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  1. Ok so I am a winner and a loser all at the same time. I got my picture on but its HUGE. How do we make that smaller? I am in the remedial class.... awaiting further instruction.
  2. Does anybody see a tiger? This is a test to see if I understood the instructions.
  3. j.s.

    Where the heck has Delarla gone?

    I hope she returns. I am not sure what is up with the mud slinging this board gets. It seems to be specific people who tend to sling the fastest and the hardest time and time again. I personally dont like to get involved in that and when I see the mud flying just get out and have absolutely nothing to do with those threads. I, for the life of me, cannot understand why people would want to argue on the message boards, apparently their life has absolutely no drama naturally so they need to create it. Its a shame really and a major waste of time in my opinion. I also have noticed the slinging still going on, matter of fact, just got done reading some pretty wordy posts that did not sound so happy and shiny to me. So I hope she takes a break, goes on a convention or two and comes back to the board, I enjoy her posts.
  4. j.s.

    Grrrr...I hate In laws!

    These stories ARE good. I thought I had it bad but actaully compared to some of you guys here, mine is a wonderful MIL!! Now if I could just remember that next time we have a family visit!
  5. I just say "no thank you". If somebody really does push hard, depending what time of day the function is, I will say I had a large breakfast or large lunch - just not hungry, thank you though. I find more often than not, people do not say anything. If you have a plate in front of you that is all they are concerned about, not how much you have on that plate.
  6. j.s.

    Where the heck has Delarla gone?

    I dont know where she went either but I am with you, I MISS HER. I hope she comes back. Its just not the same without her. Come back Delarla.
  7. j.s.

    Black Widow and eggs in my garage

    We think my husband might have been bit by one of them bad boys, something got him on the head while we were at the street dance in town. He had 3 huge bites on the top of his head and just had terrible pain and his neck swelled up. It was like he had a golf ball growing out of his neck. After about 2 weeks and things getting from bad to worse I finally talked him into going to the ER. That is when the doc thought it may have been that (brown recluse spider) but since we had no dead spider body, it was just an educated guess. Apparently they bite then move then bite again and then move again.... These bites were very infected and it traveled down his neck. It was pretty scary stuff. It took a really long time for them bites to heal up, matter of fact he had literally holes where the bites were and they oozed for a very long time. Pretty gross stuff but let me tell you, we are really careful when walking under trees by a river anymore, and that was the LAST year we went to the street dance.
  8. j.s.

    I paid to be tortured

    Oh that is too funny! And I sit here reading this as I am getting ready to join the real gym as I feel I have outgrown curves (now you are making me rethink that idea)... all kidding aside, I am excited to get started and really hope your satan does not work in my gym!
  9. MARGO!!!! You look completely WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for you, you have done such a great job! When you are ready to go do some major clothes shopping you give me a call and we will take those stores by storm, rip em apart and cause some hary-cary! Good job Girl!
  10. j.s.

    What was your very first job?

    My first job was cleaning house and doing dishes for a handicapped woman when I was 12, I started out working with my sister and then she passed it on to me. My first "real" job was at age 16 working in a resturant in the kitchen. started out as a dishwasher and eventually became the head cook. I quit when I was 22 to go work in a factory so I could have weekends and holidays off. Oh to be back where weekends off was my biggest problem!
  11. wheetsin, Have you ever tried the Papaya tablets? When I am going Pb, or feel like it, I get pretty darn slimy. If I take 4 of them bad boys combined with the slimy stuff that is in me, that usually allows it to go through and I dont have to pb. And the slimy-er I am the faster it seems to work for me. Just a thought....
  12. j.s.

    Thread Killers

    That picking the comments apart really kills it for me. Then you have the other person who is being picked apart saying.... no really I meant. and the other coming back saying you said ...... and they go over and over the same 3 stinking sentances. Makes me run the other way .... Another thing that gets me is "is _______ going to erode my band".... the band is placed on the outside of the stomach, nothing you eat is going to eat through your stomach lining and into your band to erode it.... really.
  13. j.s.

    Black Widow and eggs in my garage

    YUK.... I totally hate spiders and cant imagine anything that even sounds like a wolf spider, sounds really bad to me. Black widow..... definitely bad. I am not a lover when it comes to the spider world.... hope you got em!
  14. I also do the small fork thing. When I was brand new I even bought some baby spoons to just get used to taking the smaller bites. I bet I used a seafood fork about the first 6 months, just got used to it. Now as it is, being out 16 months, I only use small salad fork ever.
  15. I had that happen once, I bet I wasn't three months out yet and drank a gulp of coffee. It was not down when it was back up and out! Lucky for me I happen to be standing over the sink at the time! But that is the only time I ever had that.
  16. I dont do the protein shakes either. I get my protien the good old fashioned way- MEAT.
  17. j.s.

    ViVa Las Vegas

    I love las vegas. My husband and I go every 18 months or so (sooner if we can afford it). That is my favorite place to play!
  18. j.s.

    Crying as I write this...

    You do need a great big HUG!!! I also agree that if you spoke to your boss, just to let them know what is going on in your life you will probably be suprised at their understanding. There are lots of sources you can go to for help on the county and state level. If you check the social services department, (here we call it the "Department of Aging" and another big service is called "Senior resources") which are resources geared directly for elderly people and their caregivers. Most of these services are free. You need to find some time to take care of yourself - which may simply be getting out for an afternoon to be with your best gal pal or doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Sometimes the hardest part is asking for help.... You can also check your local hospital, they often times have support groups for this exact thing and the provide services for assistance. You are not alone in this and I do know on a very personal level how difficult this is. Just remember you are not alone. There are people who can help you with this who are in the same shoes you are and understand exactly what your feeling, because they live it too.
  19. j.s.

    supportive partners

    I need to add to this thread too. My husband has been nothing but supportive through all of this. He has been excited for me and when I start to get down about something he points out all I have done and puts it back in perspective for me. He encourages me in everything I do. Not only him, but all my family has been just wonderful as well as my friends. I have not had anyone make any nasty comments or question me or my decisions. I am thankful to be surrounded by people who love me and only want the very best for me. I wish everybody had the kind of support system that I do and I am just so thankful that these people are a part of my life.
  20. I am happy with my band. I did not like the risks that came with bypass or the after care (vitamins and supplements for life). That is not to say I think bypass is bad.... I think we each make a choice of what we are willing to accept or not accept. I dont think one surgery is better than the other, I think they are just different. I also think this "worry about something that MAY happen some day mentality is just plain nuts. I dont have the time or energy to worry about all the things that could go wrong...maybe.... someday..... if that were the case how do you do a simple thing like waking up the morning ..... every single thing you do in life comes with risk, you just dont think about them anymore. I would rather get on living than worry about some thing may or may not happen to me some day.
  21. I too got the fart action happening. Have ever since my surgery. It has gotten much much better but still am a farter beyond belief. Lucky for me I work at home and my cats really dont say too much about it. I cant imagine if I would have to "go" to work how I would have gotten over that one.
  22. Thank you guys so much, this at least gives her a place to start... I knew I could count on my lapband sisters for help. I will let you know what she comes up with. Thanks again.
  23. Hey guys, I am looking for some help. My sister lives in Bunbury, WA and her daughter is getting married next month. She will be coming to the states a few days before the wedding and is having a heck of a time finding an appropriate dress. She does not know where to shop and is having a difficult time finding larger sizes. She is looking for a size 24, dressy dress appropriate for the mother of the bride. Any help? She really needs ideas of where to shop for larger sizes. Wedding is in 4 weeks (crunch time) and really would like to buy something there rather than waiting until a few days before the wedding to start looking in the states. Thanks
  24. Why dont you give a special premier offer to LBT.... I too want to see now, come on margo..... lets see you!
  25. j.s.

    The answer to why I'm not losing...

    Hmmm, this is something for me to think about. I have been on a plataeu from hell for over 6 months, not losing not gaining just not.... I wonder if this has anything to do with it. I have had fills, I exercise, I eat right just nothing....I will have to bring this up with my doc and see his thoughts on it.

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