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  1. msirish

    January Surgeries

    My surgery is Jan. 16 too.....good to have a surgery buddy...I don't start pre op until the 9th but I'm back to juicing until then... HI, My surgery is the 16th also. I am also very excited!
  2. I start my pre-op on the 9th for the 16th surgery. All liquid and yogurt allowed. I know that I shold not complain bc it is a week and I have the luxury of yogurt. I plan on lots of Soup and buying "isopure" and "unjury" for my Protein.
  3. I just started a thread for after you get your surgery for us January 2014 Bandsters Group. It is on the "post-op" side. We will look for you there and hope to hear your experiences. Support awaits X
  4. The Long List ☆ ♡I look forward to wearing smaller and smaller clothing. ♡I look forward to walking into Victoria Secrets and buying something sexy again and again. ♡I look forward to dating and not feeling completely invisible to men. ♡I look forward to fitting into my old clothes. ♡I look forward to getting my energy back and breathing better. ♡I look forward to my hip to stop hurting because of my weight (cross your fingers). ♡I look forward to saying I am "in shape" and be actually going to the gym and not be embarrassed. ♡I look forward to keeping up with my daughter and doing more things with her like bike riding, long walks, run in the park without passing out. ♡I look forward to not being fat, overweight, the big one, being comfortable in my own skin again. ♡I look forward to seeing myself in pictures and not being disgusted in myself for being so big ♡I look forward to not looking like I am 8 months pregnant when I am Not! ♡I look so forward to these things I can not hardly wait!!!!
  5. I have found (haven't tried yet) isopure drink. It is about 46% protein. Found in vitamin shops for about $5. It looks like green tea in a clear glass bottle. Hope that helps.
  6. msirish

    January Surgeries

    You can do this! This is the easy part. I am here with you.
  7. I have seen the long list for bypass/sleevers on what to pack for the hospital. However, sometimes a bander doesn't stay overnight in the hospital. What do you pack? What is suggested?
  8. Quitting smoking is just a good idea period. I did cold turkey when I learned I was pregnant. I was a 20 yr smoker at 1 1/2 packs a day. If I can do that you can. It is in the mind. Make a list of why you hate smoking and use that as your reasioning to yourself. I know you can do it! No better time than NOW :-)
  9. Thank you! High five to us Jan Bansters!
  10. Went and met with the surgeon today. Went and got seven viles of blood work done. Just waiting now until the 16th. Everything is done! Yippee! The best news...Dr. said instead of two weeks if broth fasting that I only have to do one week! Liver is small I am stoked about that!
  11. msirish

    S Cal Lap Band Support Group

    Did this group ever get off the ground and going? I would like to join if so. I am in Lake Forest.
  12. msirish

    Orange County 714 Area

    Hi, I am on the OC 949 area code. Lake Forest. I am scheduled for Jan 16th, 2014, to get the lapband. I have 90 lbs to lose and am 47 yrs old. I would love to have some local support.
  13. I have 90 lbs to lose. I just got my blood work papers, and have the pre-op appt next week on the 27th with my regular physician. It is all coming together nicely.
  14. msirish

    January Surgeries

    Jan 16th and I just did my xrays and upper GI yesterday. All I have left is blood work and physical. Coming together. Exciting
  15. msirish

    January Surgeries

    Cfergie911-I appreciate your comment about being on the losers bench. It never sounded better than right now for all of us.
  16. I am 47, in Orange County, CA
  17. I am so glad there are others here that are scheduled or waiting for their Jan date. This is soreal to me. I can't wait and pray I am doing the right thing and everything turns out ok. Good to have others for support.
  18. msirish

    January Surgeries

    I am set for Jan 16th surgery date. I wanted thst date so I can have the long weekend to recover. MLK weekend.
  19. msirish

    January 2014 Sleevers Come In!

    I am on Orange County, CA and am with Dr. Peter Leport at tha Fountain Valley Weight Loss Surgery Center. My date is Jan 16th. I am really happy and excited.
  20. I finally got tge approval for the surgery whoot, whoot! Now I have the pre-op physical etc to do. I asked for Jan 16th Martin Luther King weekend fir my surgery date. I am getting Excited! Dancing
  21. I am pre-op and am going through Dr. Peter Le ports office in Fountain Valley. They have a large staff of Dr.s and work through the Regional Hospital. So far so good for me.