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    Wow thats great! I also have diabetes. I am having RNY done on April 22nd and presenly I am on the optifast liquid diet. I had to do it for 4 weeks and I am now on week 3. My insulin has dropped from 96 units at bedtime to 12 units already. I am off one of my pills for my diabetes and I think by time my surgery is here I may be off all of my diabetes meds. I have lost 25lbs and I am so excited to have this done. Good luck :-) Val
  2. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Tips from success stories

    My surgery is April 22nd. I was told that I will be on clear liquids after surgery. For day 2 full fluids. I guess every Dr. Is different. I have been on optifast for 3wks and have one more to go. Down 25lbs so far. Cant wait :-)
  3. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Pre-op liquid diet woes

    Yes the pre op diet is hsrd I am on week 3 of 4. My surgery is April 22nd. Inam down 25lbs so far. All I can say is it does get bett the further along you go. Good luck :-) Vsl
  4. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Getting in the protein?

    My daughter puts protein powder in her yogurt also in her soups. I have my surgery April 22nd. It will get easier. She is going to be 6 months on my surgery date. Doing amazing! :-) Val
  5. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Did something dumb

    Hey im the queen of dumb so thanks for the heads up sounds like something I would do. Surgery in 15 days so I will chew chew chew and then chew again. Thanks. Val :-)
  6. I starting week 3 on the Optifast 900. I was told to stop all caffeine and no sugar free pop. All pop has a certain amount of caffeine. I had headaches for the first 3 days of opti but they have gone now. Maybe the withdrawl from the caffeine is the culptit. I could not tell if it was that or food wiyhdrawl. Hang in it does get better. Val :-)
  7. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Any singers / vocalists out there?

    I also am a singer. I am not sure how long it will be after my surgery that I will be able to go back at it. I guess it is up to each individual and how comfortable they feel. My surgery is in 16 days so I guess I'll find out soon. :-) Val
  8. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Pre-op diet blues

    I am on day 13 of the Optifast liquid diet. I have to be on it for 4 wks. My surgery is April 22nd. My first 3 days were hard but I stuck it out. Today day 13 I'm a prostar!! Once I hit ketosis my hunger was gone and I can honestly say I don't feel hungry at all. It is a big mind game and you just have to get your head around that. Stay the course you got this. We are all here for you :-) Val
  9. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Interesting time at a party today

    Yes me too I know I would have asked. I just bet she was itching to ask you the same thing. :-)
  10. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    April 2014 pre-op group

    I am 62 yrs young and the last time I was below 200 lbs was 39 yrs ago. Will I know this person when I meet her again? Im not sure. Very scary for this woman but i am READY!!
  11. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    April 2014 pre-op group

    Answer to your question feeling all of the above and I have already started my pre op diet. Mmmmmm yummy lol
  12. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    April 2014 pre-op group

    Hey my surgery is in April on the 22nd. When is yours? I am really excited but also very nervous. Currently I am on week two of my Optifast. It was hard for the first 3 days until I figured out what I could Dr. It up with. Better now. I use instant decaf and tomorrow I will try some cocoa. Trying very hard.
  13. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Shoe size?!?!

    Today is the start of week #2 for me on my pre op Optifast. I normally take a size 9-9.5 but my step daughter gave me a new pair of sneakers size 8 and they fit very well. I know I have lost a lot of fluid or puffiness off my feet and it can stay gone as far as I'm concerned. Hoping my feet do stay smaller. Hoping for alot these days :-)
  14. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

    Any Canadians? Ontario?

    I would go right back to the basics the beginning. My biggest fear is going through this and not learning from it. Doing a good job and then slowly slipping back into old habbits. Goodluck to you :-)

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