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  1. Hello Hello my beatiful people. I have been away so long. I havent had access to an actual computer and lets just face it, the BP App stinks! Anyways five days of vitamins down and no vomiting. I am so excited that three days ago I was able to eat regular food with no vomiting and kept it down. YAY me. I have really had a tough go of it and remained positive until a couple of weeks ago when i was just so fatigued. I did just buy a house and got a new job so that might be the reason why. My life is grand as of today. Baby steps and baby bites is my new moto! :)

    1. SherB


      Welcome back and keep up the good work!

    2. pupichupi


      Congrats on the job and house, and glad things are going better for you!!!

    3. matt1912


      Baby steps and baby bites is right on!

  2. Well hello again! I really don't like this app :( hard to keep up with all your updates. I'm going to have to pull the laptop out and catchup. I hurt myself once again but that is a common occurance even before surgery! I got some applesauce and soup to stay down! Yay! I hope you all are doing great! Hard to see what the scale and clothes are tellingme but on clear liquids what did I expect?!? Lol

    1. ScarlettL


      Hang in there, twinsee! Smooches!

    2. pupichupi


      Just keep following your diet, and do what is comfortable to you, don't push it, I tried pushing it and was hurting for a couple days now I do what I know, and I stick to that!!! You can do this girly!!!

    3. Comeflywithme


      Awww, be careful please! And keep up the good work, you'll be fine. I go in May 5. Yikes!!


  3. Everyday is a new day. Dog hurt me last night but woke up to little pain like last night. Fatigue plagues me but I still can't get vitamins down without the heaves. Went back to clears yesterday. To attempt to move today or not to? Hugs. Have a great day!

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    2. swedishfish1020


      I've been worried about the dog situation I may have. My three are lap dogs. 2- 8 lbs and 1- 115 lbs. It will be extremely tough to keep them off me. Feel better. You will feel great in no time. <3

    3. 1Day1Life4Now


      I have a 25 lb Cavachon and a 95 lb labradoodle who both think they are lap dogs. I used a pillow to protect my stomach for the first month.

    4. swedishfish1020


      The dogs didn't do well with with my bladder repair last year. Couldn't stand for me to have private time alone in the spare room. So needy! Even got territorial over my folly bag.

  4. Four days out. Today started pretty terribly. Can't do vitamins or meds apparently but I'll try again in two days. About 30-40 oz a day fluids. Trying to pick it up a bit. Trying protein at the moment. Happy Easter. Hoping the rest of the day is better! Hugs!

    1. Mokamami


      I'm having a bit of a rough time of it too, but it will get better. Hang in there! You made the right decision for you!

    2. swedishfish1020


      Are you feeling any better?


  5. I called out today! Stomach issues and headache from hell! I'm not sick I'm not sick I'm not sick. Mind over matter. A day of rest is all I need.!

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    2. Mikee57


      feel better!!!

    3. Zoey716


      oh no! i hope you feel better soon!! vitamins, lots of water, get some rest!


    4. msfitn2014


      I agree you are not sick, a day of rest is all you need!! Hope you feeling better today


  6. One week from today! So, looks like it was definately allergies. I have started taken allergy medicine and feel a ton better. I just need to stay away from the sickies here at work!!!!!

    1. Jenelle


      LOL...Girl I hear you, three weeks ago I started getting sick and I panicked, My surgery is tomorrow. I started taking my vitamins, Since it was three weeks from surgery I took all the medicine I could and lots of water...Then the I became a germophobic at work..lol I carry the lysol wipes with me everywhere. And if someone was coughing I would stay away from them..I even went as far as to telling my son to stay away from anyone coughing in school..LOL So I can totally relate.



      omg i am sick tooo! and i think its allergies and i have 15 days till surgery day, i hope it goes away because i know they wont do it if i am sick right? what meds did they approve for you to take during your liquid diet?

    3. Jenelle


      I got sick three weeks before surgery and my Dr said only to stop 10 days before surgery so I took Mucinex and all the other stuff I could find. Took my vitamins and lots of water. And then avoid all the sickies. lol


  7. Um......Crystal Light liquir Strawberry Lemonade!!?! Yum! ;)

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    2. Zoey716


      Hahaha!! I have that in my desk drawer! So Yummy!

    3. Mikee57
    4. butterflypinup


      Was that a fruedian slip? LOL!

  8. 8 Days Left! Im not feeling super awesome. Kind of concerned that if I get this cold that everyone at work is spreading that they will reschedule me. I am on top of my vitamins so lets hope this achiness and runny nose is allergies :/

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    2. butterflypinup


      See girly! One thing to be thankful for. :) Im taking so many vitamins my body better kick this craps butt without me suffering at all. LOL!

    3. pupichupi


      I hear that, I am on a million things I wasn't on before???? LOL I thought the surgery was supposed to help eliminate medicine? LMAO, instead we get more vitamins??? LOL I'm good with it, its the one kind of candy like thing I get every morning. I got gummy vitamins, and I love them!!!


    4. Zoey716


      hand sanitizer, face mask and airborne vitamins!!

  9. So somehow, in the middle of all this I somehow am going on a date tonight! Yea, totally not sure how the heck that happened since I wasnt even looking but Im just going to go with it! :) Wish me luck!

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    2. Zoey716


      How did your date go??!

    3. butterflypinup


      Eh! It wasnt good it wasnt bad. Im kind of indifferent. I think I have too much going on and he was too hard to read. LOL!

    4. Zoey716


      Hahaha. You do have a lot on your plate right now (or not??!) :)

  10. So I was just given my surgery time. 1:36PM. Kind of a weird time. Maybe that is a lucky number 136 :)

    1. 1Day1Life4Now


      I've never seen the odd number for a surgery time but maybe that really is your lucky number. good luck.

    2. aroundhky


      That is odd....more like a flight departure/arrival. Good luck!

    3. pupichupi


      Good luck your going to do amazing!!!


  11. And........she sleeps! :) Feeling much better now that I have caught up on sleep! :) Might I say yum to the premier shakes too! Taste like pudding!

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    2. missecua


      where did u get the premier shakes..are they the ones that say "frosty " @ walmart?

    3. butterflypinup


      missecua I dont think walmart carries them at all. They are at costco, sams club, and walgreens.

    4. SkinnyMinnyIwillBe


      Walmart here does carry them as well as Kroger if you have them in your area.

  12. 15 days and I'm nervous excited stressed ecstatic happy. I would like to give up all the rest and just be happy :). I'm going to concentrate on that for now since I think I have everything I need before surgery. Have a great day everyone!

    1. pupichupi


      Your going to do great, don't get all nervous or anything. I felt the same till I got my surgery the first day is rough, I hope your hospital has better beds than mine did, cause I had air mattress bed and it sucked.

    2. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

      Valerie Mercer-Spencer

      I21 days and counting for me. Goodluck!

  13. I have lost another lb. I'm having trouble sleeping and my appetite has all but diminished. :/ Not sure what's going on. Hope it's just nerves.

  14. My surgery is fast approaching! I hope Im not forgetting anything! LOL The reality and excitement are starting to kick in now that I have my supporters behind me cheering me on :) YAY ME!

    1. BigGirlPanties


      the only thing you really need to bring with you is a PMA!!! Whatever else you forget, the hospital or a friend will provide ;) ... good luck!! YEAH!

  15. Getting Nervous but Surgery is finally booked after four years!

    1. Mikee57



    2. pupichupi


      congrats, wow 4 years, your going to do great!!!

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