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  1. butterflypinup

    Me almost at my biggest 305

    From the album: Before/Current

  2. butterflypinup

    Friends Wedding in Sept 13

    From the album: Before/Current

  3. YAY YOU! This is very exciting. Thank you so much for sharing!
  4. butterflypinup

    1 Year Post VSG!

    YAY You! I love seeing this success! You look great from the inside out! CONGRATS!
  5. @Terribj Congrats! That 19 lbs must feel amazing! I had a feeling that the liquid would be hard. I am finding that I dont chew too much and Im having a hard time getting all my chews in so maybe that phase wont be too too hard for me:) Im hoping to squeeze into a sports bra so no wires. Maybe that will help out. Congrats again on your journey @@Zoey716 YAY! You are almost there. I just love this site. I feel like I have all the support and family I need from here. Might be a little clickish but Im just sitting over here in my corner with my fellow sleevers, LOL actually not even just the sleevers but my fellow wls peeps
  6. Congrats?!?! I think. Im looking forward to at least one moment like that! Good thing Im good at laughing at myself. I just hope it doesnt happen at work where I may have to relive it with my coworkers.
  7. butterflypinup

    Anyone having the sleeve in april?!

    That sounds like a great idea happy girl! I have a video I made for biggest loser that I watch from time to time. I may just make another one since it would be just for me. it really good thing for reflection on growth as a person.
  8. butterflypinup

    Anyone having the sleeve in april?!

    YAY! Just had my last appointment before surgery. They informed me of my preop diet of modified liquids two days before and clear the day before. Looks like each place has their own. Also, I didnt even think about having to pay my copay. Thought that would call just come after but apparently they want it the day of. I called and made arrangements to pay a deposit and payment arrangements after. All that is left is to pack everything on my list to take to the hospital that they gave me today. Im so ready for all this. I have my game hat on........actually my new life hat. I also told my whole class about this site. Im getting so much use out of it already. I have even told my friend who is a year out and having a little bit of issues staying on track. I love how supportive you all are. ITS GREAT! Its keeps me heading in the right direction and has my eyes set on the prize. I life with no limitations but how much and what I can eat. Ill take it! Eating to live and not living to eat. Right? Ive decided to start my inpiration board to keep myself on track through all this. To remind me on days when its rough why Im doing this!!!! I also dont want to forget to take some full before pics. I have some from when I started this at 305 but Im a bit smaller now. Are we all ready for the improved selfs?!?!! I know Im ready!
  9. My surgery is fast approaching! I hope Im not forgetting anything! LOL The reality and excitement are starting to kick in now that I have my supporters behind me cheering me on :) YAY ME!

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      the only thing you really need to bring with you is a PMA!!! Whatever else you forget, the hospital or a friend will provide ;) ... good luck!! YEAH!

  10. butterflypinup

    What happens to the boobies sfter the sleeve?

    Lol! I've been thinking the same thing. I'm a 42 ddd. Looks like a push-up bra is in my future.
  11. butterflypinup

    Am going for a sleeve in april 10 th

    I havent been told about a liquid diet until after but I did find a great recipe site for the protein shakes you may want to look at theworldaccordingtoeggface. She has all kinds of recipes on there. I dont like the plain flavors of the shakes so far. Another thing that I have scene on multiple sites is gas-x strips and a small pillow for when your in the hospital. My surgery is scheduled for April 16th. Good luck! Im sure your going to do amazing!
  12. butterflypinup

    Anyone having the sleeve in april?!

    My Surgery is Scheduled for April 16th. Im nervous excited anxious. I have been in and out of the Kaiser program for over four years now and this is the first time I scheduled a date. I wish I would have just gone through with it then. I cant imagine how the last four years woudl have been. Now is the right time though. We are going to do great!!!
  13. Just booked surgery last week for April 16th. I have been exercising but probably not as much as I should. My hardest thing is chew chew chew. Im getting nervous but excited to see what the future has in store. I got my surgery day bag packed with what I learned on youtube (small pillow and gas-x strips). Everything is ready at home, as in post opdiet supplies for the first week, vitamins, and protein shakes with some sugar free syrups just in case I dont like the flavors I got.
  14. Getting Nervous but Surgery is finally booked after four years!

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      congrats, wow 4 years, your going to do great!!!

  15. butterflypinup

    Gosh Im Nervous!

    Thank you Mikee! I think I just need to keep hearing it from support people and friends who have experienced it.