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  1. chicken remains a challenge for me much of the time.... (cant seem to figure out that quote thing). But anyway.... Yeah Jack, chicken is a killer for me too. I pretty much stay away from the stuff now since it seems every time I eat it I have a problem. Don't know what is up with that.... steak goes down just fine.
  2. My surgeon made me quit and for some time before surgery. I used the patch and it worked great. I stayed quit for 8-1/2 months but now I am back at it again :rolleyes . Tough habit to break but I am about ready to give it another go.
  3. j.s.

    I Ate The Paczki

    Oh man, that sounds like something I could go for.... it is the gooey stuff, sounds yummy.
  4. j.s.

    LapBand Talk is Boring W/O Delarla

    Ok Lisa, I have been on vacation. I come back, your in hiding. I have been waiting patiently for you.... Its time now..... the work week has started, vacation is over..... waiting..waiting.... will you post now?
  5. j.s.

    Clothes in your closet

    I have been putting my clothes outside and the Vietnam Vets pick them up for us and leave a tax thing. The stuff they pick up goes to homeless shelters so they can use anything and everything, and I get the tax break for them. We have been using them for years. They only will take stuff that one guy can get on the truck tho, so larger items (i.e. furniture) are not wanted. Right now as we speak I have 6 garbage bags full to donate.
  6. This past week we went on vacation to vegas. The last time I flew (13 mos ago) I could barely get that seat belt done up. I had to use every ounce of strength to get it buckled (my arms were shaking I was pulling so tight). Also, I thought I had the "bad seat" all the time because my seat would go back when it was supose to stay in the upright position. That turned out to be a little button that my leg would depress in (I had no idea that button was even hiding there). Anway back to the NSV. I fit! Whoohooo, I FIT GOOD! I was able to buckle up and have a good 6 inches of extra belt (never had extra before). AND I finally saw that button and no, my fat does not push it in anymore. I too can keep my seat in the upright position!!!! We literally walked miles and I was able to keep it at a good clip and didnt get tired out and could speak while walking! All good things! I get so concerned with the scale that every now and again it is just so good to see there are changes happening that the scale does not show me. Life is good! :scared:
  7. j.s.

    Last Nights Chat Room!

    What kind of time do you all get in there?
  8. j.s.

    Lost my Neice, Karen.

    I am so sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my prayers.
  9. j.s.

    OT: Help, my Jade plant is dying..

    Oh Jenna, Your cracking me up here! I really shouldnt tell you this cuz I think it may throw you over the edge.... but.... We have discovered Home Depot plant department, they are so cheap there I can buy a big ole plant and keep it (if Im lucky) about 4 months before it is completely dead, then just go back and purchase a new one. And know that I am not buying these just to kill them, I keep trying differnt ones hoping one day one will take to me and want to grow in my house. Just have not found the proper plant yet. p.s. I have given up on flowers.
  10. j.s.

    Personal Decision to Discuss

    I have told lots of people. I have had nothing but support from my family and friends and work people. Not one time have I heard negativity. I do not hide it, nor do I flaunt it, it just is. People know I have issues with some stuff, like if we are going to dinner, they may ask if I can eat this or that, I will answer yes or on occasion it has been no, and I have been glad they asked before hand rather than making them feel bad because it was something I could not tolerate. The people I know dont make such a big deal of it, or maybe I dont, not sure which it is but being upfront seems to work for me.
  11. I am so happy for you, been thinking a lot about you and checking back. So very glad to hear you will be okay! j.s.
  12. j.s.

    Fat family, it's not inherited!!

    I also believe it has to do with both. I come from a very large family, both in numbers and in girth. Coming from such a large family (13 kids) money was tight so meals were very heavy in the carbs. My family is very carb addicted. So did that make me what I am today or is it the genetics, Im not sure but I know it didnt help any.
  13. I have 2 cats, one is a sleek, mean, mouse-eating machine (she dont really eat mice but it rhymed). The other one is a porkchop (that is her nickname). I just put brandi on a diet this last week which she does not like one little bit, and I am the food nazi, I have to watch them when they eat or she will eat most of her food then push Katie out of the way to get her bowl eaten up and then go back to finish her own again.
  14. j.s.


    I work at home so it is very, very easy for me to drink almost a pot of very strong columbian coffee plus lots of times I fix a little more in the afternoon. I had to wean off the coffee so I didnt go through the caffiene withdrawls (apparenlty you get very bad headaches). Then they didnt want me to have coffee until the 3 month mark after surgery. I was counting the days let me tell you. I am now back to normal and a very happy camper. I love my coffee. p.s. the nutritionist had me mix 1/2 reg and 1/2 decaf until I got it all the way to only decaf.
  15. I had a choice and I too got the combo pedometer/radio.
  16. j.s.

    Friday Fun Thread ~ Weird Fears

    I have another one (actually I think I have layers upon layers) but anyway. I cant walk under trees at night because I am afraid a ratcoon will jump on my back. A neighbor kid planted that seed in my head when i was about 12, it has never happened yet (knock on wood) but I am pretty sure it is just a matter of time.
  17. j.s.

    Feeling guilty about giving advice

    I have told anybody who cared to listen and since then, I have had people come to me and ask where and how and all the questions we have. It makes me feel good to tell others that are in the same boat as me, that there is hope, a way to do this! I just thought to myself as I read your post how I felt when I would ask somebody how they were achieving weight loss and they would reply.... eating less and drinking water. I know it was not very helpful to me. Now the band, that is a totally differnt ball game, that is something I can work with. I think if you feel she is serious, consider letting her in on the secret.
  18. My hardest habit I have to work on is eating slowly!!! My husband and I both used to wolf down our food like it was a race. My husband still wolfs his down but I am trying my hardest not to, every now and again it catches and me and bite me in the a$$ but I keep trying. I also find that if I am really hungry that is when I eat too fast and end up having problems every time.
  19. j.s.

    Not Losing Weight

    I also had to follow a meal plan and because I was a volume eater I found it extremely helpful to weigh and measure my meals out. Also my nutritionist had me eat 3 small meals per day and snacks between the meals (i.e. 1 piece of string cheese, a small yogurt or a boiled egg, a single serving of fruit) so I didnt get too hungry between meals and overeat at a meal. I found it really helpful to do the weighing measuring to learn the portions that I should be eating rather than just trying to eyeball it. Also I wrote down everything so that I could keep an eye on where my protein and liquids were. Your nutritionist can help you get something specific written down that is easy to follow and that you can do. Chin up, it will come!
  20. I have an odd one, baked beans. What makes it odd is the fact that before surgery I could not stand baked beans, I detest all beans really, except since surgery Im craving baked beans. I even buy them all on my own without my husband begging for them (he has always loved them). He even comments on how odd it is since for the last 22 years I could not stand them and look at me now! Im a bean eater!
  21. I get the Lidocaine, it doesnt hurt, just a bit of a sting but for meer seconds. I have had to sit up kinda, not really sit up but just raise my head like a mini crunch for him to acsess my port easier. No pain tho.
  22. j.s.

    Friday Fun Thread ~ Weird Fears

    I have that closet door thing going on, 42 y/o and still cant sleep with the closet door open. I must have been traumatized as a kid (come to think of it, as a kid we didnt have doors on the closets, maybe it is just the novelty of it??) I have a great big fear of cows, and dont even get me started on spiders. j.s.
  23. j.s.

    Goodbye, Mr. Whipple

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a friend.
  24. j.s.

    Took a little vacation

    Margo, Good for you! That is a great vacation isnt it, things fitting with room to spare. I can't wait to see you, your doing so well! I think we may need to get together before the next group so I can get some tips from you! Way to go!
  25. j.s.

    Happy Birthday Margo!!

    :happybday: Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!

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