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  1. Once you have had your surgery come on in to this post from the "pre-op" side. Share your experience.
  2. I went for my first fill today. It was interesting. I learned my port is the bigger incision near my diaphragm. They numbed the sight which was a little sting. Then they brought out a mother of all needles like the dentist kind kinda. The digging began looking for the port sight. It didn't hurt. I have the Realize band and it holds 10 cc. Today I received 3 cc's. I have my next appt now in 8 weeks. I was instructed to have liquids tonight and puree food tomorrow. Thank goodness I ate before the appt. After tomorrow back to regular foods. I can't wait to see how this restriction feels. Excited.
  3. I just got my date! I asked for Jan 16th so I could have a long Martin Luther weekend to recover. I got my date...whoo hoo! I wanted to connect with others for this time frame. So excited can't wait.
  4. I forgot to ad that I wore loose fitting house dress home. Something with a zipper in front.
  5. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET TO THE HOSPITAL. ... I checked in was brought to the same day services area. There with multiple beds and curtains to separate everyone. I was immediately given a gown to have open in the back. Took off all my clothes and put it on. I did put on my socks that I brought and then put on the paper type gripper bootie foot covers the hospital gave me. I got in bed. The nurse gave me more paperwork to fill out then we discussed what kind of surgery I was having. The surgeon came in said hello. I showed him all my medicine I am taking "you need to bring all your meds" i was concerned about what size was too big to swallow. Then the anastegologist' (sp?) Came in. At that time I said I may get sick can you give me something to keep me from being nauseous. He said yes. I was wheeled into the surgery room. That is all I remember at 7:30am. I woke about 11:20 am and was in and out sleeping. Not much pain. Once I was really awake they gave me little cups of water. When I drank about 5 of them and was able to keep it down (no problem) I was able to go home. I had to walk to the end of the hall (no problem). I was out of there by 1pm. Hope this helps. I did not use my robe or any of the gas X until I got home. I slept in and out on my ride home. Slept for the rest of the day and even the next day. I was bloated but I took the gas x. Felt like there was something lodged under my left rib under my diaphragm. That was the most pain. Part 2 on the preceding days to come.
  6. My incisions are in places that make me worry about rubbing. One small one between my lower breasts...afraid to wear a bra. Then what about pants there are several incisions there too. They don't hurt, but I am afraid of them opening. How long should I wait?
  7. Spartinprincess - WOW you only have two incisions. I have five. I wonder why there is such a big difference?
  8. Hi Spartinprincess, I don't know if from Dr to Dr it is different, but mine is under my breast area on the left side. It would be where your biggest incision is I believe.
  9. Hi Spartinprincess- I am day five too. Feel pretty good. Have some head hunger mostly by my mom is here cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner for my daughter. ..makes me hungry. I can also feel my port. Reminds me of when I was pregnant and my daughters butt' was up under my ribs. By the way I lost 8 lbs pre/post opp.
  10. I was told your hormones are stored in the body fat. As you lose weight it releases those hormones. Maybe, that is the reason for the up and down emotions. Expect more.
  11. It does not hurt to eat the malt o Meal it is very watered down. I am also eating pudding sugar free of course.
  12. I am on Malt o Meal, cream of chicken soup, isopure protein drink, water. That all is keeping me pretty full.
  13. I am feeling good. However, my legs and arms hurt. I wanted to go to the store today, but have few choices on what to wear. I am wearing a sun dress most of the time.
  14. Does anyone have sore legs and arms? Like you did a good work out sore? Just wondering if it is just me. I just had surgery on the 16th.
  15. POST BANDSTERS' once you get on the other side and find you are searching on the "post surgery side" for answers, I did make a post for us January folks. Just look for "January Bandsters". I will be there.
  16. I am home now from surgery today. My stomach feels bloated and there is slight pain on the biggest incision which is, I guess the port. They glued the incision no stitches. I don't feel gas pains yet. I am really tired slept all day. Doesn't hurt to walk, but it is slow. I am sipping water when I am awake. It is like you instinctively know not to guzzle. I did have jello maybe three bites. No protein today.
  17. Getting ready for bed to go in for surgery tomorrow check in 5am. Not nervous just hasn't hit me yet I guess. My mom is here visiting to help me and that is comforting for me.
  18. msirish

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Like you I am also Thursday AM early. I am chaged.
  19. I was told that I can have salad with Lemon juice and chicken breast' and the protein shakes. What do I do but get sushi for dinner cheating. I have lost 4 pounds though. I was just so hungry my body was craving some heavier food. Back on the Wagon tomorrow for a 1/16 Thurs AM surgery. Getting nervous.
  20. I'm on day 3 of pre op diet and protein shakes make me hungry not full. Frustrating.
  21. Hi All- I did make a new forum posting in the Post Op side for "Jan Bandsters" I hope you find it and make your way over there when you all get banded. I will certainly check in after my band date on the 16th. I will be starting my liquids on the 9th. Best of luck to you all. You are all a real inspiration!
  22. OHIO GIRL How are you doing today?
  23. DESERTPIXIE -How are you feeling today?

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