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  1. Anyone else dealing with an unsupportive family member? For me it's my mother. Even though I've been obese almost my whole 24 year's on this earth and she's watched me struggle with weight, and to lose it she is the most unsupportive member of my family. Little background about my mom: She's a recovering drug addict and through the grace of god, her own will and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) has been clean for 13 year's. She's the mother of 4 Adult children (2 of which are active drug addicts). She started going off about how I never apply myself to anything, I haven't tried hard enough to lose weight on my own (we haven't lived together or near each other for the past 6 years), And I should go into "Over Eaters Anonymous" before I decide to get such a "dangerous" surgery. She also went on to tell me about someone from 13 year's ago she knew who had gastric and died 6 months later, How I won't lose weight after the surgery because I won't stop eating the way I do now afterwords. It's frustrating, and no matter what I say I can't get through to her. I get it, she's a mom...But all these year's she's been unsupportive about my marriage, my pregnancy, my education, the way I live, even the death of my father (Her Ex). Even though the marriage, pregnancy and education were successful and I'm happy with my life today, she constantly sees something wrong. I know I shouldn't care, But it makes me feel sad and discouraged. But it won't change my decision to get the sleeve. Just needed to get that off my chest.
  2. It's been a while since I've been active on BP since I found myself pregnant at my one year surgiversary (9/8/15), But that doesn't mean I haven't been "Active" in my life!.. This year has brought so much happiness, May 25th of this year we welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world and in June moved from NJ to PA where we bought our first house. At a year out I was down 100lbs, during my pregnancy I gained 28lbs and since have lost the weight and have been maintaining my 100lb loss. Just this past week (3 months postpartum) I started back at the gym and am looking forward to getting back into the groove of things and continuing on with my WLS journey and future success. Hope everyone is doing well!
  3. HalloweenBaby24

    2 Years Post-Op (It's been a while).

    Thanks everyone! Life is so good right now. My first week back at the gym really kicked my butt, I think this week will be a little easier though (At least I hope). It's going to take a while to get back into a routine.
  4. I was officially a year out from VSG when I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with my third back in September and 100lbs down. My pregnancy starting weight was 155 and I'm now standing at 165 and 22 weeks pregnant. With my first pregnancy (Pre-vsg) I was around 190 and ballooned up to 235 by the end when she was born at 35 weeks due to high blood pressure and preeclampsia, I dealt with those issues throughout the whole pregnancy. With the second I was 250lbs, High blood pressure and lost the baby at 12 weeks. Going into this one being the lowest weight I've ever been and feeling great I just automatically assumed this would be a breeze and pregnancy would be fun this time around. I'll be honest it pretty much has been exactly how I envisioned it (A delight) up until the beginning of this month when I went for my 20 week anatomy scan where I found out I have Placenta Prevaria and also a 2-vessled cord (most have 3) so there's possible complications to both and it has me feeling really bummed out about myself and my body. I don't understand how I could lose 100lbs, be the healthiest I've ever been and still my body is failing me in an area where so many other people succeed (Some without even trying). So I guess I'm really just here to vent and looking for support of some sort as I don't really know how to process my feeling's right now and it's hard to not hate my body with this current situation I've been handed. We tried for so long to have another baby after the loss and it took 3 years going through PCOS and Dr's, Finally breaking down and having surgery, Loosing 100lbs and I just feel conflicted all of a sudden like maybe I'm just not meant to have another, My body obviously can't deal with it.
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    Pregnancy Complications.

    @@Miss Mac I've been told I'm not even aloud to go to Plan B. No Intercourse, No Orgasms, No Nipple Stimulation (Which is hard to do since even putting on my shirt stimulates them lol), No walking for long periods of time, No traveling long distances, No lifting anything over 10lbs. Might as well lock myself in a chastity belt and put myself on bed rest at this point..
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    Pregnancy Complications.

    @@Miss Mac Thanks for the encouragement!, I'm happy to hear that you & your daughter made out well and your both thriving all these years later I guess I'm not so much worried about the PP as I am the 2vc since that come's with a whole new set of complications to the point where they have me going to a Fetal Cardiologist at the end of this month, Scares the shit out of me just to think about it. Having both together is really stressful and scary.. When I went to the Ob's tonight she pretty much scolded me for having intercourse with PP, When I went for the Anatomy scan where they told me I had it that was it..I was never told I couldn't do certain thing's, they didn't send me home with a book or anything. So that's just grand.
  7. This time last summer I was sitting at the beach with my family and friends discussing the fears/doubts/hopes that we all felt about my decision to undergo VSG that coming September. I could never had imagined then what a wild ride id thrust myself upon and where id be now. As my one year anniversary approaches (9-8-14) I think of how far I've come as a person, The self-esteem I feel now and the power within myself that I never knew I had is overwhelming. This time last year I had a few goals for myself going into surgery... 1. Don't Die-- I assure you now I didn't! 2. Don't Cheat, Not even once!--I'm human, and somehow then I guess I thought I'd come out perfect after surgery didn't happen. 3. Get To Your Goal Weight.-- My goal weight at the time was 170 and I thought that was good enough as I didn't have any high hopes for myself. As of today I have lost 96lbs from the 255lb uncomfortable person I was to 159lb person who is comfortable with herself and willing to do more in life, Who puts herself out there and is thriving. It's Amazing to me that I could ever be where I am. And like a lot of others out there, I wish I had given myself this gift sooner!
  8. Sleeved 9/8/14 with a starting weight of 255, I wasn't made to do a pre-op diet so that's where I was the day of surgery. I'm 6 day from one year out and currently sitting at 156lbs, 1lb away from 100lbs lost. This has been an amazing journey and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat, If I could sooner..
  9. @@tami1970 Thank You. I'm sure you'll do great and get to your goal!
  10. High Weight 255. Current Weight 175. 15lbs till my goal.
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    July 2014 VS July 2015

    From the album: Me

    89lbs Lost..
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    Feeling Heart broken and defeated

    From what I understand the lower your BMI the slower your going to lose. Currently I am 174lbs (8Months out and down 81lbs) but I'm taking in 1000-1100Cal a day and burning anywhere from 800-1000 4days a week at the Gym and I've been seeing a consistent weight loss of 5-6lbs a month since 4months out.
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    I'm also 8 months out, I think I recall seeing you on the forums early on when I was here pre-op. I'm sad to hear that you think you are a failure or have given up, I've also been a slow loser compared to some (80lbs down) but you have to keep going!..Everyday is a struggle to not eat what we want, to not over eat, to go to the gym, to fight for our lives and the body we want. But it's a something worth fighting for! I have day's where I fail, there's day's where I skip the gym, eat too much and you know what I do? GET UP AND TRY AGAIN! Keep your head up and get back to basics. Believe in yourself, You got this
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    8 Months Out 80lbs Down.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
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    From the album: HalloweenBaby24

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    Spanking by mentor

    Wow that got way too serious too fast.. Craving's suck and I know all about them, I'm not going to lie I ate a french fry or two at 2 weeks out *Gasp!* and then realized what I did wrong and what I could do differently next time those cravings came up. As long as you realize your mistakes and move on then you'll be successful. Don't worry about what the Negative Nelly's have to say, Do you.
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    Did anyone else have issues with friends after WLS? I've had the same best friend for 14 years now and we've always gotten along pretty well, we were both heavy set children growing up. As we got older we both had our own vanity and self esteem issues, We both were constantly on a diet on again, off again and would lose weight and gain weight through our teen years..Now adults we've continues this routine but for me I never really felt bad about myself or jealous of other people regardless of how heavy I was, Especially not my best friend who did lose a significant amount of weight on her own. Now the tides have changed and things between us are getting a little rocky, it seems like the simplest of goofy conversation turns into an argument (Not Intentionally). Despite the fact that she is in good health and shape/size and not in the least bit "Obese" she is constantly bringing herself down about her "Weight Issues" she'll get mad at herself for eating a salad that had too much dressing or over indulging in pop corn..Along with this she has mentioned how she wishes she could also get WLS and have it "As Easy As I Do", As Easy as I do?..I've struggled my whole life, I've always been the FAT Friend, Always on a diet since I was 11 and have had multiple medical issues because of my weight. She was very supportive before surgery and even drove 3 hours to accompany me for my Pre-Op class, Now 7 months out and 74lbs down she will tell me I'm on a stall because I'm eating too much, or the wrong things. too much dairy, not enough cardio...And she'll talk down about Obese people and Barbaric Surgery "I don't understand, Its WLS is so common that I almost think that people choose to be fat and lazy so that they can just end up getting the surgery". Don't get my wrong I love my best friend but God Damn!..Sometimes it's just too much, Friends are suppose to be there to talk about thing's and not be judgmental (Or so I've thought). I hate to think that I've made her Jealous by going through with this journey, And I'm not even sure if that's whats going on here.. I've tried talking to her about it, But she just get's offended and pissy so I don't bring it up much. Has anyone else gone through something similar? I guess maybe it's possible she's always been this way and I've had blinders on this whole time. I know she talks about other people behind their back's sometimes, And I often wonder what is said about me.
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    From the album: Me

    November Vs April
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    From the album: Me

    November Vs April
  21. 70lbs down in 6 months. My weight loss has been a slow one, consistent but slow. Even though I'm not where I want to be yet I have to remember how far I've come. At 6 months out the weight loss has slowed down tremendously, but my success thus far keeps me going. No matter how long it takes, I will get to goal!

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