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  1. I went for my first fill today. It was interesting. I learned my port is the bigger incision near my diaphragm. They numbed the sight which was a little sting. Then they brought out a mother of all needles like the dentist kind kinda. The digging began looking for the port sight. It didn't hurt. I have the Realize band and it holds 10 cc. Today I received 3 cc's. I have my next appt now in 8 weeks. I was instructed to have liquids tonight and puree food tomorrow. Thank goodness I ate before the appt. After tomorrow back to regular foods. I can't wait to see how this restriction feels. Excited.


    I checked in was brought to the same day services area. There with multiple beds and curtains to separate everyone. I was immediately given a gown to have open in the back. Took off all my clothes and put it on. I did put on my socks that I brought and then put on the paper type gripper bootie foot covers the hospital gave me. I got in bed. The nurse gave me more paperwork to fill out then we discussed what kind of surgery I was having. The surgeon came in said hello. I showed him all my medicine I am taking "you need to bring all your meds" i was concerned about what size was too big to swallow. Then the anastegologist' (sp?) Came in. At that time I said I may get sick can you give me something to keep me from being nauseous. He said yes. I was wheeled into the surgery room. That is all I remember at 7:30am. I woke about 11:20 am and was in and out sleeping. Not much pain. Once I was really awake they gave me little cups of Water. When I drank about 5 of them and was able to keep it down (no problem) I was able to go home. I had to walk to the end of the hall (no problem). I was out of there by 1pm. Hope this helps. I did not use my robe or any of the gas X until I got home. I slept in and out on my ride home. Slept for the rest of the day and even the next day. I was bloated but I took the gas x. Felt like there was something lodged under my left rib under my diaphragm. That was the most pain. Part 2 on the preceding days to come.

  3. I am home now from surgery today. My stomach feels bloated and there is slight pain on the biggest incision which is, I guess the port. They glued the incision no stitches. I don't feel gas pains yet. I am really tired slept all day. Doesn't hurt to walk, but it is slow. I am sipping Water when I am awake. It is like you instinctively know not to guzzle. I did have Jello maybe three bites. No Protein today.

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