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  1. CrazyJaney

    Help Please anyone

    Emergent C is good stuff and always helps me BUT be cautious. Vit C can increase bleeding. Probably ok if you took one or 2 doses close to surgery but might want to check with MD office. Just like they want you to stop all NSAIDS 5 days before surgery. Although a few doses now might be fine. Good luck!
  2. CrazyJaney

    Upset by old - fat - pics

    I haven't even had the weight loss yet. I wanted to remind myself of just how bad obesity looks because I have a horrible habit of avoiding the truth. I didn't have any pics on here at first. Last week I went ahead an loaded many of the "worst" so I can remember why I'm doing this in 2 months when I'm mourning the loss of over indulgence. I sat pouring over pics from the last 10 years and just let it sink in. That is me. That's who people see. It's not really who I see. But it's reality. The only way I'm gonna lick this is to once and for all, and stop avoiding the truth. It was painful though - to look at those pictures. I hear you.
  3. CrazyJaney

    CHECKING IN! Wow... love the new look and website. :)

    I'm preop and have taken on this "education" as a serious endeavor. I just want y'all to know that you Vets (at goal or not) are like Superheroes to me. I'm thankful for threads like these because without, I feel like I'd be such a Polly-Anna. I need to see reality. It doesn't change my decision to get sleeved, but it reminds me that there won't be an "end" but rather a lot of course corrections on a long journey. Thank you all.
  4. Maggie, I swear I could have written your story - you just described my journey (except I'm Polish-Irish Catholic- lol)! Congrats to you and thank you for sharing!!!
  5. CrazyJaney

    Best and worst "compliments"

    This is the stuff that worries me. It's the awkward, unsettling comments that have thrown me off before. Well meaning sometimes seems like a backhanded, snide remark. Maybe I'll be better equipped at 45 to handle it than I was at 25. I hope.
  6. CrazyJaney

    2 weeks pre-op...making my list

    I just ordered this and plan to try it tomorrow. It smells so good. I love PB. I'll let you know.
  7. Not yet. I have Aetna in TN and am required a 3 month supervised diet. I will have my last apt on 2/14, then submit to insurance and hopefully get a date. I try not to get my hopes up about my legs but I would do just about anything to make them normal. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Do you have a date yet?
  8. I have bilateral, lower leg lymph edema that is pretty severe. I need surgery for my varicose veins but want to wait until I get to a normal weight. I take a diuretic every day. I'm preop and wondering how all this will effect my legs. I'm very pear shaped. I'm I always interested to hear what others with lymph edema have experienced. How I wish this would be a cure for that!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday! Your posts are always so encouraging - thank you!
  10. CrazyJaney

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    We have similar stats and I should get a date for late Feb or early March. We don't have to do a liquid preop diet (except for 2 days) but we do have to stick to a high Protein, tracking program to prove probable success. I sorta wish we had to do more days of liquid only for the reasons you said. I have lost 18 pre-op. I've tracked everything (even the fabulous dinner in a Japanese Steak House last night - ugh!) but I don't think life right now is ANYTHING like after sleeve will look like. Even eating small portions of protein and tracking calories. My NUT just wants to see we can make good protein choices and that we can loose weight. My docs don't do the pre-op, liquid diet. Seems like most people here do. Kinda worries me that I will be in total shock. I am thinking I might do more than the 2 days that is required. How exciting that you are so close! Best of luck to you!
  11. CrazyJaney

    Softball - July 2013 - Back in the game after 25 years!

    This photo is so inspiring! I can't wait to ski again - it is a huge goal for myself! Thank you for sharing your pics - this really helps me!
  12. CrazyJaney

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Yay!! Nice job!!! I started at 319 too!!! How tall are u? What size were and are u? U look great!!! AMAZING!!! I would love to see what your daily meals look like at 6 months and a year out. I am pre-op. Working hard to educate myself on how food/meal plans will be. Congrats to you! i am certain you feel sooooooo much better. You are very inspiring!
  13. Please consider contacting your PCP immediately, being evaluated by An emergent crisis center or go to an Emergency Room. I'm preop so I can't offer advice on much but a swing in moods is normal. If you have previous diagnosis of depression and cutting, were you taking meds? They may need adjustment. Hormones fluctuate with rapid weight loss and trauma. Even without weight loss surgery, your symptoms are serious and you need to seek help immediately. Please, please, please get some help. It's a dark and scary place. It feels hopeless but it's not. Sending thoughts and positive energy to you.
  14. CrazyJaney

    The Things You'll Do!

    Can't wait to ski again (hopefully I haven't completely ruined my knees and hips). I want to take my 8 year old to CO skiing for his 10th birthday (2 years from now). And I can't wait to take my 15 year old to Great Britain for his high school graduation (3 years from now). I'm very, very pear shaped. I'm 45. I won't be walking at 60 if I don't get this done. So many things I've missed out on. Can't wait to get this show on the road!!!!
  15. CrazyJaney

    How bad is the nausea?

    Yes. Scolpolomine patch. I've had it twice and it hasn't worked. But some people get relief from it.
  16. It's sort of amazing how hurtful people can be. I'm a nurse. I remember sweating up a storm, hustling to keep this pt alive. I dashed into my other patients room and the patient said "you sure move fast for a big girl." I wanted to throw his urinal at him.
  17. Loved this. Because in the broad scheme of things, we've carried around hundreds of extra pounds for years causing us daily pain, both physical and emotional. Like a lifetime of that @&$). Not 6 weeks or 6 months but 30, 40 years. Being obese is no picnic. That said, this thread just made me order the books about emotional eating that everyone raves about because this won't be an easy year for me. There are so many freedoms I've given up being obese. I know I'm gonna be giving up my old friend (food) but I want the opportunity to feel good. Love this thread....
  18. Elijay! You look amazing! I so wish there had been WLS when I was 25. I'm 45 and can't wait to get this show on the road. Very inspirational!
  19. Unless you have complications, you shouldn't wake up with a breathing tube or feeding tube or ANY tube in your airway. I'm a nurse. I'm preop. I understand it to be similar but more internally invasive than a gall bladder. But if you've had apnea surgery, you might be at higher risk of post op breathing issues. Ask more questions next time you see your nurse or surgeon.
  20. CrazyJaney

    Franklin - Columbia, Tn

    I work at the hospital. I belong to Williamson Co. rec in spring hill but I'm thinking of getting a Planet Fitness membership, which gym are you at?. I can't wait to lose 50! Way to go!! I will need help! I am scared I can't do it but I'm actually very excited too. I've lost 15 preop since Nov. harder now, especially over Holidays. Back on track though. Any regrets? Anything you wish you'd have known?
  21. CrazyJaney

    Tennessee sleevers

    It's in Nashville just off 65. You would take 24 into Nashville to 65 South and get off at Armory Blvd. You could also look for groups at Centennial or Baptist hospitals but someone told me those were closed to outside pts. You could email the program coordinator at Vandy (look at their website - Vanderbilt Center for Surgical Weight Loss) to see if they have contacts at MTSU. Good luck. I am 45, mother of two, big/stressful career. I wish I had dome this in college. I am actually pre-op but getting close to a date. I can't imagine doing it without support. There is so much to learn! I feel like I "study" this site all the time to learn how to do this! GOOD LUCK!
  22. CrazyJaney

    Any Tennessee Sleevers Out There?

    Vanderbilt's support groups are open to all. Meetings held at 100 Oaks.
  23. CrazyJaney

    Tennessee sleevers

    Vanderbilt's program at 100 Oaks is open to anyone.
  24. CrazyJaney


    I love your outlook Fluff! Labels freak me out, leading to negative feelings. Eating Clean with a percentage attached is reality and I can live with that. Cheating makes me feel awful. I know with true addictions, there are substances you just can't have. I do understand the all or nothing mentality. But I also think you need to make some peace with what's normal and what's excessive. Eating one bite of cheesecake and being accountable is normal. Eating a whole cheesecake is not. Eating a whole piece is not good for any of us. Moderation has always been hard for me (probably for most of us). But I like how you put it. I can like myself and feel this is achievable thinking that way.
  25. CrazyJaney

    Franklin - Columbia, Tn

    I am preop with Dr. Williams at vandy. No date yet as you don't get a date until approved. Should submit to ins mid Feb. I've been to nor support group at Vandy and it was really good. Their groups are open to anyone. Meetings are at 100 Oaks. Look at their website for times. I'm happy to be supportive to you too. I'm excited and nervous!!! Ready to get this show on the road. I live in Columbia, work in Franklin.

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