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  1. If I'm vain about anything, it's my hair. It's thick and I can stand to lose a little. But the lackluster/dryness of it is worrisome. I've been taking Biotin 5000 since before surgery. I'm starting to shed at 9 weeks. But, my nails are the strongest they've ever been. It definitly had a good effect on my nails. I've been through the shedding before with both my pregnancies. It comes back and I have plenty to spare but I'm just hoping it's not more severe. It's just "frizzy" and dry. It definitly wasn't dry after pregnancy. And my skin has never been dry. I'll look for the oil. My skin is soooo dry, especially in the looser areas.
  2. Had surgery Thursday so I am post op day 2. I've managed to get the following in but pretty sure I am no where near goal. Suggestion please. Also, it is expected not to make goal the first week right??? Herbal tea - 1/2 of mug 2 sugar free Popsicles 1/2 cup of cream chicken Soup 3/4 of a pure Protein shake ( 23g) 1/2 of Atkins Shake (15g) Power aid zero (just a small amount) Definitely not enough Water. I feel like I've sipped all day long. I even feel kind of full. I've had pain and belching with most sips. Gas is mobilizing so that helps. I hope this gets easier or I'll never make protein or Fluid goals. Is this normal for just home from hospital. Technically I can have full liq or purees but I'm too scared to try anything too thick since it hurts hitting my sleeve. Can't wait to eat retried beans! Gonna wait a while but that sounds so good.
  3. Unfreaking-believable! You are gorgeous! Such an inspiration. You have my dream body - curvy but skinny. What do you do for exercise?
  4. CrazyJaney

    Do they not make dresses with long sleeves anymore?

    I never thought about it but you're right! They are crazy large arm holes on any plus size sleeveless dress I've seen. I had a Vince Camuto dress that was a little too big. I worse it to a wedding in 2012 and just wore it again this weekend since I didn't have time to buy anything. It was too big but not horribly so. I have a wedding in June. I really want something different.
  5. CrazyJaney

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    I'm 9 weeks post tomorrow. I was gung ho all along but the month before surgery, I was downright anxious. I imagine it's normal to get that way, especially for nurses. It was weird being on the other side of the bed. I had my surg at a different hospital. The care was good but my night shift nurse was a slug. I don't think a single soul put a stethoscope to my chest. The day shift was a new grad who was cheerful and thorough. There wasnt any major faux pas with nights but I wasn't impressed. Just weird being a patient. Probably a good thing to give us perspective in our own practice. But those early days/first week, it's just a blur now. It goes quickly. It's all gonna be great! Think positive. Have faith. And keep us posted!
  6. CrazyJaney

    Tools of the trade: Gadgets/Journals

    Great thread. Glad I stumbled on it.
  7. CrazyJaney

    4 weeks post-op and sooooo fatigued

    I agree. Adding carbs later on helps. I added strawberries and blue berries this week. Has helped my energy level I think. Give it time. Things will look different in another 4 weeks.
  8. CrazyJaney

    Tired of naysayers

    I promise they JUST DONT UNDERSTAND But It's not you who's wrong. Stand up to your decision. Shut them down quickly. You don't need continued negativity as this isn't an easy journey. I would tell them that theyre misinformed and have not truly educated themselves if they think WLS is riskier than a lifetime of obesity and that you, along with a host of healthcare professions who specialize in nutrition and weight loss are helping guide you. Don't let anyone minimize or doubt your decision making process. One of the greatest feelings about this journey, for me anyway, is a feeling of control and feeling empowered. It's an enormous relief to finally feel in control of food, hunger, anxiety. It's not without risk, it's not easy. But it yields results when you work it. That sense of empowerment can be threatening to those that love us but are used to us being a certain way. Obviously that might not be your case, but sometimes their issues with it are about THEM and not you. I get riled up because this is hard enough, no one needs a others negativity to hold them back. Good luck!!!!!! 69 days will pass slowly but then it's a wild, crazy fun ride! I'm just starting to buy a few pieces of new clothing. It's so much fun to shop!!
  9. CrazyJaney

    Dating after Weight Loss Surgery

    I'm fascinated by the whole online dating thing. I'm married so I don't have the first clue what it's like but I have a friend that does POF. It seems everyone meets online these days. I really believe there is someone for everyone and how great that the world becomes a smaller place to find then. I realize (or so I have been told) that the grass is not greener.
  10. CrazyJaney

    Tired of naysayers

    Do it for you and no one else! Tell the naysayers they don't get a vote in this. This is why I only told on a need to know basis. I didn't ask nor want your opinion. Good luck to you. 60 pounds down and 100 to go. No regrets. It's hard work, definitely not easy!
  11. CrazyJaney

    Discouraged and Heartbroken.

    Sending you strength and love. I can't quite imagine what you're going through. I just hate cancer and wish there was a cure. This is always a safe place to come. I will wrap you in prayer. While I don't really know how you feel, my husband became disabled 2 years ago. His was a steady decline of depression and severe arthritis that has left him just barely walking. After a big back surgery, I had hoped it would be better, but he will never be really well again, I fear. During those worst, deepest darkest days when we weren't sure he'd walk again, I was at my highest weight (325-335). I struggled to take on all the extras. We have 2 boys who were 14/6 at the time. The house, money, full time job, the kids..... Huge stressors. Emotionally I felt like I had to be superwoman. But physically, my body was so sick. I vowed to myself, if he got through it, I'd have WLS and NEVER allow myself to be that unhealthy again. 60 pounds down and I feel like there is life out there for me. I can't speak to maintenance and regain, but try to think of how hard it was back then. Grief will be (is) worse if you aren't in a god place physically. Find distractions - I agree. My heart aches for you. Being a caregiver is a quick and easy way to take the focus off your own health. I have been right THERE. I also agree on not focusing on the numbers, just get on track. And if not already, a low dose antidepressant works wonders when there isn't much to do but hope. It's ok to go that route too.
  12. CrazyJaney

    4 weeks post-op and sooooo fatigued

    I'm 8.5 weeks out. I had horrible fatigue at 4 weeks. It's getting better. I didn't really start to exercise until 4-5 weeks because it was so profound. I am much stronger now but still have to take breaks when doing chores, etc. once your up to 700-800 calories, it gets better. I don't know if it'll ever get "normal" since I'm still so new, but it does get better.
  13. CrazyJaney

    Bathing suits. Aaarrgghh!

    I absolutely love Sorella Swim. Expensive but I just love their suits. I also love Miracle Suits. I'm pear shaped but they have a big selection. I always buy online, so that's a drawback if you really feel you need to try on. Lands End have good ones too. I'm so excited.... Down 60 pounds and went from size 24 to 18 in swim suit. My legs are huge so I'm certain I'd never fit into size 18 pants but it's still encouraging! Maybe next year I'll get to try on suits in a store! I'd love to be a 12 next summer! Now, what to do about all the skin????? I need a wet suit. Lol
  14. Interrupted sleep is probably the hardest part (for me) when I'm in the hospital. It definitely messes with my coping skills. Unfortunately, you can inly be assessed for complications when you get woken up for vitals, lab. I wouldn't say people seek out surgery to get pain meds. Like I said, pain during and after surgery is implied. It's usually always legit. Most drug seekers get admitted with chest, abdominal, back pain or headaches. Those are the usuals. That's not to say many patients who get admitted with one of those aren't legit.. But diagnostics have to show something to continue narcs. Usually it's a medical and not surgical complaint. The problems with surgical pain management become more challenging when the patient has been on long term pain pills at home before surgery. They can have over saturated pain receptors. They are HARD to keep comfortable and still keep alive and breathing. Those are usually back surgery or some type of ortho surgery. It's legit pain but sometime no amount of med is going to help. Again, the goal is to keep the patient breathing and without complications of over sedation. If you look at childbirth as an example..... There are women who go into labor completely against epidurals and some if them succeed without. There are some who tolerate a lot of pain but then just can't anymore, and then there are those who are freaked out at any pain and want to feel nothing. Everyone is different. Everyone tolerates pain differently. I wasn't pain free for several weeks after VSG but I only used the lortab for 4 days. The pain was tolerable, I know it's not that way for everyone. I would be concerned if I still felt a need for narcs 3-4 weeks out. I still am tender 8 weeks out but I can't imagine needing pain meds for this long. I'd be worried I was leaking or something if I had that kind of pain.
  15. I've been a nurse for 18 years. I worked 14 of those in ICU. It's truly not a one size fits all. You start out at what's an acceptable "normal" range and then see where it goes. If we sound a little jaded, it's only because we really, truly have an epidemic of over prescribed, narcotic loving patients out there. I hate to say that because NO patient should endure uncontrolled pain. But things sure have changed in 10 years. However, Post op patients vary so much and you always take their word for it, especially the first 2-3 days. We are taught to help the patient assess their own pain on that 0-10 scale. It is not legitimate to expect 0. There is going to be pain with surgery. So you try to help a patient understand that 0-3 is tolerable pain. At a 6, your getting pretty uncomfortable. If you say you're a 10, you shouldn't fall immediately asleep after you say it, request a cheeseburger, or need to go outside and smoke. 10 is like amputation. You're writhing, sweating, crying, screaming, puking, tachycardia, hypertensive. That's why nurses get jaded. I've had 5-6 surgeries, all with varying requirements for pain control. I've never needed narcotics for more than a week. 1-2 days gall bladder, 4 days with sleeve. Now, when I had half my labia removed (yes, my very delicate lady parts), I was miserable for about 7 days. It hurt like hell and was subject to positioning. Ortho pain is also intense but in a different way. I usually switch to plain Tylenol or Motrin after a few days and have done fine. All IV narcotics make me nauseous. I'd never take Demerol ever again. I'd much rather have po meds. Pain is highly subjective. Anxiety levels, lack of sleep, muscle tone, and coping skills all play into it. Narcotics are just one piece of pain control, albeit a big one in the early days. For every patient not well controlled, there are 2 on that unit (or more) who play a serious game to get over medicated. It's easier to identify these people now because there are computer programs that help docs see prescriptions filled recently. "Doctor shopping" is harder to do these days but still happens. These people detract our attention from the sweet, quiet cancer patient, the one who really needs help getting up. It's hard for lay people to understand but drug addiction in a hospital setting is epidemic these days. Narcotics and pills are the new cocaine. It's hard not to get jaded. But good clinicians can use an assortment of skills, including appropriate narcotics, to make the patient comfortable. Sometimes it takes switching to another drug to see if it helps. Sometimes it's uninterrupted sleep, a back rub, a good bath and getting up to walk. Our jobs would be immensely easier if the cook book recipe worked on everyone!
  16. My cycle is normally irregular but has been spot on since surgery. It definitely can cause either. I'm 45 though, and I'm not expecting regular periods to last.
  17. CrazyJaney

    Romantic Relationship-Secret Surgery-Bad Timing

    I'm two months post. I've told a handful of close friends and family. I do NOT enjoy talking about it with a few of those that I've told because of their dysfunction so I understand your rationale. I chose not to tell many coworkers. I didn't tell preop because I didn't want to listen to the negative feedback and waited to the last min to tell my mom who is a very anxious person. Post op, I have started to get quite a bit of attention, not all of it wanted. I hate keeping it from people but I truly don't want coworkers focusing on it (which they would). People are stupid with their comments about weight loss. Just tell me I look great and move on. Don't be nosey and ask specifics unless we have a true friendship. With that said, the scars are the least of your worries. You can say it's a gall bladder and the scars will be nearly identical. But your food consumption is going to change drastically and your body is going to change drastically. You have no idea how little you will eat yet. Your life is pretty organized around eating and drinking on schedule for a while. It gets more "normal" but unless he's blind, he's gonna wonder why you're eating so little. I'm more forthcoming about surgery post op. Truly, I just didn't want all the negative comments to screw with my decision and I truly believe ITS NO ONES BUSINESS BUT MINE! But..... I'm finding I care less and less of what others think and do. I don't know what right for you. I just know that so many things are in our control (like what we put in our mouth) but even more is out of our control. I wish you luck. This forum is great for support but I'm glad I had a few close friends to lean on when I was tired, at a plateau and frustrated. One or two cheerleaders are really helpful! Maybe he's one of them. You don't have to tell him anything yet.
  18. CrazyJaney

    7 weeks post op - success and struggles

    61 as of this morning. 28 preop so it feels slow to me. But still, 60 gone! Finally have some stamina back. Some days better than others!
  19. CrazyJaney

    Do they not make dresses with long sleeves anymore?

    Or in Cheetah/zebra print! I walk through kohls plus size section and just shake my head. I don't get it. Just make normal clothes bigger please!
  20. Being sleeved is so much different than a diet although it is a lot of work. It's a tool that you have to choose to use. But it works when you use it. I have no regrets. Feels so good to wake up in the morning these days. Wish I had done it sooner. Good luck to you!
  21. Really it's only 31 in 2 months. I started my 3 month (turned into 6 month) preop journey. I lost more than average preop. And I didn't do a 2 week liquid preop either. I think sometimes my post op is slower than I think it should be because I lost a lot pre. I still have so far to go. I try not to look at it except on the daily level. One day at a time. That's all I can do.
  22. CrazyJaney

    7 weeks post op - success and struggles

    I've eaten a few bites of carbs here and there. Never more than a few bites of bread but it sat pretty well. I can't eat more than 1/2 cup of anything so I def eat protein first. I was craving a filaofish from mcdonalds (I have no idea why although I did the same when I was pregnant - I'm def not preg). I ate about 1/2, including bun. It sat well. I track everything. I've had maybe 4 days where I had more than 50 carbs in a day. French fries taste terrible now. Sweets taste ok but I immediately feel guilt and crappy so it's a deterrent. That's the beauty of the sleeve though, one bite leaves me fulfilled. It's still work to focus on low cal, high protein. I used to love cornbread but I can imagine that would be painful. Pizza is my trigger food. It sits way easier than I wish it did. I'm trying to stay away from it,even if I'm full in one piece. It's the only thing I've eaten that I really, really want more of. My head wants it more than my stomach.
  23. I was 8 weeks this past Thursday. I've lost 59.8 pounds. 28 were preop. I started at 325 although I know I was higher than that before seeking treatment (prob 330-335). I feel good. Just getting into the flow of exercise again. Still struggle with fatigue at times, especially with exercise. But I'm finding I stall without doing at least something physical. Losses seem to come in spurts, even though I'm basically at same calories/proteins/carbs everyday. No regrets. Sometimes I feel like a slow loser. 101 more to get to goal.
  24. I'm only 8 weeks post but gulping water hurts. Can do more than I could a month ago but it still hurts and can induce nausea. I hate that too. I loved to blouse drink my water preop. I rarely hit fluid goals. It's frustrating. But maybe it'll get easier in time.
  25. My family eats out often - probably way too much. I am 2 months post. We went out of town this past weekend. I learned that I should either eat off my husbands plate or just get an app. I like different foods than him so it was a little frustrating. I do enjoy going out with a group of friends for drinks and apps. I can only eat a few bites, drink half a drink, but it's nice to socialize and not be focused on the NEED to eat. My brain is retraining. My eyes are still bigger than my sleeve but I'm getting there. I go for protein only when ordering (except the 1/2 margarita I had Monday).

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