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    Intro from Down Under

    I haven't not been back on here for a while, been working too much. I thank you all for your comments an so glad I am not the only stress/ emotional eater! food addiction is harder that alcohol and or drugs (I have done both at some stage in my life, please don't judge) I feel as with both of those you need to give up and not touch again which all though is hard it is sustainable. Food unfortunately you need to live so you cant just not touch it and never eat again. As soon I eat something "naughty" that's it I cant stop. However if I deprive myself I binge as well... Aaargh!
  2. Hi Peeps, I am writing to introduce myself and tell my story. I am a yo yo dieter, I have been doing this since I was at high school (which is a far few years now). At times I am very good with my food I can control what I am eating, how much and when. Then there are times when I feel stress (always triggered by a stressful event or time in my life). I then reach for food as my comfort and start spiraling out of control eating anything everything and lots of it. Here is where I put on extra weight each time (after my time of being good and losing some weight). I then put on more than what I have lost. After many years of this I have extra weight which wont go anywhere. Now the annoying thing is that I am quite intelligent and read up on food and nutrition very regularly so I know better!! Yet when I am in my binging phase I should know better yet I can control myself. I get frustrated as my kids are affected and although they are not over weight. I know I am forming bad emotional yo yo eating habits in them!! I am not sure what to do how to control the mental side or do I just deal with the physical side first. Also in one of my bad periods (of eating I was told by my Dr that I have pre diabetes I was extremely good for a while yet it hasn't stopped me as I got straight back on the yo yo cycle as soon as something stressful occurred. I would love to hear back from anyone whom is very similar or has any advice. Kat

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