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  1. roundisashape

    Need some fashion advice

    I found a cute dress on clearance at Target, it fit (as in, went over my body - I'm not sure if it looks okay, lol), so I impulsively tossed it in the cart. Anywho, the back leaves me pretty exposed and I've been having trouble figuring out what to wear under it. No luck finding a bra that doesn't show but still keeps Wilma and Betty where they belong. Yesterday, I found a sports bra in almost the same color as the dress. It's hard to tell in the picture, but below where the straps come together but before the zipper starts, there's another hole. In this pic, it's covered completely by the purple bra. With my hair down, MOST of it should be covered (between the straps, not the bottom hole), but it'll stick out when I move. Question is, honestly, is it tacky to wear the dress with this bra? I really just don't know if this is okay or not. Still outgrowing the "gimme the biggest tent in sporting goods and cut a neck hole for me, please" stage.
  2. roundisashape

    I don't know if this belongs here, or "rants and raves"!

    Honestly, I think you make a great point about waiting. One of my friends recently has plastics done and has a bunch more planned. She said as she gets more done, she's getting responses from a different kind of man and is kind of glad she didn't stick with someone she met earlier - whether it's truly a different kind of interest or it's a reflection on what she's willing to accept as she gets more comfortable in her own skin, I can't say. Truthfully, I haven't been at this long enough to get really frustrated. I think that's why I've only successfully gotten one guy out of the house, though the interest I'm drawing is a mixed bag and I haven't been super interested in most of the people that have responded. I DO have one set up for Sunday and I'm hopeful that we can at least be friends if we're not couple material, because he seems like someone I could enjoy spending time with either way. One thing I DON'T have patience for is dragging out online communication forever. I'm 37 years old, and looking for guys in my age range - if they're scared to come out, we're not going to work anyway. I wonder if that comes across as desperation? That's not what I'm going for, but after we've chatted for a few days I think it's time to meet and see what happens!
  3. roundisashape

    I don't know if this belongs here, or "rants and raves"!

    @@proudgrammy, don't be silly! The best way to learn how to NOT be a single is to hear from people who AREN'T anymore
  4. roundisashape

    Fat Related Routines You Won't Miss

    Waiting for the handicapped bathroom stall because the others felt too small, pretending I had to use the ladies room and would "meet everyone upstairs in a few minutes" when I was with people who wanted to take the stairs, having to lean against the shower wall to push my arm back far enough to reach everything that needed cleaned...so many more!
  5. roundisashape

    I don't know if this belongs here, or "rants and raves"!

    Thank you all for your replies! I was just so frustrated with the whole thing yesterday and I'd gotten several nutty contacts right in a row, but I feel like I woke up with much more perspective on it. I DO think taking some occasional breaks is good, though, at least for me - sometimes it gets overwhelming. The truth is, I've had ONE face to face date and even though we weren't a match, I really did have a good time. Probably more so after I realized I wasn't planning to date him and I could relax, lol. @@CowgirlJane and @@gowalking, I agree with you about the attitude. I've noticed a big difference in the interest I get now and what I got a couple of years ago when I tried this. Maybe the trick is to just fake whatever confidence I don't feel now? I love reading about all of your insights and experiences. It gives me something to mirror when you guys figure out what works first!
  6. roundisashape

    Anyone develop anemia?

    Still comparatively early out, but yes - we're in the "add an extra iron supplement" stage of trying to resolve it now.
  7. roundisashape

    Funky work out clothes...

    I've been able to toss mine in the dryer on low with no issues, but I don't buy anything super expensive either. As for detergent, I used a sample of the Tide sport detergent on my dog's stuff. If it'll get THAT funky smell out, I doubt there's ANYTHING human it couldn't take care of!
  8. Having some trouble balancing intake with increased exercise - feel like I'm either getting too much food or having dizzy spells with exercise.

  9. roundisashape


    You're exactly right! The best thing to do is just be prepared with a couple of options since it's hard to try to figure out a new arrangement when you first get home.
  10. roundisashape


    The doc SAID I could sleep however I wanted, but I spent the first couple of weeks sort of draping sideways over a pile of pillows and mostly sitting up. For some reason, I found that I had a lot of unexpected pain that made laying down or anything like that really hard. By about 6 weeks or so, I could sleep however I wanted. Now I sleep like a rotisserie chicken because my bones don't seem to know where to go, lol. I have fewer built in cushions . It drives the dog crazy!
  11. roundisashape

    No Wonder I Wasn’t Skinny!

    My mom went hungry a lot as a kid and it resulted in her viewing food, regardless of what it is, as healthy. There were 5 kids in our family and we all ate the same amount of the same food, and only two of us were fat kids. Now we're all grown and heavy, but it's funny how that works.
  12. Good for you for following up on it - I was too embarrassed and ended up with a fissure. Now I take a preventative softener every night and added Fiber gummies and fish oil (probably works on my head more than my bowels, lol) every morning to keep things moving. It seems trivial, but nothing to mess around with if it goes on too long. Just like the rest of life, it only takes one miserable a$$hole to ruin your whole day.
  13. roundisashape

    Food waste

    Jealous! I still haven't figured out how to stop cooking like I'm feeding a family of 4, even if I can't eat like one anymore, lol.
  14. I chuckled at "delicious", I'm not sure that exists! But there are quite a few that are good enough to be drinkable every day. I second (third, fifteenth?) Premier, it's easy and tastes like Yoo-Hoo to me when it's ice cold. My other go-to's are Syntrax matrix (particularly mint chocolate cookie and strawberry) and Syntrax nectar Cappuccino (but only doctored up with sugar free caramel coffee flavor and extra espresso powder). Ice helps, too, at least for me - I tend to like them made with milk but a touch watered down and super cold.
  15. Went to the movies for the first time since I got sleeved. Fit in the seat like a normal person. It was wonderful :)

    1. judyoz


      Great news, same with me for booths at the resturants. I carry most of my weight in my abdomin.

    2. iamjamilyn


      That I awesome. I want to take and airplane soon! I don't travel much and I always hated flying...but I have a desire to go just to know I can be comfortable...or at least as comfortable as anyone can be on a plane these days!

    3. roundisashape


      Right! I flew at about 3 months and it was tight, but it worked - I'm with you, though, I want to try again!

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  16. roundisashape

    Potassium deficiency

    I worried about that too, especially with some leg heaviness. The surgeon's office doesn't seem terribly concerned about it, though. I was about 5 months out when I talked to my PCP and she suggested adding a small orange or banana or some kind of fruit every day since potassium supplements can be hard on the tummy. I do eat a piece of fruit every day now, and still come nowhere near the level we're supposed to hit, but I feel better. You're still so early out, that won't work for you and it might not be what's happening anyway. It's worth asking to be tested when you go in for your next round of labs just to see how it shakes out. In the meantime, bring up those palpitations - it could be just about anything, and if it's something bad you want to know earlier rather than later. It's PROBABLY not a big deal, but better safe than sorry! FWIW, I had them really badly before surgery. None of the testing they put me through was painful, except where the lady pushed the doppler wand too hard. That, and the insurance not covering the monitor they had me wear for a month, lol. Mine wound up being mostly anxiety related and resolved with a low dose SSRI.
  17. roundisashape

    Am I really that vain?

    When it happens, it'll probably come out of nowhere and EVERYONE will say something at the same time. My boss, my niece, and the girls who sit next to me at work noticed early on (or they were being nice, which is probably it). I haven't dropped a size in 2 months, but a couple of weeks ago people I don't work that closely with just started popping up and complimenting me. Crazy, right? You've made some outstanding progress though, and whether anyone notices or not, you have everything to be proud of!
  18. roundisashape

    Post op & eating in public!

    I don't know if you can eat salads yet, but they've become a good standby for me. I usually don't herk up lettuce and chicken (and I'm learning pretty quickly whose grilled chicken I CAN'T handle), and almost everyone carries it. Good luck to you - it's an experience!
  19. Sleeve is working, so why did I find myself ALMOST biting on some ridiculous miracle weight loss drops one of my friends is using? Dumb, dumb, dumb - get it together, girlie!

    1. Sharon1964


      You resisted! YAY!

    2. roundisashape


      It IS some crazy programming! It's also funny how, when you start losing weight, people who don't know what you're doing all of a sudden crawl out of the woodwork and try to sell you diet aids. There's no better diet aid than cutting out 80% of your stomach, lol.

    3. Djmohr


      I still find it funny how every time I see an ad for some new diet miracle I find myself watching it and literally thinking I wonder if that works! LOL I think that was one of my worst bad habits, falling for a the crappy diet fads that did not work long term. Good job staying away!

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  20. I'm getting bony feet - I kinda like it :). Now if only my hands would follow suit!

    1. MrsSugarbabe


      Cute :) I hadn't thought about my feet getting bony......they did shrink some mainly because I'm not retaining a much water as I was pre-surgery.

    2. VDB


      Me, too. Bony feet, have not seen mine in 25 years, who knew?


  21. roundisashape

    Need some fashion advice

    Thanks, Susan! I got one of those, but that dratted hole under the straps foiled my plan!
  22. Got started with Match.com and Plenty of Fish. This is hard, why didn't I do it when I was younger?

    1. lisaanewme67


      I had success been in a relationship for over 3 years and we REALLY took our time getting to know each other, which I love. Yes there were plenty hit and misses. Just be sure to be very selective, listen, have lots of convo and watch out for any warning signs. Don't settle, don't rush & have fun.

    2. MrsSugarbabe


      Good luck! I met my hubby on eHarmony in 2003....big smile! Peas in a pod. I was 46 then. We got married just before my 47th birthday. The site has changed some now, but I liked the way the site worked. I agree with @lisaanewme67 about being selective, don't settle, don't rush, have lots of conversation, WATCH FOR WARNING SIGNS/FLAGS, and Have Fun. Remember: Not every date has to turn into a relationship. And, something someone told me many, many years ago.....don't date someone you wouldn't marry.

    3. roundisashape


      So far, one super nice guy that I'm sad to not be attracted to (he's THAT nice), one that has a job and makes me laugh so he sounds pretty promising, and one creeper that "has a good feeling about me"...and so does his kid. That seems pretty aggressive, lol.


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  23. roundisashape

    Need some fashion advice

    Thanks! I've tried the clear straps, and they just make me look dented, lol.
  24. roundisashape

    Need some fashion advice

    Thanks, all! I work in a casual environment but figured I'd put a denim jacket on with it since it's always cold. It sounds like I can get away with not roasting in the jacket for errands later, though I appreciate it - I really am new at this whole "dressing cute" business!!
  25. Does this include calories burned during the post-exercise trip to the ER? I commend you - hot yoga scares the crap out of me.

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