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    Newbie here, full of questions :)

    I had plication a year ago and love it. Brant and I both did the study at NWWLS in Everett, WA - however I've heard that it's not a study anymore and costs more. Anyway my best recommendation is to walk a lot after surgery. I paced the halls of my house for days and sipped Water. walk walk walk. slow is good at first. I didn't even have broth until day 3. I had very little nausea, only once or twice did I feel really nauseated after surgery, but I had nausea medication. That was from drinking broth the first time, and all the vicodin on an empty stomach. The worst part was the swelling, I swelled really bad and went back to the clinic twice for fluids because i could hardly get water down. I didn't feel normal for about 2 weeks, then when i switched to solids i was much better. just very weak without solids the first 2 weeks! my kids were too little to tell them about the surgery at the time. The surgery is worth every penny and all the uncomfortable times, because of the weight loss which is drastic. I'm a year out and still have great restriction. Now i can eat whatever, so i need to be very aware of what I'm putting in my mouth or I won't lose any more weight. I can't eat much but i can tolerate any kind of food. best of luck, Melinda
  2. The first few days, week, and month are hard. The swelling for me was really bad and I was miserable. But I can say it gets so much better with time. I lost 50 lbs, and I am out of the obese BMI category (still overweight I guess). Now I can do anything normally, but I can only eat a small plate of food if that, but it's fine with me because of the weight loss!
  3. $13,000 at NWWLS in Everett, WA for a plication study last year (2013). I've heard that the study is done and now they charge regular price though. I had some cash, and paid the rest with Care Credit.
  4. I'm on a plateau. 1 month and no weight loss. I'm 7 months out, lost 50 lbs so far and 30 to go. Anyone experience long plateaus? Anyone reach goal weight?
  5. mthome

    Weight loss plateaus

    No inches lost in the last month. Yes I'm feeling great!! The weight loss is amazing! Im curious to see if I will make it to goal weight though it doesn't seem in the realm of possibility. Since it's going so slow now. I exercised yesterday first time in awhile due to illness. I feel good today but sore I love my plication I have great restriction.
  6. Hello, I was plicated on July 11, 2013. The good news is, from pre-op liquid diet to the 4 week mark which is tomorrow, or a total of 5 weeks, I have lost 30 lbs! I have gone from 241 to 212. I never thought it was possible to lose 30 lbs, let alone the other 40 I need to go! The bad news is recovery was really tough. I can say the first month was hard. The first week I was not really coherent, just really dehydrated and unable to eat and barely drink, I had to get fluids twice. I have 2 small children so I had to send them to relatives houses for a few days, and when the baby came back (he's 11 months) I still wasn't ready for him so my husband cared for him mostly - my husband had to take a week and a half off work, and my mother in law babysat me and the kids the following week. I felt my stomach was too tight, but it was just really swollen. The swelling has gone down and now I can eat about half of a salad plate of food (mushies) and soft meat. I'm so relieved, since the beginning was so tough. The other bad news is I've had some issues - I have thrown up multiple times, at the beginning and when I eat too much, and I have had dumping syndrome 3 times which was awful. However I'm turning around, feeling normal, and lots of restriction which freaked me out at first but not I'm enjoying as when I'm full I don't want to eat more, and I don't feel deprived! I'm supposedly on a regular diet starting tomorrow but I don't think i'm ready for salads or tough meat at all since I've had so many gastrointestinal issues, I'm going to go super slow. The 30 lbs is great!!!!! For anyone considering this surgery it's not a walk in the park, and it's not an easy fix. yes you lose weight at the beginning easily but now the weight loss is slowing down and I have to work at it (eating protein and veggies and fruit and exercising). So don't do it unless you're willing to make big changes! xoxo
  7. mthome

    30 lbs gone in 5 weeks!

    So I've lost about 48 lbs now, almost to 50 lbs in about 5 months. I'm thrilled with the plication surgery, no complications. I have tons of restriction, can't eat very much at mealtimes but it's all worth it seeing my clothes size decrease. I highly recommend this surgery! I had it done in WA state with Dr. Chock at Northwest Weight Loss Surgery in Everett. Great clinic and the prices are not bad at all for plication, about $13k. I paid self-pay since it's a research study and I have free visits for 3 years I think. Started at 241, now I'm at 193! It's amazing to almost be out of the "obese" category, according to my BMI!
  8. mthome

    Three Onths And Questions

    i am almost to 4 months out from plication and i'm doing the same thing - getting back into old habits, but eating small portions. some things that have helped - 1) start exercising if you haven't already - this is helping me lose more weight. 2) start tracking your food with myfitnesspal. I had about 80 lbs to lose and i'm at about 43 lbs lost. so i have 37 lbs left to lose. i'm going through tihs too so support is helpful, online forums or finding a buddy to encourage you!
  9. Hello, I have a question. I was recently plicated 2 weeks ago - 7/11/2013 with Dr. Chock at NWWLS in Everett, WA. I have lost about 26 lbs since my starting weight (1 week before surgery). So that's great...however...I have major gas/burping problems. At first I thought the gas pain was from the CO2 they pump in during surgery. Now, every time I take a sip of water or try to eat a bite of yogurt, my throat makes weird noise, my tummy gurgles, I burp a lot, terrible gas!! What is up with this?? Is it normal to still have it really bad 2 weeks out? They didn't warn me about this at all and it prevents me from eating or drinking anything more than 2 sips or bites without major gas.

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