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  1. j.s.

    when will it go away

    Me tooo, me too! I lost 76 pounds and I still have 60 to go. I am at a constant stand still all the time (it seems like). I do the curves 3 times a week for 45 minutes and on the other 3 days walk 3 miles on the treadmill, pushing it every time (I have hit endurance now on the treadmill). I do feel extremely discouraged every now and again but then I see my little ticker and know I am going down the hill now. It just is taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. I just want that stinking scale to move. I also have the constant thought of how can I get the scale to move. Makes me kinda crazy at times. If you come up with anything.... tell me!
  2. j.s.

    Pre-Band: Starting to Panick

    Susan, Don't worry. You will still be able to eat your favorite foods, you will just be eating less of them and because you will feel full, it will not be an issue. I also loved steak so I was a bit concerned when I read that so many people could not eat it, well I can and (matter of fact) I just did eat steak. As long as you take your time, chew well, then it should not be a factor. This preop stage I think was the hardest of all, after surgery it was much easier to tolerate since I really didnt want to hurt my healing stage and quite frankly didnt feel like eating a whole lot anyway. It gets better. When you want to eat something .... go grab yourself a s/f popcicle, that helps that wanting to chew something.... Good Luck on Friday!!
  3. j.s.

    Gas X Strips...Where to find???

    I dont know, I have never heard of strips. I use chewable, they are really not bad at all.
  4. Omigod, them robin eggs are the devil! I bought a bag to put into baskets. Then when I decided I didnt have enough "good stuff" I went to walgreens to pick up something special. Then I spied the biggest, baddest bag of robin eggs you ever did see! Before I knew it, it was at the bought and paid for on its way to my house. Well lucky for me we had to go away on saturday. I forgot about them on sunday. Come monday they were hounding me something fierce. My brother stopped by that evening and before I could think about them one more minute I put them in a bag and told him to quick get them out to his car and no matter what I said, DO NOT allow the robin eggs back into my house. He was happy to get these and wisked them out to his car just in the nick of time. That is how I didnt eat the robin eggs. The ones I did eat all come in a basket given to me and when there is no protective bag around the little robin egg, I cannot stop the whopper powers that be.
  5. j.s.

    Drivers License Photos

    I went on a trip recently and had to update my photo for security purposes. My old photo and new photo are waaaay differnt but the weight size is the same (I thought nobody would notice the 70 lb difference) so when I went down to the DMV to get a new photo, I explained I lost weight so my pic looked different than what was on the ID. As she is typing in the info, she says well the weight is the same on the old and the new. I was like yep..... I lied.. Lucky for my I had a woman who understood totally and got quite a little chuckle out of it. Your pic looks great!
  6. j.s.

    Messed up Body Image!

    Diane, I totally get where your coming from, I am in that same boat with you. I just recently had my one year pics taken and did not want them taken. I know where I have been but I also know where I want to get to and I am not there yet. I see myself nekid in the mirror every day and I see all those spots that really need help. So when people are saying I look so good, all I am thinking about is how I need to lose 60 more pounds and when are those pounds going away and can I really get that skin to shrink, what kind of exercises do I need to do to get that gone, and so on and so on. I cannot see what all the fuss is about because I dont see a fuss, I see all these things I still need to do and know I need to walk about a million more miles on the treadmill and I wonder if a million will be enough. I have no words of wisdom for you. I can say hey, welcome to my boat, jump on in and we will go for a ride.... that is about all. When you get it figured out give me a clue ok?
  7. j.s.

    Here is a current pic of me, taken at Disney...

    You look terrific! Congrats!
  8. j.s.

    Absolutely COOLEST webcam

    Kare, That is totally cool! The eagles switched up while I was watching. I think I could get totally addicted to that right quick! Thanks for sharing that website!
  9. j.s.

    Video of me getting a fill

    Great video wade. It is interesting to see it from that perspective as we are always laying down and cant really see anything. My fills never hurt either. Sometimes my doc has me put my head up like he did you, othertimes nope. Fills are not a scary thing, they are a good thing!
  10. Hi LBT! Today is my one year anniversary! :clap2: YEAH I did it, one year down! I have had a great year. I have lost over 75 pounds in this year. I have only had to pb 4 times from eating too fast (yeah that is a hard one to break). I exercise every day - except Sundays (day of rest ya know). I had knee problems before this, my knee feels WONDERFUL. I feel WONDERFUL. I started out wearing a 3x, now I wear a size 18. I just had a fill the other day which feels great and am seeing results from that fill already so the start of my second year is starting on a great note. Life is good! I had my doc appt. the other day and they take a pic of you when you have your first consultation and then they took a 1 yr. pic, the difference is amazing! After all my agonizing over the numbers, even I cannot dissmiss the actual pics that show how I look. Its a good thing. I have had a great year and am looking forward to another great year with my band!
  11. ya know, I keep seeing these kinds of posts. My question and comment is: my brother had the stomach stapeling many many years ago. He told me after I was banded that they also banded his stomach but it was just a one size kinda thing. That is still in him, this was over 25 years ago, so unless some kind of problem arises, it should be fine, dontcha think?
  12. I felt like I had an elephant sitting on me. That was the first thought. Holy cats, an elephant is sitting on me! That feeling stayed with me all that day (my surgery was in the a.m.), it was a bit better by the next day. Other than that I was fine, thirsty but no pain at all.
  13. j.s.

    PS Pictures

    Jess, You are brave! Totally unbelievable. You make PS look not so scary! Im very impressed!
  14. j.s.


    I just got done eating some with dinner tonight. It is not something I have very often but every now and again it is the veggie of choice.
  15. Hi everybody, I had my one year anniversary on Saturday and I was feeling quite proud of myself indeed. I have had a very good year. I didnt lose my personal goal (to be at 200#) but I am at 210 lb so that is close enough that I am satsified. I have had pretty conservative fills. I just got another fill last friday and this is the first time I actually "feel" restriction more than that first day of getting it so I am hoping this is the big one! I am so very happy that I did this. This is by far the best thing I have done for myself ever, short of marrying my husband (that was pretty good for me too!). I am looking forward to another year and another 60 pounds, the difference this year is that I know I can do it and it is not a matter of "if" I can lose the weight, its a matter of "when". Happy band birthday everybody! Below is my before and after pic. http://lapbandtalk.com/showpost.php?p=200089&postcount=281
  16. j.s.

    One year later

    Ok so I found em! (thank you photonut- boy this is hard stuff). I dont know if this will work (super-putz strikes again) but I am gonna try this. http://lapbandtalk.com/showpost.php?p=200089&postcount=281 If you click on this maybe something will happen (then again maybe it wont, but that is a chance you have to take with me at the helm).
  17. j.s.

    One year later

    I have pics. I am just not quite sure where they are at yet . I am a total putz when it comes to doing anything on the computer besides actually typing something. Photonut helped me get them on, now I just need to locate them. As soon as I find them, I will let you all know.
  18. j.s.

    Kathy-One Year Later

    the best me, Happy Anniversary! You look great! Isnt this the best day.... we made it this far, it can only be down hill from now (unless your on the treadmill, then its uphill) (ha - diet humor.... who knew?)
  19. j.s.

    Seriously Considering LapBand

    Hi Cindy, I was banded one year ago today. I weighed 287 on my first consultation, I am 5'3", BMI of 50 (holy cats!). Surgery is a scary place for anybody so make sure this is what you want to do. As of today I weigh 210 pounds. I am down from a 3x to size 18. I still have 60+ pounds to lose but ya know what, I can do it!!! I feel so much better than I have ever before. This is a great resource to get the good, the bad and the ugly. Profiles are also a great thing to read, some people really log their progress from start to finish, its great to read how they feel. Good luck to you!
  20. j.s.

    One year later

    the best me, Congrats on the year! It comes so fast dont it, even though it seems like we be doing this forever at the same time - thats an oxymoron isnt it, but I am sure you know what I mean! I still have a ways to go but I am much more confident going into this second year, gone are the thoughts that I cant do this because I CAN! Happy anniversary to you and may next year be better than this last one was! p.s. i contacted photonut to see if she can give me a hand, I am such a computer misfit.
  21. j.s.

    One year later

    lianna- Thanks! I dont know how to post pics, I am pretty much of a computer missfit, but if somebody explained it maybe I could give it a shot. RavenRiches - thanks! I feel good. I think that is the most important thing that I learned in my year..... I FEEL good!
  22. j.s.

    Wisconsin: Where are you??

    Hey, Im here too! I didnt see this thread yesterday, it musta been hiding. Dr. Chiang is my doc also. I think I would like to come for this little get together. I am right close to waukesha. Tomorrow I go for my 1 yr. postop visit- Whoohoo- been a year already! Let me know when you plan this, I will come. js p.s. margo you are just kickin butt with your band!!!
  23. j.s.

    Met DH birth mom this week

    What a wonderful story. I am so happy for him. I understand firsthand from the stepmom point of view. My husband is 17 yrs older than me. He had a child when he was 18. He went into the service and when he come home from boot camp his girlfriend told him she was getting married. He then shipped out to viet nam. Well here we are 35 yrs later and his son found him this last summer. I have always known about his son and wondered when this day would come. We have had a great time with him, his wife and family. It is different for sure because we are getting all feelings all straightened out. We both offer them friendship and if more develops that is just gravy to us. We have spent many weekends together and as a matter of fact they came with us on vacation in February for 4 days to just spend time with us. We had the very best Christmas this year that I have ever had. Now a little bit on me. Since my husband had a child who he did not know, he never wanted to have another child. So we dont have kids, although I have always wanted one (or 3). I have accepted this not without a million conversations and just as many tears in the end. I am so very happy to have a family that I can call my own, makes me well up just thinking about it. I am so grateful that they have accepted me into their lives and have allowed me to share all this with them. I always thought I would be alone and now I have a family. Words cannot express how that makes me feel inside. I wish you all the best and hope it turns out however your husband wants it to. You can never have enough people to love you. I am happy for you all, as this affects everybody.
  24. j.s.

    Obesity and marriage problems

    I have to go with my first thought as I read your post. You husband would divorce you if it was not for your child, well I am sorry but if you and he both think your child does not have any idea how he feels about you and how this makes you feel about yourself, I have to say I think your mistaken. Kids can pick up on this. If your house is not happy (and I cant see how it is when he is "repulsed" by you) how do you expect your child to be happy. Kids are not as clueless and you would like to think. Give that some thought.
  25. j.s.

    Unladylilke Gas (serious question)

    I have the same problem. It has gotten much, much better now but it was really bad the first 8 months of surgery. Isnt if funny, I didnt have that shoulder pain either. I talked with my doc and was told because we take in so much less food the gas builds up, it has to go one way or the other, lucky us we get the other end. I must say it has gotten much better than it was, so we can only hope it does stop after a while.

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