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Duodenal Switch Patients
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    Thank you! Good to hear. I know it’s a small thing in the grand scheme, I’ve just been on full liquids for like, 9 months pretty much, so I’m ready to move on! 🤪
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    orangeisyoung reacted to GreenTealael in Surgery Revision While at a Normal Weight (135)   
    I was converted from VSG to RNY at my goal weight. I initially loss weight from the surgery because of lack of appetite and stricture. As soon as I could after dilation I went back to my normal calories and eating routine. I bounced back up to my pre revision weight and have maintained close to it for over 2 years.
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    orangeisyoung got a reaction from GreenTealael in Surgery Revision While at a Normal Weight (135)   
    I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there in the same boat, or who has gone through something similar. I had Lap Band surgery in 2014. Ultimately gained back all my weight and more. After the birth of my youngest daughter, I underwent a revision to Duodenal Switch in August of 2019 at 285 pounds. Over the course of the next 6 months, I also got sober, and ultimately, at this point, I'm down to 130-135, having lost 150 pounds. I was sitting at about 160 pounds in January, and have lost the additional 25-30 since then.
    In January of this year, I started struggling with dysphagia. For the most part, I would vomit solid food back up, no matter how slow I ate, if I drank or didn't drink. Protein, veggies, carbs, you name it, I tried to make it work. With Covid and such, it was April of this year before I managed to get an endoscopy, which showed a severe hiatal hernia (which had not been present at the time of my lap band, or my revision surgery). Had that corrected in May, went about 8 weeks of glorious being able to eat again, and then it was like someone slammed on the brakes. Back to being unable to keep solid food down. Worse than before. Many, many days vomiting liquid too. The day I had my most recent endoscopy I was so dehydrated the anesthesiologist ultimately had to do the IV on me, after 3 nurses tried and failed, even with ultrasound. During that procedure, they found that my gastric pouch has a greater than 90 degree turn in it, resulting in the upper part of my stomach being dilated and food being unable to travel back up, in order to go down. I'm having another revision surgery tomorrow to correct the issue. My understanding is it is just a revision of my stomach pouch, which with duodenal switch, is basically similar to the gastric sleeve.
    Has anyone else had a revision surgery for medical reasons, while at a normal weight? I've struggled to maintain my weight at 130-135 for the last several months. And by struggled I mean I've been trying not to lose too much more weight. I am definitely down to what I would call a healthy weight on my frame. I'm wearing a size 6 pant, small/medium tops, etc. Any problem areas are really skin based at this point I think, not weight. If anyone has gotten this far, and has in fact had a revision while at a normal weight, what was your diet like after surgery? I'm obviously going to discuss this with my surgeon as well, but all the literature I've been provided with thus far is for weight loss patients. The goal being to keep calories low, protein high, jump start weight loss, all that jazz. I'm just interested in how it will work for me, being as my weight goal is maintenance, not loss.

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    orangeisyoung got a reaction from ABLOND in January's 2014 Bandsters Welcome!   
    Question for y'all. I take 4 pills everyday in addition to my chew-able Vitamins and supplements. Two are small enough I don't have a problem taking them whole. The other two, which are actually two doses of the same thing twice a day, are fairly big, and I cut them into 4 pieces.
    My question is, I know we're only supposed to take one pill at a time, but how long do you wait in between swallowing pills or pieces of pills?
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    orangeisyoung got a reaction from blueturtle in Any January Surgery Bandsters?   
    Everyone tells you to wear a house dress, but from immediately after surgery I've preferred yoga pants. The kind you normally fold down, but I leave them unfolded up almost to my bra. Soooo comfy. The support is awesome in my opinion.
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    Everyone is different. I found day 2-3 to be the worst as far as incisions/moving around, after the hospital meds wore off, but I know some people have very little pain.
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    orangeisyoung got a reaction from blueturtle in Any January Surgery Bandsters?   
    I am banded. All that stress over losing weight and they didn't even weigh me. I'm super sleepy, but the only pain is some gas pain in my tummy. Just finishing up my Water, then I'm going home!
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    orangeisyoung got a reaction from blueturtle in Any January Surgery Bandsters?   
    Thank you, that does make me feel better. I initially was going through True Results, and they presented me with all of the information for the 2 week "liquid diet", as well as lots of scare material about how if I didn't stick with it and lost 7-10 pounds, I couldn't get the surgery. Now that I'm with my surgeon's office, who will continue my aftercare, they seem to be more lenient. When I went for my pre-op appointment they said not to do the liquid diet, and to just do 2 Protein Shakes a day, plus two low calorie low carb high protein meals. They didn't give me a number on how much I was supposed to lose though. I'm sure I'm worrying for nothing, but I'm probably at about 5 pounds lost.

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