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  1. terry1118

    Dont be a b***h

    The written word is limited by people's ability to put what they're thinking into words. Maybe they lack the vocabulary to express what they mean properly, or have regional differences of expression, or misspellings that can change the meaning (and let's not forget that damn autocorrect that is always making my comments sound like so much gibberish!). There is no tone of voice or speech emphasis to help get the point and/or meaning across. Sometimes an innocent comment or reply can hit a nerve, prompting a strong reaction. We all have mental landmines that can trigger an emotional 'explosion' if some unfortunate person hits on it just right. Some people are blunt - they say what they think without trying to 'soften' it. There can be an occasional 'troll' trying to stir things up for fun. And, yes, some people ARE too sensitive. I don't always agree with everyone on here. But I don't always agree with my own husband of 33 years either. It's not a bad thing, it's just different points of view from different people. It's normal. If I disagree with something I'll try to explain my point of view. If someone takes exception to that then I step back from it. Sometimes I can see another point of view even if it doesn't agree with mine. A difference of opinion doesn't make me right and you wrong, or visa-versa. It's just a different opinion. We can all contribute, each in our own way. :-)
  2. terry1118

    Gained 1 pound

    Relax. You are weighing too much. Concentrate on the important things - like protein and fluids - and stay away from the scale. :-)
  3. terry1118

    Gas & Bloating :(

    Mine is still sounding like a dinosaur fight 15 months out. Lol
  4. terry1118

    No excuses. Just need help.

    It's good that you recognize where your weaknesses are and are attempting to do something about it. That is a great start. In addition, use an online food tracker - I like Spark People but there are lots of others. Plan and portion out your protein-rich meals and Snacks for the day, and don't go longer than 3-4 hours without eating. Get in all your fluids - sometimes mild dehydration can be mistaken for hunger. I carry my insulated lunch box with me whenever I go out so if I'm out longer than expected I have a healthy meal or snack to tide me over. Basically it's all about planning ahead, following that plan, and tracking. Good luck!
  5. terry1118

    starbucks question

    I like their iced green tea. My daughter's favorite is a refreshing herbal tea that is some kind of berry flavor. Both teas are Tazo brand and can be purchased at Target if you like it and want to make it at home.
  6. terry1118


    I had a normal conversation AND a long questionnaire. But it was no big deal. They want to make sure you have no eating disorders or emotional issues that will sabotage your post op success. If they think you do have a problem, they'll work on it preop so nothing will prevent you from succeeding. :-)
  7. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    Of course they can't tell you if you WILL qualify. One of the most important purposes of the testing is to see if you have no underlying problems that would make the surgery dangerous. In the process they may find out something else that having the surgery would help. Psych evals determine if you have eating disorders or emotional issues that need to be addressed before surgery so that you will have the best chance of success after. In the case of ins requirements for documented weight loss history, it's to prove you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight conventionally and are not trying using WLS as your first choice. Ultimately, the insurance co reviews all the data and determines if you meet the their criteria. Getting denied doesn't mean a definite 'No' either. It just means that more testing or documentation is required. Or maybe treating a health issue to make it safer. The doctors and support staff at Wareham have over 10 years of WLS experience, have done well over 3000 surgeries, and have vast experience dealing with all manner of local health insurance companies so they are usually confident they can provide whatever is needed for approval. But, no, there is no absolute 'guarantee'... It seems to me that insurance companies will approve the surgery because, though surgery is expensive and has risks in an of itself, the long-term costs of obesity and it's asociated health risks are much more expensive over all.
  8. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    As I said, Wareham is AWESOME. :-) They know how to help you get the job done, if it's it's what you really want and need. :-)
  9. terry1118

    Say (Low Fat) Cheese

    I go for my favorite full-fat cheeses. I just don't eat them as much or as often. The others just don't taste the same to me. You do whatever helps you stay on track. If you find a low or no fat cheese you like then that's wonderful! :-)
  10. terry1118

    Scared of saggy skin

    After 33 years of marriage, it's safe to assume my hubby loves me for being me, too! :-)
  11. terry1118

    Shoe size

    Not hairy. But, thanks to my darling girl, I picture them that way! Lol
  12. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    No, because out was BCBS who paid for all my copays with Miriam Hospital's Optifast program. Does your plan require documentation?
  13. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    My bmi was 47 and I was on meds for high cholesterol. I have mild scoliosis and the extra weight was causing back pain. I was borderline hypertensive and pre-diabetic. One of the requirements to qualify for WLS with my healthplan was a supervised and documented weight loss failure. I did Optifast at Miriam Hospital about 4 years ago. I lost 80 pounds but gained it all back in 18 months. The pre op tests are required for surgery and were completely covered by my insurance. I had lots of lab work, an EKG, chest xray, pulmonary tests, a cardiac stress test (2 two hour visits), 2 psych appointments, 2 nutritionist appointments, medical clearance, 3 workshops, and a nurse education class. The stress test was required because I'm over 50. I don't think you need one if you're under 50. They were great about scheduling appointments to fit into my work schedule.
  14. When you've finally reach a normal BMI and are amazed you've reached it after 28yrs! :-)
  15. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    I printed out my insurance requirements beforehand too. I definitely qualified. Wareham was great up front about whether they thought I would meet all the requirements. The things I was worried about actually helped me qualify. You can't help but worry, though. No regrets at this point! Good luck to you! :-)
  16. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    I had my surgery on 5/30/13 - about 15 months ago. :-)
  17. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    I went into the hospital at 7:30am, had my surgery at 9:30am, was in my room by 1:30pm, and went home the following evening at 8pm. They won't let you leave until you are drinking Clear liquids with no problem, peeing, and walking. Your pain level must be managed - I was fine regarding the pain but my room mate was a drama queen who moaned, cried, and screamed a lot. It was very clear that it was an attention-getting ploy because when her doctor told her he couldn't release her due to the amount of pain she was in, she instantly changed her tune and made a miraculous recovery! Lol After the fourth day I didn't need pain meds during the day, and after 7 days I stopped taking them at night too. Gas pain (from the air they put in you during the surgery) can be uncomfortable for a few days but walking around relieves it. Once home, I was on full liquids (smooth yogurt, cream Soups, sf pudding, Protein shakes). At my one week follow-up I was cleared to drive (they just want to make sure you're off the narcotics) and they gave the okay to go to pureed food. At two weeks I went to soft, mushy foods (anything that mashes easily with a fork). They will very clearly and in much detail let you know exactly what you can and can't do, and what you can and can't have, and why. And you have access to nurses, dieticians, and a surgeon 24/7 by phone (or in person if necessary). They are very thorough. Their goal is your absolute recovery and success. :-)
  18. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    I had a coordinator, I don't remember her name. Just call and ask. She'll be the one who makes sure you've met all the requirements before they schedule. She'll also be the one who you can ask about insurance approval, once it's submitted. I had BCBSRI. I got insurance approval in less than a week. They try to make sure you've met everything your particular insurance requires before submission. They have quite a good system at Wareham...
  19. terry1118

    Shoe size

    Just call me Frodo. LMAO
  20. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    Definitely call and talk to your coordinator. They should be able to give you a good idea of what time frame you're looking at. :-)
  21. terry1118

    Shoe size

    I've lost 120 pounds and now weigh 118. My feet were 9w. Now they are a... 9. WTH? My daughter summed it up for me when she came over last time when she looked at my feet and said "Mom, you lost so much weight but you still have GIANT HOBBIT FEET!!!". Don't be jealous, girls, she'll ALL mine!! Lol Thanks to her I can't help but think of my feet as Hobbit feet now... :-p
  22. terry1118

    Wareham, mass

    I was never a picky eater before. I was a sugar/carb addict. I'm surprised that my health isn't worse considering all the years of bad eating. I have become a very picky eater since my surgery, which I look at as a good thing. In the first 4-6 weeks following surgery eating can be difficult, not just because you need to eat less and more slowly, but also because nothing tastes right. I would make something for myself, take a bite or two, and blah! I'd have to force myself to finish enough to get my Protein. Eventually your sense of taste returns to something close to normal. It's actually a wonderful feeling to know I'm now controlling what I eat and not the other way around. My nut says to become a gourmet. I eat good quality, flavorful food but in small quantities (like miniscule gourmet portions! Lol). We get a good foundation of education and support. As long as we follow the guidelines for success they give us we WILL be successful. Try to make lifestyle changes that are permanent. If you're in the workshop stage are you looking at surgery in Sept/Oct? Just think... next summer you could be half the person you are today!
  23. terry1118

    Scared of saggy skin

    There are a lot of factors in how saggy your skin might be or even if you'll have any at all. How heavy you are, how long you've been heavy, your age, genetics - lots of things can be different from person to person. I'm 55, had twins (at only 5' tall I was as big as a person carrying triplets), a few years later followed by an 10 1/2 pound baby, was overweight/obese for 28 years (since twin pregnancy), yo-yo dieted for years, and due to my age am losing elasticity which is normal. I expected to have loose skin and I do but it's not as bad as I feared. My insurance will pay for cosmetic surgery if I get rashes but this summer is the first summer that hasn't happened. If I was a much younger person I would seriously consider cosmetic surgery to correct the problem, regardless of cost. See where you end up. You may not have an issue at all. If you do, perhaps your medical team can help you document and qualify for cosmetic surgery. :-)
  24. terry1118

    Anyone want to be fat again?

    At 55, and having spent 28 years being obese, I never had any illusions that I wouldn't have saggy skin. So for me it was a quality of life and better health issue. And as my daughter so bluntly put it "It doesn't matter what you look like mom - you are already married!" :-) Though I'm saggy and baggy here and there, It's not as bad as I feared. Probably because, though my skin has lost elasticity due to stretching and my age, I have no wrinkles from sun-damage (I get sun poisoning so avoid the sun). And I don't have turkey-neck. My neck skin is tight and youthful-looking, probably a lucky genetic thing. :-) My insurance will pay for skin removal if I get rashes due to excess skin. I always used to get rashes in the skin folds, so this summer I was ready to start documenting these with cosmetic surgery in mind. Wouldn't you know it? I didn't get a single bit of rash this summer?!!! The one time I WANTED it to happen... Lol

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