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  1. This is going to sound strange but ever since the surgery I experience bad spams/pain in my left shoulder blade; happens mostly when I eat or drink; I talked to my surgeon about it & he said it's something to do with having to move my diaprahm during the surgery & a nerve? Anyway I was told to take the indigestiion meds prescribed; no nausea so far but this is driving me nuts!

  2. Hi...I was pretty much set-up for the sleeve however now I'm scared about having most of my stomach removed so now I'm once again back to wanting the band instead. However, I've heard horror stories about the band, ie. slipping, erosion, etc...would love to hear the positive stories instead!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, I went for the consult yesterday & was very pleased with bedside manner of doctor..have been going back & forth deciding about whether to have surgery for about 5 years now but have to do it, sick & tired of feeling like crap, having to look for extended sizes of clothes, etc...I'm just worried that I can't do the diet, having the restrictions, etc...and the biggest fear of hair loss! OMG, I'm a fanatic about my hair but hopefully it does grow back as I'm reading?? I hope the diet isn't too hard to follow, so used to just eating whatever I want!! I guess those days will be over too..appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!

  4. I keep wavering between both procedures but now after reading all the horror stories about the band I'm now leaning more toward the sleeve, just worried & scared that something will go wrong since there's risks no matter what type of surgery you're having. I guess I'll keep reading all the success stories so I don't keep changing my mind! Is is true that you can never eat the same, have to change the foods you used to eat, do you have nausea at all, does the food "get stuck, what about heartburn"? Any feedback is much appreciated!

  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum, just went to the consult & decided to go with the lap band since I'm honestly scared to death of doing the sleeve since I prefer the less-invasive type of procedure & it's totally reversible. I just made the 3 nutrition appointments along with the pulmonologist & therapy appointments. I just wanted to know I do realize there are risks to any type of surgery but would like to hear all the success stories of the band. I just hope it's not too painful of a recovery & I hope to God that I stick to what I'm supposed to do to have success. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!

  6. I also just found out that I have Barret's esophagus & have been freaking out ever since as the doctor explained it's a PRE-malignant condition although most people don't get the "C" word; he wanted to do the bypass instead which I'm totally against since I don't that much weight to lose; it was meant for me to explore this surgery since I wouldn't have found out about the Barret's; I knew the sleeve wasn't meant to be so now I have to lose weight the old fashioned way, everything happens for a reason I guess.

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