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  1. roundisashape

    How accurate is your calorie counting?

    If I can't verify it against the label, I just pick the highest calorie option and move on - better to overestimate and quit eating early, right?
  2. roundisashape

    ok girls, anyone have hair loss anywhere OTHER than your head?

    That's hilarious - I was just grousing about this yesterday! I'm blaming the Biotin, it's making my armpit hair grow like ragweed but I still have a 2-finger-width part in my hair. So not fair!
  3. @@likelike, Generally I don't, but I do still use sugar in my tea in the morning. Sometimes I just need my go-go juice, lol. @@tiarowley, I know some surgeon's offices are less informative than others. Everyone's advice to check in with them is great - they get paid to make sure you understand! . I've noticed a lot of hospitals and bariatric centers post their guidelines on their website. If you really can't get anywhere with their office, I'd say take a look at some other good hospital surgical sites and check out their post-op progression information. Hopkins has it for sure, but it might not match what your surgeon's intentions for you are. In the meantime, sugar free Clear liquids, broth, and Jello are pretty universally recommended immediately post-op. If you're on full liquids, now's when you can start on those Protein shakes. Congrats on your sleeve! Edited to add: Sorry, you were asking about amounts - with liquids, it's less the amount than the speed. Just keep taking in any of your liquid choices all day long, at a speed that's comfortable for you, as long as it adds up to at least 64 ounces.
  4. roundisashape

    What about the boobies!?

    Mine do a great job keeping my knees warm, lol. Then again, they did that BEFORE I was sleeved, so I can't blame that on the weight loss. It'll be 7 months this week for me, and I've gone from a 50DDD to a 40D. Not in love with the look right now since my boobs are disappearing faster than my belly, but once they catch up with each other I think it'll be okay.
  5. roundisashape

    Apple torso and chicken legs!

    When I first read the tag line, it registered as "chicken torso" and I thought gee, I've never seen that cut before! I'm kind of the same way. When I was younger I'd lose from my waist first. Now my belly is the only thing stopping me from going down another size and most of my pants make me look like I'm wearing a saggy diaper, lol. There's no real way to target fat from a specific place, but I've been working with a trainer to build core muscles so everything pulls in tighter. My back is hosed too, from a car accident back in April, so I've chosen to work with someone who can show me things (and help me vary anything that doesn't feel right immediately).
  6. What on earth does Joe's Crab Shack do to 6 little grilled shrimp on a stick to make them over 300 calories??????

    1. ShrinkingPeach


      maybe they high with oil on them before grilling.

    2. roundisashape


      I was just shocked when I got home - I thought an ear of corn and a few grilled shrimp was a decent enough choice at my brother's father's day dinner last night - yikes! Gowalking, that might be it - they came with a cup of some sort of flavored butter. I gave it to my niece for her potatoes, so maybe that's where all the calories came from.

    3. ShrinkingPeach


      That was most likely it, the butter. Corn is very high in sugar as well so be careful with that.

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  7. roundisashape

    Sublingual B12

    Anyone have a sublingual B12 they really like? So far I've tried Twinlab Dots (tastes like wet dog) and Celebrate (tastes like laundry soap). Trying to hunt one down that doesn't taste bad. Thanks!
  8. I was, but I committed to continuing therapy and I think that helped.
  9. In November 2013, before I had surgery, I posted this: "Today was rough. I had to travel to DC for work - three *full* trains each way, crammed in like cattle (on two of them, standing room only and the escalators were broken almost everywhere). My boss is a runner so i spent most of the day trailing a few yards behind like some yappy little dog. Plus, since I don't normally have to dress up, I had to buy something appropriate. It's my own hangup, I know, but I always swore I wouldn't ever cross the line and buy elastic waist pants. Last night, I had to cave and buy elastic waist pants because nothing else fit right. I doctored up the outfit and felt about as cute as a 300 pound 5'3" 35 year old can feel, but it still hurt to buy those stupid pants." Yesterday, I had to make the exact same trip. It was hot, and the AC kept going out on the trains - basically the same setup. The difference? Over 80 pounds. I kept up yesterday. Wore a dress *with a belt*! It didn't fit much better than last year's outfit, but that's because I bought it 2 weeks ago and it was getting too BIG already . I fit in all the seats, and I sure didn't last year - didn't even have to sit on one hip to avoid infringing on someone else's seat. The best part? You know when you get on a train, you always try to find a row where you can sit alone if you can, and if not you scan for the best possible seatmate. Yesterday, more than once, I was chosen as the best option and people sat next to me when they had a choice to sit next to someone else. That NEVER happened before. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it's days like this that make up a life. Life is hard enough without having your body fight against you every step you take - the weight loss achieved from the sleeve has just made everything easier, and that's what I wanted it to do. I can't wait to see how things continue to change for me.
  10. roundisashape


    Fiber gummies help some, too. Also, are you taking the stool softeners when you feel like you need them, or every day? I had to start taking them as part of my daily routine. I'm paranoid about poop issues - took too long to fix them, and gave myself a fissure. Unimaginably painful. If you can't get it straight on your own soon, please don't hesitate to see the doc. I'd go through any embarrassment in the world to avoid that pain again!
  11. roundisashape

    What a difference!

    Thanks, all! It was a pretty good day
  12. roundisashape

    Share your rants about the fashion industry!

    Yesterday I was floating on a bit of a high and decided to go shopping at a couple of stores that I only ever shop online at...only to find that not a damn one carries anything that would go over my head in the store. Frickin' really???? According to http://stateofobesity.org/adult-obesity/, 28.3% of Maryland adults are obese. Seems like a lot of people to not be selling clothes to.
  13. roundisashape

    Wow....40 pounds is alot of weight

    4 lemurs here - I'm not going to go pick them up but you've made me think. It seems obvious, but I never consciously considered it either. May we all recover from the abuse we put ourselves through!
  14. Doc appointment today - just regular obese now, and all my labs are perfect :)

    1. jane13


      I am looking forward to dropping the morbidly obese part too! I just want to be obese :D for a little while....

    2. roundisashape


      Thanks, all! And Jane, you can do it! I'm going to enjoy it for a day or two, then start jamming towards "overweight" :)

    3. sweetie716


      I love tracking the obesity "classes." I'm working on my next goal of 180 right now, which would mean "overweight" 8 pounds to go :)

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  15. roundisashape


    No, but thank you for the reminder - I got a sample with an order of Protein and forgot about it! We can try together .
  16. roundisashape

    Bra help!

    I'm a short girl, with the legs of a dwarf but the torso of a lumberjack. Now my upper belly skin is melting and I have a sad, wilty muffin top even when I'm naked. Actually, it's less of a muffin and more of a failed souffle'. I've been playing with shapewear, but now that it's getting warmer I'd like to reduce one of the layers and go with a longline bra. The problem? All the ones I've tried fit funny. It's like the torso is too short, so they either stop before my upper belly is all tucked in, or my boobs come out the top. I've tried pretty much all the ones available at Woman Within and tried a few on in places like Kohl's, but no luck yet. Anyone know where I can find an extra long-waisted longline bra?
  17. roundisashape

    When did you start having sex again

    What is this "sex" thing of which you speak? I really need a boyfriend, lol.
  18. roundisashape

    Share your rants about the fashion industry!

    Mine are going down but not that fast - I've bought a couple of bras twice, and been sticking with the comparatively cheap Just My Size or Playtex for now. I've also been buying a touch small so they feel snug on the most loose setting to make them last longer. I treat those babies like gold, lol. Bras that are too big let Thelma and Louise droop, which is pretty much a guaranteed migraine.
  19. OMG, *really* sleevezilla? Plain chicken, carrots, and cucumbers have been FINE for lunch all week. Today? She's projectile rejecting them.

    1. MrsSugarbabe


      Uh oh! That's no kind of fun. Maybe too much too fast?

  20. roundisashape

    Hair loss

    Oh boy, yeah - mine thinned out a LOT. People can notice the thinning on top now, so I had to move my part around and I've been either wearing a ponytail to cover it or using thickening spray to "poof" it up some. Getting plenty of Protein, taking Vitamins, extra Biotin, etc but it hasn't slowed the loss any, just helped me grow new flyaways faster. I'm just over 6 months out and it's finally starting to slow but hasn't gotten back to a pre-op level of loss yet.
  21. roundisashape

    Today I couldn't fit in the booth at a restaurant...

    Ugh, that stinks! It's one thing to tell a friend that you don't want to sit in the booth, but a different animal when you're dealing with clients / customers / colleagues and don't want anyone who doesn't already realize it to know that you need some accommodation. I haven't had the restaurant experience with work, but the chasing-my-skinny-marathon-running-colleagues-around experience, absolutely. Very frustrating. You're getting closer to a major life change, though! Keep looking forward, before you know it you'll be able to strut right in there and grab a booth without thinking twice! {{hugs}}
  22. roundisashape

    Share your rants about the fashion industry!

    Ooh, got one: I'm short, but I'm not a damn dwarf. Why do I still trip over pants labeled "short"? Men can buy pants with specific inseam lengths and we get "short" "average" and "tall"...and they don't work for everyone. And why do plus sized designers assume that everyone over a size 10 has freakin' gorilla arms? (edited because i kant spel)
  23. I had one that looked kind of like an hourglass - can't remember what it was called, but it just ticked me off. I never got the hang of it, I guess? I want one of the ones with a handle!
  24. roundisashape

    Anybody eat Fruit?

    Almost every day, I have a little fruit for a snack. Not much, but a few berries or melon chunks, 1/2 of an apple, 1/2 of an orange, a mandarin, etc. My PCP recommended adding a little fruit to bring up my potassium levels without going on supplements, she said they can be tough on the tummy. I particularly like it on the way home from the gym since sometimes I feel a little woozy when I finish exercising. My calories and Protein are on track and carbs don't seem to impact me in a huge way, so I consider it part of eating in a balanced way.
  25. roundisashape

    My period has gone crazy!

    84 pounds this morning and still moving along! I had bloodwork 3 months ago, go back for more tomorrow

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