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  1. roundisashape

    What was your past slob memory

    I used to binge a lot when I was upset about stuff. Never realized that's what I was doing, it just didn't sink in until I couldn't do it anymore. Fast food was a big one, sometimes I'd hit multiple restaurants right in a row, park as far as possible from anyone else, and just cram it in as fast as I could. I was always the girl who brought people birthday cakes, etc, and one time I brought a birthday cake for someone who took the day off at the last minute. I got caught eating it with my fingers in the parking lot. Thank goodness the guy who caught me was a chubby chaser and thought it was cute, I only had to put up with some extra sort of positive attention instead of him running around telling everyone how gross I was.
  2. roundisashape

    What rule(s) do you let yourself break?

    I nursed a mixed drink at about 3 months while I was on vacation, some sort of blue coconutty conconction, didn't impact me any differently. I didn't finish it because I couldn't hold it all and, like Kindle said, not worth the calories . TBH, I haven't had any alcohol since, so I don't know how my tolerance would change with time.
  3. roundisashape

    What rule(s) do you let yourself break?

    I use straws, sometimes drink diet soda, do use caffeine about as much as I always did (not a ton, but I don't go out of my way to avoid it) and while I keep my intake pretty low, I'm not starch or sugar free. OTOH, I NEVER drink while eating (more than wetting my tongue if my food is too dry) because it makes me ridiculously sick and I feel like I'm having a heart attack. I also track everything that goes in my face religiously and watch calories and Protein in particular. I do think that we have to be aware of the rules and commit to changing our habits, but that for me it's been important to make sure I can live with the plan forever. I'll never go back to scarfing down 2 value meals in the car, but a teaspoon of sugar in my morning tea isn't the end of the world.
  4. roundisashape

    My period has gone crazy!

    YES! If I've had 2 weeks since surgery that I haven't been bleeding or spotting, it's a lot. I've heard it's from the estrogen releasing from fat, but need to get back to the doc about it. Had to go on Iron, and resisting a D&C. I hope yours straightens itself out ASAP!
  5. roundisashape

    Gallbladder removal 5 months post sleeve

    Feel better soon! I assumed Actigall was a given if they let you leave the hospital with your gall bladder - sorry you had to go through that
  6. roundisashape

    I'm in need of help.

    Those first few weeks suck. Flavored Water / tea helps - someone here suggested ice to me at one point just to get liquid in, and that was a LOT easier than just drinking water at first. As for Protein, I second the samples. Nashua Nutrition is a pretty good place to get a variety of flavors and brands - I mixed and dumped more than one shake early on until I found some that were tolerable. For some reason I can never find the option in the menu, but in the upper left corner there's a search box. Just type in "protein samples" and it takes you right to them. I ate Beans and didn't worry about the starch in them, but watched it in other places. Good luck, it gets better!
  7. Just realized my "skinny jeans" look like I'm wearing a loaded diaper. I can't complain about stuff getting too big! :)

  8. roundisashape

    Baby fever?

    Sigh! Between that, spending all weekend with a gaggle of 6 year old girls, and my squishy new godson...yeah. I only have one ovary left and it's letting me know I need to get moving, lol. Now if I could just find a man...
  9. When I was a teenager, I worked for an ice cream store. They used to make us weigh our scoops at least once per shift since our portions tend to "creep" as the day goes on. I've noticed the same thing with my meals now - the scale and the measuring cups are my friends!

    1. MrsSugarbabe


      Yes, I would say my portions have been creeping some. Thanks for the reminder :)

  10. roundisashape

    Share your rants about the fashion industry!

    Why. The hell. Is a 16W and a 16 a different size? JUST MAKE ALL THE SIZES AND ALL THE MEASUREMENTS THE SAME FERCRYINOUTLOUD!!!!!! XL fits beautifully here, 3X cuts off my circulation there...sigh. What I wouldn't give for some consistency!
  11. roundisashape

    Snatiation - Sneezing when full

    So relieved I only get a runny nose! When I sneeze while full now, everything seizes up so hard I sometimes vomit . I'm still going to need to find a way to work "snatiation" into conversation, though - what a cool word!
  12. Logging a visit to the salad bar in MFP is a pain in the butt.

    1. ShrinkingPeach


      Agreed, anything with lots of components is a pain. In the end it will be worth it!

    2. LisaLouBop


      Yes, but you can make it into a meal on MFP and just enter the meal the next time. I typically eat the same thing from most salad bars I go to.

  13. roundisashape

    Before and After Pics

    Ok, being brave! Tomorrow is my 6 month surgiversary, and I'm down 81 pounds so far. Finished the Color Run yesterday and thought it would be fun to compare this year's post-run picture to the one from last year. I couldn't have gotten the tutu around one thigh last year!
  14. So other people have mentioned how uncomfortable they are in the gym, and I felt like I've given some pretty good, and valid, advice - don't worry about it! No one cares! And I know from experience that this is true - honestly, I've found that the bigger I was, the more positive feedback I got. Last week, though, I decided to start meeting with a trainer to learn more about strength training exercises. This means I have to move from the "healthy start" side, which is more quiet and full of people I consider to be "my people" - bigger folks, or older folks, or people who are clueless about exercise and just starting out - to the the other side. The side where everyone is wearing spandex and knows what they're doing. All of a sudden, I feel like an imposter that doesn't belong. Then I walked in the "regular" side of Dress Barn instead of the plus side (at about a 16/18, mostly XL, I know technically that there are some more options open to me) but I almost apologized to someone in the section for being in the wrong place. It's just been a weird week for me like that. I need to get over it.
  15. Wanna hear something funny? Put in earbuds, turn the music off, and listen to your sleeve digest lunch. There's some crazy stuff happening in there, lol.

    1. MrsSugarbabe


      LOL!!! Know what you mean! I don't need earbuds to hear my tummy noises :) They're loud enough for others to hear, too. Keeps the day interesting. My hubby just gives me a funny look when the noises start right after supper. During the day, I'm usually the only one at work who has the pleasure of hearing my tummy noises.

    2. BackSpin81
  16. roundisashape

    Bra help!

    @@JustWatchMe, I found a sports bra at Old Navy that I'm totally in love with. I keep scanning to see when they'll bring them back, they haven't had them the last few times I went in, but they're sturdy and there's a lot happening in the back. Bonus, it was less than $15! As for the gut-reducing Bra Of Substance, well, the search is still in progress Editing to add: Why, for the love of all that's good in the world, do sports bras come with removable pads? They're pretty much guaranteed to be rolled in a ball and both stuffed in one cup by the time they're clean and dry.
  17. roundisashape

    Bra help!

    Thanks! I haven't tried the ones that fit under the bra yet - it's worth a shot though! I'd hoped to be able to go without one but that's a big negatory so far
  18. what on earth do restaurants do to grilled chicken to make it make me sick?

    1. roundisashape


      Must be - I try to make healthy choices when I go out but it's almost guaranteed to come back. Oddly, fried with the breading pulled off doesn't usually bother me. I wonder how much grease soaks into fried chicken when any breading or skin is pulled off?

    2. ShrinkingPeach


      I would imagine that when its skinless and grilled they brush it with oil, or its marinated. The breading may absorb the majority of the oil when its fried. If you have issues with restaurant chicken maybe get fish?

    3. roundisashape


      Shrimp seems pretty reliable so far - I haven't tried fish out anywhere yet. It just seemed crazy to me that the allegedly healthiest thing on the menu aside from undressed lettuce is the one thing that makes me sick!

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  19. roundisashape

    Syntrax Nectar taste - Clear liquid help

    Ahh, nectar - it seems to be a love it or hate it thing. I want to like it, but it gags me. The "milky" flavors are okay, like chocolate and cappuccino (especially if doctored up), but I can only drink the fruity ones mixed with milk. I love that you can buy the portable packs though, instead of committing to a jug of it. I DO like the cappuccino one, made with skim milk, with a bit of espresso powder (I've been using the regular stuff, not the decaf, but it doesn't matter) and a generous squirt of Folgers caramel coffee flavor (0 calories). Blend it up, let it sit on the way to work, then top off the Blender Bottle with ice. It tastes like a caramel machiatto (sp?) and I can't detect the Protein that way at all as long as there's a lid on the cup.
  20. roundisashape


    Yup, what they said - it might make you gassy or cause you pain. I'm one of the ones that can't get enough liquid without it. Plus I have sensitive teeth and tend to gulp more WITHOUT one, so I suck down more air that way than using it, so it's not a rule I've ever followed.
  21. roundisashape

    WLS Eats

    I think it's totally a matter of what works for YOU. Some people are affected by carbs a lot more than others. Luckily, I'm not - I was a "huge volume of EVERYTHING" eater. Cutting carbs out works for me, but it makes me miserable and when I lose control, I binge - so I include some in my diet. Not a ton, but enough to stay satisfied. Still hit my Protein goals and stay under 1000 calories /day with a couple of rare exceptions (usually hovering around 800-900), but the variety works for me. Plus the Fiber from whole grains helps keep things moving. Then again, I know people who will stall out if they SMELL bread and they won't lose if they add them. I hope you're able to find your path easily! Good luck to you
  22. Crossing my legs! Wait - oh crap, seriously? I just tried it and I CAN!
  23. 8 days from my 6 month surgiversary - if I can lose 3 more pounds, I'll be halfway to goal. I might even get a haircut just to take off a few ounces, lol.

    1. Djmohr


      Outstanding! Congratulations!

    2. ShrinkingPeach


      Congrats!! Love the name!


    3. roundisashape


      Thanks, all! 1 pound to go now by the 25th - I wanted to be half done at 6 months and it looks like I might make it!

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  24. roundisashape

    Hypnotize those pounds away!

    Bwahaha! I think I had the same set - my old job brought a guy into the conference room and people signed up. I left the session and went to Wendy's.
  25. roundisashape

    Don't you just hate it when you can't get out of your own way?

    Thank you for the kind words - I'm going to go over there and pretend I'm exactly where I belong until I start feeling like it, lol. You're looking great, by the way! I want to be you when I grow up

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