the stall I was in. Where in Texas are you? I'm in the Waco area and had my surgery at Scott and White Hospital in Temple.
  8. Mommabird

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I started a C25K today. It's something that I had dreamed about doing but never thought I would (or could). I also went to my niece's bridal shower on Saturday. Instead of being the largest person there, I was one of the smaller ones! And I was by far the smallest of the family members (except for my youngest niece who has always been scary skinny. I don't count her as I have never seen anyone as thin as she is)
  9. Mommabird

    Texas near austin

    How are you two doing?
  10. Mommabird

    Texas near austin

    Lots and lots of water and crystal light! Anything non caffinated or carbonated! At 8 months out, I do get hungry now, but, I always have something to drink with me. A lot of times hunger is actually thirst. My Sunday School class laughs cuz I show up with a water bottle I in my hand and usually, half way through class, I pull out the one in my purse. I was told that getting your liquids in is more important than getting your protein in. I'm supposed to drink 80 ounces a day. That is a lot more than a lot of surgeons require. The best advice for post - op that I can give you is to follow your surgeon's post-op plan. You will see a lot of different post-op diets on here. Follow what your Dr. says to eat, when he says you can have it. I had someone tell me that my dr was too strict and I should find another dr. But, I am doing amazingly well. I have lost over 80% of my excess weight in less than 8 months. I would have to say that my doc's rules are why I have been successful.
  11. Mommabird

    Texas near austin

    I had to do pre-op over Thanksgiving and then a family reunion two days later. My extended family didn't know that I was having surgery. My diet consisted of protein shakes and non-starchy veggies. I took all my food with me, sat where I didn't have to look at the food everyone else was eating and focused on visiting with family. It was extremely hard and I was glad when it was over. I just kept in mind what my ultimate goal was and kept reminding myself that no food was worth blowing pre-op for. How long is your pre-op? Mine was two weeks and it will get easier. Mine was sprung on me literally at the last minute. The surgeon's office called me to schedule my surgery date and at the end of the call informed me that I was officially on my pre-op diet. By the way, I have a daughter and sister in law and a multitude of nieces and nephews in the Austin area. I'm actually coming down for my niece's bridal shower in a couple of weeks.
  12. Mommabird

    Texas near austin

    Is Waco near enough? I had my Gastric Bypass on December 10th 2014.
  13. I wear one that says "Gastric Bypass, No NSAIDS, No Sugar, No Blind NG Tube" Having dealt with medical emergencies before, I want anyone who is dealing with an emergency concerning me, if I can't answer questions, to know as much about me as possible in just a few words. I don't know how much sugar it would take to cause me to have an episode of dumping. I do know that during an emergency is not the time to find out. Chances are, it could cause confusion in trying to make a diagnosis. I don't want to take a chance with the NSAIDS. Why risk the bleeding that they might cause? As for the no blind NG tube, I have read stories by people who have had their pouch ruptured by medical personnel who were expecting a normal sized stomach. Call me paranoid, but I'm not willing to take any chances. I'd rather wear a medic alert bracelet and not risk having more problems caused by medical personnel who don't know about the change in my anatomy! My surgeon's office didn't say to wear one, but when they noticed that I wore a bracelet, said that they were glad I had one.
  14. Mommabird

    Pounds to lose?..

    I'm 5 feet tall, weighed 204 the day of surgery. I'm eight months out and weigh 144. Seventeen pounds to get into the normal weight range.
  15. Mommabird

    Aetna Questions

    You might try calling them. I called twice a day. When they got my paperwork, I was approved within just a few hours!
  16. MrsAce, I also was told that my RNY might become a gastric sleeve due adhesions. I had open gallbladder surgery and a laparoscopic hysterectomy. Thanks to an amazing surgeon, I got my RNY.
  17. Mommabird

    Drinking water

    I was able to drink water easily from the start, also. The first afternoon that I was allowed to drink, I managed to get in 56 ounces. The surgeon was thrilled! My IV was removed shortly afterwards since drinking water wasn't a problem. However, the broth they brought me was a different story entirely!
  18. Mommabird

    Denial part 3

    I'm so sorry you're having so much trouble with getting approval! Good for you for not taking all this lying down and fighting for yourself!
  19. Mommabird

    What's for Breakfast?!

    For me, breakfast is typically a Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt and a Morningstar Farms sausage patty. I eat as few carbs as possible, usually from dairy and what ever is in my veggies. I recently discovered that fruit sets off extreme hunger for me, so I have stopped eating any. My NP recommends avoiding starched and grains. Says we can thrive without them. I seem to do much better when they are left out of my diet. 160 calories 22 gms Protein 12 gms carbs 3 gms fat I can change this up as the yougurt comes in so many flavors! I am seven an a half months out from my gastric bypass and have been fully released food wise.
  20. my surgeon's office says hydration is more important. The head surgeon feels that most patients have enough reserves to go without protein for several weeks. I found this out when I had kidney stones and between the pain from the stones and then surgery to remove them, I just couldn't tolerate any type of solid food. My NP told me to focus on fluids and worry about protein later. Typically, I'm getting in 60 grams protein and 80 ounces of liquids, the minimums required by my program.
  21. Mommabird

    Waiting on approval from Aetna

    I had a gastric bypass, not the sleeve, but I do have Aetna. I had to lose weight for six months and then not gain before my final appointment before all the paperwork work was sent to Aetna. The papers arrived at 4:30 PM (I know cuz I was on the phone with the Aetna rep when they came over the fax machine) She put the packet together and sent it to the ones who approved or deny surgery. I got a call at 8:00 AM the next day with my approval. I got them to fax me a copy of the approval letter which I then faxed to the surgeon's office. This was on a Friday. I got my surgery date the following Tuesday and had surgery two weeks later.
  22. Mommabird

    No Wonder I Wasn’t Skinny!

    My mom grew up poor during the depression. She didn't get heavy until later in life and even then wasn't too over weight. Because food was so scarce for her, feeding her family was an act of love. I grew up with homemade meatloaf, cube steak breaded, fried and smothered in cream gravy, fried chicken. Back then, you couldn't buy ethnic foods at the grocery store. So, on Saturday mornings, my mom and dad would drive to the Hispanic part of Houston and buy everything needed for a Mexican food feast. Flour tortillas were unheard-of and corn tortillas came in a flat can. Mom would fry them up into taco shells. Every regular meal had potatoes in some form or rice. My dad didn't like regular rice, so, it was always cooked with whole milk and lots of butter. (basically, rice pudding with no sugar) Sodas and candy bars were somewhat limited, but, we still had plenty! Whole milk, white bread, white rice, butter, ice cream was always in the freezer. Lunch at school (carried in a metal lunch box with a glass lined thermos) was sandwiches, chips, homemade cookies and whole milk. I was extremely skinny growing up! My problems started in my early 20s. Undiagnosed PCOS and doctors who didn't have a clue about it. Standard weight loss programs made me gain and gain. Even the food plan the dietician put me on during the six months of mandated weight loss before my gastric bypass made me gain! A diabetes diagnosis made me have to eat healthier, so my children grew up eating healthier than I did. So much so, that when my DIL was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, my son had her blood sugar stabilized within days as he knew what to do for her! (I am now the grandmother of an extremely healthy 3 1/2 week old baby boy) I still crave all the foods I grew up with but other than the extremely rare occasion, I don't endulge. And when I do, it's only a few bites. I'm 7 months out from my RNY and no food is worth risking the way I feel now. I feel good and have more energy than I've had in decades!
  23. I'm doing well! I have lost 60 of the 80 pounds I have to lose (that's not counting the 42 pounds lost in the six months before surgery to get approval) I had a bit of a set back 3 1/2 months out with kidney stones but am going strong again. Plus, I became the grandmother of a gorgeous baby boy on June 16th! Life is GREAT!! ????
  24. I posted on 3/31/15 about being in the ER for severe cystitis. Turns out that I was misdiagnosed. I had several very large kidney stones. After having a stent put in, surgery with a second stent, four rounds of antibiotics and weeks of trying to get my digestive system back to normal, I found out this past Friday, that my kidney stones were probably caused by the protein shakes that I drank during the six months of weight loss I had to have to get approved for my gastric bypass. I was told by my Urologist that my post-op diet is right on track to prevent more stones!
  25. Mommabird

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    After seeing my NP on Monday, I saw my family doctor on Friday. Other than my proton pump inhibitor that l'm on for life and a mild pain killer at bedtime for arthritis pain, I have been taken off all my meds! The last two (blood pressure and statin) were discontinued yesterday! I've been on so many medicines for so long, that it really stuns me to just have my supplements to take!

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