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  1. 15 days and I'm nervous excited stressed ecstatic happy. I would like to give up all the rest and just be happy :). I'm going to concentrate on that for now since I think I have everything I need before surgery. Have a great day everyone!

    1. pupichupi


      Your going to do great, don't get all nervous or anything. I felt the same till I got my surgery the first day is rough, I hope your hospital has better beds than mine did, cause I had air mattress bed and it sucked.

    2. Valerie Mercer-Spencer

      Valerie Mercer-Spencer

      I21 days and counting for me. Goodluck!

  2. butterflypinup

    This is stressful.

    Hi. In this four year journey that has finally lead me to scheduling surgery I have been in two major relationships. Both men were not really on the train with me which didn't help me at all and I think actually helped me drop out of my program towards surgery twice. I am now single and doing this for me because it's what I want. I want to be a healthier happier me. I'm tired of aches and pains due to being over weight. I don't want my weight to hold me back any further and maybe regret it later and doing the what if game. What if I would have done surgery what if my life could have been so much fuller. Love is meant to endure. The only way a relationship wouldn't work is because it wasn't meant to. If your given what you need in a relationship then surgery won't change that. I myself am vain about my hair too and I'm almost positive that I will lose it. I have lost hair in the past with rapid weightloss but hey hair grows back and we shall gain so much for the price of a little bit of short term hairloss. I for one am ready!
  3. I have lost another lb. I'm having trouble sleeping and my appetite has all but diminished. :/ Not sure what's going on. Hope it's just nerves.

  4. butterflypinup

    Anybody got tattoos??

    What a great reward for us to look forward to. It's hard to stop at one or three I think I shall wait until goal as well.
  5. butterflypinup

    Things seem to be moving pretty fast!

    I didn't have endoscopy. Wonder if they are going to do that the day of? I did my labs and EKG all in about an hour since they both were drop in appt the day I'm excited for you to get your day booked.
  6. butterflypinup


    You look fantastic!
  7. butterflypinup

    Anybody got tattoos??

    I have the whole top of my right foot with a lotus flower coy and waves. A huge butterfly on my bag and a lil tiny itty bitty lady bug on my bikini line. not sure what I was thinking there. Lol. I'm getting a peacock sleeve. Was thinking maybe just doing a bird sleeve since I like sparrows and owls too! Waiting in that though until after weight loss has come to a slow. Maybe a year from surgery.
  8. butterflypinup

    7 month

    Yay you! You look great and I bet you even feel even better!
  9. butterflypinup


    You were still beautiful here but you look Stunning now! Keep it up girly!
  10. butterflypinup


    You look great!
  11. butterflypinup

    Things seem to be moving pretty fast!

    I think as long as you are at goal you can count on being scheduled within a month from that date
  12. Im not a dr. but I think you shall be fine. My Bariatric Program only request you to be on liquid two days before and clear liquid the day before. You just have to remain at your goal weight or lower. Get your head back in this game girly and start over. You can do this!!! You have come so far! This is going to be a journey full of bumps and hiccups. This is just one of those. Back to liquids and no cheating. Remember food can no longer be your comfort after Surgery when you have disappointments. You will need to find a new comfort whatever that may be (healthy, I hope) You will be fine. Good luck to you with your surgery!
  13. butterflypinup

    Things seem to be moving pretty fast!

    I am at Kaiser South Sac which I like way better then Richmond when I started this four years ago. I havent had surgery yet. Scheduled for 04-16. It went so fast after the psych appointment. 02/03 psych appointment 02/10 nutrition class 02/24 did all blood work and EKG 02/27 psych appointment when within 5 lbs of goal 03/11 went to a support group meeting 03/14 weigh in at local dr so i could schedule appt with nurse to schedule surgery 03/14 appt with nurse able to get me in same day to schedule surgery 03/21 appt with Surgeon 03/26 pre op class 04/16 first available surgery date
  14. butterflypinup

    Things seem to be moving pretty fast!

    It goes super fast once you hit goal. I did all my testing meeting with the surgeon and nurse in two weeks and scheduled the next available date which was four weeks out. I had to wait those four weeks anyways because you have to quit your birth control pills 30 days in advance. Im excited for you.
  15. I think that we all have felt that way. "What if this doesnt work?" "This is my last chance" "There is no do over" This will work as far as we let it. If we fall back into those old habits and dont take care of the initial reason why we became this way it wont work. My issue is I find comfort in food. Its a constant. Its something that is always appropriate. I eat at my desk, in my car, even while getting ready for work in the morning. The problem is food is everywhere all the time. Someone dies we eat. Someone breaks our hearts we eat ice cream. Someones birthday we eat. Someones wedding we eat. Its the norm to eat when happy and celebrating and when emotionally down. We just have to be ready for this. I for one am ready to tote my meals around with me everywhere and have a list of healthy alternatives to eating when having these feelings. Food and I have already started to part ways. Im finding that Im not really craving the usual stuff anymore which is GREAT! I think that if we get our head in the game WE are bound to succeed! I think that staying connected is a key too! Sure the surgery help us to lose it but we have to be the ones to keep it off. Im here to be supported and support. I plan on coming here for a long time to come. I know there will be bumps but the prize of a long healthy life is worth it all! This is a life long battle and remember that we did not get obese over night so we cant expect to lose it all that way. It took me four years to finally make up my mind and schedule surgery. This is going to be a great beginning to the rest of our healthier lifes. If you(anyone reading this) ever want to chat please feel free to message me! Remember we are not in this alone!
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    From the album: butterflypinup

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    For Fun! :)

    To Remember to always keep a smile on your face and remember why you did this in the first place! This is a journey not a race!
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    Just for Fun! This is me!

    From the album: For Fun! :)

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    Always Smiling that is me!

    From the album: For Fun! :)

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    The Two Reasons Why Im here!

    From the album: For Fun! :)

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    Here are some of me recently! As Im sure we are all good at, I take selfies at a slight angle so I dont look as big.
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    Me Late 2013 270ish

    From the album: Before/Current

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    Me 03/2014

    From the album: Before/Current

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    12/01/13 Birthday :)

    From the album: Before/Current

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