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  1. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    a year ago there was no way I would have taken a body pump class and 2 yoga classes in 1 week!! I was lucky if I would have walked at all.
  2. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    @@cmhueto I am the founder and admin for the FB groups, it is a closed group because if I make it secret I have to be "friends" with every one to be able to add them. With it being a closed group people can search for it and seek out the support. Yes IF someone wants to search for the group to see the list of (over130 members) to see your name then yes they can. But NO they can not see anything that is said or that goes on in the group. I do have some member of the If you would like to join search FB for "San Diego Kaiser Bariatric WLS support group" or "San Diego Pacific Bariatric support group" you should get a message from me (Kendra) asking how you heard about the group and if you are pre or post op. These simple questions help me to weed out people that are not interested in the group but just trying to troll. also your calorie intake looks about right for 12 weeks out. I know it is hard for people to fathom pre-op but your calories for the first 6 months or so are very low. Your main focus is on that Protein shake and your fluids. I still drink 2 shakes a day. I also go to Kay's nutrition class often, she helped me to feel confident that I was doing things right at each phase. Kay Rethwisch 858-573-5229 you can also call Pacific Bariatric any time you don't know if something is right or if you are not feeling quite right. the post-op questions number is 619-298-9931 Good job and keep up the good work 42 lbs is awesome! be proud of your progress!!
  3. PinkPolkadot619

    Losing the fight, Help !

    Thank you for posting this, I needed the advice that was given.
  4. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    yes, but so far I have not had anyone go looking for what groups I am a member of......and truthful at 10+ months out, I don't care anymore. lol
  5. PinkPolkadot619


    From the album: PinkPolkadot619

  6. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    It is a closed group. no one can see what goes on in the group unless they are in the group. and you can't get in the group unless I approve you. and if you do not belong or do something worthy of being kicked out, I will kick you out :-D
  7. PinkPolkadot619

    Holiday Hell

    My surgery was Oct 14. For my thanksgiving I had baked sweet potato (1Tablespoon), mashed potato (1 Tablespoon), and 2 green Beans. I had my Protein shake before we went over and had one with me for later in the evening. my "feast" was special to me because I was only eating protein at the time so I was excited for the few tablespoons of yummies. But it was not actually my source of nutrition for the day. I was VERY limited on how much I could eat and I was happy as could be to just socialize. Christmas we went out to Chinese food, I had basically broth Soup and a few non fried veggies. again it was not my main source of nutrition but I participated enough that people felt okay with me sipping on soup. hope this helps. Mostly it came down to me being okay with things, attitude is everything.
  8. PinkPolkadot619

    Pregnant 6 months after sleeve

    I have a friend who got pregnant just a few months post op after RNY. She lost 120 lbs while pregnant and still had a healthy baby. She did have the NUT and OB helping her along the way and was closely monitored.
  9. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    I had Tanaka too! :-) Please feel free both of you to send a request to join the San Diego Kaiser WLS support group, on Face book. I am the admin :-)
  10. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    No I was saying that I speak sometimes in the classes. I am 10.5 months out and down 115lbs.
  11. PinkPolkadot619

    October surgeries?

    Congratulations all of you!! I am an October 2014 RNY gal! :-) so I am looking at my 1 year surg-aversary, Oct 14th I am at goal weight and down a total of 115lbs. I lost 25lbs during my 6 months of education/preparation classes before surgery. I took 11 days off work but I had coworkers who knew what I was doing and were supportive I also had the support of my family and boyfriend. I basically told my family they can support me or kiss my booty. It was not fun in the beginning but then as people asked their dumb questions and understood what and why I was doing what I was doing it got better. I would recommend waiting for surgery until you can be fully taken care of. This is about YOU and YOUR life! I promise if you set things up to be give you the most opportunity to be successful things will be better. You for sure do not want to be stressed during and after your surgery. I know waiting sucks but you have to think of yourself and your precious body.
  12. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    I have been a guest speaker there also, this will be my first time to San Marcos. One of the pre-op gals from my FB group asked me to come up we will see how bad the drive is LOL Ali asked me to speak in both her classes that night so it will be a long day. At the main office I have spoke in Kay's classes and Sherri's classes. I had Sherri as my instructor and mine were at night, I work all day so it was my only option. I had to wake up at 430am once a week to get to work early so I would be to my 430 class on time. It has not easy but I would not change anything about my journey. I think it forced me to be committed on a whole new level.
  13. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    Where and when are your Options classes? I am speaking in San Marcos on Monday Sept 14 in Alli's class.
  14. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    all my stats are on my tickers but if you are on the mobile app it does not show. I am 10 months and 17 days out from RNY gastric bypass I am down 115 lbs (I lost 25lbs during my options classes with Kaiser)
  15. My doctor told me I was a good candidate for both. I know some surgeons view RNY as more drastic, but in my experience and I have a FB group with over 200 members, most sleevers struggle to get to goal weight. Now I am no expert and this is just from the small group of people I have contact with. But for me during my research I knew RNY had a better percentage of weight loss and I had struggled so many times that I wanted the best opportunity to make it to my goal! I have NO regrets at all. Good luck, and know this is your body and with what info you have provided, I think the choice should be yours.
  16. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    I live in Lemon Grove work in Point Loma, and yes I am Kaiser. I also happen to be the founder of the San Diego Kaiser Bariatric WLS support group Face book page. :-) as well as the founder of the San Diego Pacific Bariatric Support group Face Book Page.
  17. PinkPolkadot619

    CA - San Diego

    @@Soexcited where in SD are you?
  18. PinkPolkadot619

    32 female in Cali looking for a RNY buddy

    I am in San Diego, Ca. I am 10 months post op and at goal weight. I would love to be a support to someone else! I know my support team and those who had gone before me were so valuable to me!!
  19. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    @@Bronxmerci OMG HOTTIE!! You have NO skin!! amazing!! @@Shadow427 I can see you looking sharp in that suit feeling amazing! That guy knew, you knew you were a catch! congrats on the interview and the date!!
  20. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    @@Shadow427 when is the interview? I hope you were able to find something to wear over the weekend.
  21. PinkPolkadot619

    CraveClean Protein Bake Shop

    I am in San Diego California and I am thinking of having something delivered for my first birthday post RNY.
  22. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    you are strong!! it is getting harder to not have "just one bite" of things.....so so so hard.
  23. PinkPolkadot619

    Dear god...WHY AM I THIS WAY? CARBS!

    I knew quite a few people from my support group who go to Overeaters Anonymous, it is weekly support to keep on track and the process has helped many be successful long term.
  24. congratulations I have had the issue of a few specific people telling me "tell me you are done loosing, you need to stop" This Monday I was just on my PMS horse and ran her butt over! I smiled and said "I am so glad you are my doctor and have made this decision for me" she said " you know what I mean".......I smiled and said "no, I don't. I am under a doctors supervision, I am fine, if I loose more it is fine, and if I don't it is fine, but it will still not be any of your business!" I hardly know this woman!! thank you for the vent again congratulations on your goal weight!!!
  25. PinkPolkadot619

    OCTOBER 2014

    It is pretty similar to our eating except not as small portions. High protein, low carb, low sugar. and eating smaller more frequent meals.

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