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  1. I will happily answer any questions and try to help you the best that I can in your journey. 40 year old female, 3 kids, 143 pounds gone. It is a hard and trying process but the best decision I ever made!!!
  2. dropdeadweightdiva

    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    @@cookieh Good luck on Monday I have no doubt you will do great!!!!
  3. dropdeadweightdiva

    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    @@cookieh I had my right kidney removed in October of 2011 while I was pregnant with my son. I was pre-sleeve which came in November of 2013. Honestly it seems so long ago I kinda forget sometimes. Oh yeah I only have one of those. I do have to be careful, as having been a type 2 diabetic before surgery, it would not bode well for all sorts of reasons to get it back, but having only one kidney does make it a higher risk issue. I was concerned about the volume of protein that you need to get post op as the experts talk about high protein diets being hard on your kidneys. I quickly discovered that what I need to take in doesn't even rank or exceed my previous intake of protein. I am allotted 67grams daily and would easily blow that out of the water prior to my surgery. What qualifies as a high protein content diet and therefore a concern to those with kidney issues or just one of them is a lot higher than this surgery will need. If you want to be a body builder and look into that kind of lifestyle where you are drinking the muscle building style of protein shakes than you need to greatly up your research and be careful. I know other post ops who are allowed up to 85 grams so depending on where you fall in regards to your age height weight etc I will be very surprised if it's much higher than that and therefore still well below any concerned amounts Still best decision ever!!!
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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    @@chichicanegrito@gmail.com I apologize for the late reply, life's been a little crazy lately. Let me be very clear, you can relax , you can not stretch your sleeve with fluids. It is so important to prioritize fluids early on and sip often. i do know a few people that could chug fluids almost as well as they did pre-sleeve, but it is certainly not recommended and for most makes one very uncomfortable. A this stage of the game you have likely adapted to how fast or slow your tummy needs you to drink. Just keep an eye on how fast you are drinking and if you need to use an app to slow down or a timer than do so.
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    Post-Op gas pains.

    @@LMatt84 Walk Walk and Walk some more.. if it is gas then that's the only thing that is going to help.. It can take up to a week for the gas to completely go through your system but it should be less every day. If it is preventing you from being able to sip that is definitely an issue that you should talk to your doctor or nurses about if you are still in the hospital. Make sure you are only taking very small slow sips as larger ones will create pressure and discomfort. When in doubt talk to your doctor, if the pain is in your throat that may not be related to gas.. I hope you get relief and answers soon.
  6. dropdeadweightdiva

    When are the "typical" stalls?

    Admit I thought I had reached my bodies decided base weight last August but the scale just recently decided to drop another 3 pounds.. So the closer you get to goal the longer a stall can last.. In August I was 9 months out. I also stalled for months 6 and 7 before it moved again for month 8. Just keep in mind that things will slow down as you go and what you think is a personal goal weight may shift as you progress and your body decides differently. In the meantime get a tape measure it's much more reliable than the scale.
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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    @@ethan4109 The gas from surgery can radiate as it disperses and show up as back pain. But my strong suggestion would be to see your surgeon. There are post op complications that can present as back pain. Sometimes it can show up as your body adjusts to a new center of gravity, but considering how recently you were sleeved I highly doubt that has anything to do with it. It could also be something entirely unrelated to the surgery. I spent a good portion of my life dealing with lower back issues and still sleep with a body pillow between my knees, now out of habit not necessity. I wish I could give you a definitive answer and ways to treat, but it's not something I have any experience dealing with post op. Make a call, see what they say and if you do not have aftercare then make an appointment with your primary doc.. Always best practice post major surgery to consult professionals. Good luck. I hope you find an answer and relief very soon.
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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    Well for those of you still following the thread... Plastics here I come, goodness help me. Yes I will post before and after pics, but not until after the surgery. I am having an inverted T incision tummy tuck with NO muscle tightening. Why go through the surgery without tightening? Well I am one of the lucky ones to have the surgery covered here in Alberta. My surgeon waivered on whether or not I should qualify, even with consistent rashes developing, back pain and abdominal cramping during exercise.. He said it's still mainly cosmetic... We disagree, but I smiled and said nothing.. I didn't complain or react strongly when he told me no coverage. I did ask the cost though. He was very surprised at the sheer volume of excess skin I am carrying around on my abdomen. He went on and on and on about it, playing with it like he was a child surrounded by a mountain of playdough.. It was pretty funny all round. He decided that I should in fact qualify as he stared at the picture he took for his own reference after he told me it would cost me $10 000... I never cried on the hour long drive after I found out I had kidney cancer, I cried all the way home this time. I was soooo happy, am sooo happy about having this done. On that note he did specify that he was not going to tighten any muscles.. To be honest I was relieved to hear it as I understand that the muscle tightening makes for a more painful and longer recovery. Now I just need to bust my ass with weight training, planking, etc between now and early July so I am as strong as I can be before going in. Went for a walk with my hubby last night and holy crap have I slacked off over the last couple months so the weather is nice now and the excuses need to stop!!!! Self lecture over. I did decide that I am very likely not having my bat wings done in the future. I think this one is my swan song for elective surgeries. I am simply getting too old for this shi*. I said 'I', if someone else my age, or older, desires plastic surgery for those things they can live with, more power to them, but I am almost over that hump.. pun intended.
  9. @@MoJo119 Moving after weight loss is definitely less painful, and easier but for me, the only thing that stops me from feeling physically tired is to be physically active. When I slack off for long periods of time, say a month, then I start to feel the fatigue. Being active is what staves it off. It doesn't have to be full blown hard core exercise.. Consistency is what makes the difference.
  10. dropdeadweightdiva

    Has weight loss/surgery turned me crazy?

    Your fat cells are full of hormones and as they break down those hormones are released back into your system. So they say it's basically like going through puberty all over again, that or for women like pregnancy, so be prepared to be all over the place for the first while during the process. It should level out as your body adjusts
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    I think this whole process is crazy hard on the best of relationships, so if the core isn't strong going in, then there are sure to be mountains that come up. Some people feel that as they start to find themselves they realize that they have 'settled' for way too long and refuse to do so any longer. It's important that you do what you need to do in order to be happy. On that note I agree with your desire to not be that person. I would be very careful in revisiting that relationship when you are feeling so vulnerable and unsure. You admitted that he is married and considering that, I don't recommend putting yourself into a situation that begins with 'behind the scenes', why take a step backwards. As a female in a relationship, put yourself in his wife's shoes. How would you feel if you had a husband and he was going for coffee with someone he wished he had married all those years ago??? Not exactly an empowering life choice
  12. dropdeadweightdiva

    Does the weight loss look differently post WLS?

    I started at 287 and it was 75 pounds before "I" noticed a difference, although other people did.. I am only 5'4.. It depends on your body type and your perception of how heavy your are, as we often exaggerate that fact in what we see in the mirror, as opposed to what's actually there. I had lost 96 lbs and regained it in the past. I feel that then I noticed faster but I was exercising much more intensely then and imagine therein lies the difference for me.
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    Go back to full fluids for 2 weeks... It can rebound your sleeve if you have stretched it and you should feel the restriction much better. Will power is an important part of this process and if you are able to do the 2 weeks make sure you listen to your sleeve, stick to Protein and fruits and veggies and avoid carbs as much as possible as they often end up being the gateway to falling off the wagon. Good luck.
  14. dropdeadweightdiva

    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    @@PrettyWingz It's natural to be nervous. We all were nervous at one point prior to surgery, or spent the majority of that time being nervous over the relatively dramatic change that is about to happen. Best advice is to do your research on your team of medical experts. The more comfortable you are with them the more it will help you with your nerves. If you have questions, write them down and ask. I do think researching the surgery itself is important as long as you don't find yourself seeking out horror stories. We all know that there are possible complications with every surgery and bariatrics is no different. So if you are satisfied with your surgeon, trust that and ask him about his personal complication rate, etc.. I will help you as much as I can based on my own experiences and wholeheartedly believe that this surgery was the best decision I have ever made to ensure my long term health and happiness!
  15. dropdeadweightdiva

    Thinking about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    I can speak to the acid reflux question... I never had an issue with it prior to surgery, but the first 4 months post op it was horribly painful and often. When it hit it was all I could think about, and even Water could cause it. A small few post VSG whom had it prior have it go away, a lot more have it increase. I do not regret having had the sleeve as it has since abated to occasionally, but if I had had it prior, knowing what I know now, I would definitely have avoided VSG and gotten RNY.
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    Long term regrets?

    @@xmaleengyx I can drink socially now a year out... Just be aware that it hits you much more quickly so be careful and it's not something you want to do on a regular basis. Also I can now eat anything anyone else eats, just way less. It is more than worth the effort of surgery, recovery, adjusted eating, Vitamins, etc etc etc.... I know some people do have aversions to certain foods post op, but they make it work by discovering new options. The only regrets I have ever seen are those with complications and even then further out most say they would still do it all over again. You can always set a date and if you aren't absolutely certain when it rolls around, cancel or postpone it. If you have the opportunity to set a date, take it! Others on here would mame and kill for your opportunity to be that close lol As far as a catheter goes I never had one, and I believe it isn't common practice. If they do it goes in while you are under and it is uncomfortable to remove but because they want you up and walking very soon after surgery the likelihood of needing one is next to zero.. They only do them for those who are unable to get up to use the washroom with or without help. The first week of recovery sucks, expect that. As long as you did your research on your doctor, trust your team. VSG they parallel to having your gall bladder removed, same stats ish lol...
  17. dropdeadweightdiva

    When does it get better?

    It also depends on the physical and hours of your job as to when you should go back. I look after children for a living so no lifting for the 4-6 weeks thing. I also had a drain for 2 weeks so they bumped my off work timeline another 2 weeks.. so I was not allowed back until 2 months post op but this is excessive when compared to the majority. You will definitely feel better after about 7 days.. I felt myself after a month and if I had a desk job would have been back after 3 weeks.
  18. dropdeadweightdiva

    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    @@Dolce_xxv If you are feeling very thirsty you might want to track how much Fluid you are actually taking in. This early out if you are getting enough you really shouldn't feel thirsty all the time. My advice would be to use a container, thermos, cup or what not that is labelled with measurements. I used to use a shooter glass and keep it full most of the time from a larger chilled thermos. Used an app called 'eat slower' and set it to the max of 3 minutes and took a sip or 2 every time it went off, as I couldn't down the entire shooter glass over the first little while. It would take me an hour or more to do a prepackaged Meal Replacement shake which I can now do easily in less than 10 minutes.. Consider how often you feel the need to use the bathroom as a good tell on how much fluid you are taking in.. If you can't remember the last time you felt the need to do so that's an issue. If you are having headaches, or muscle pain besides the side pain, that's a sign. As for the pain in your side this early out it is very likely gas and just the fact that you had major surgery recently, that pain could easily be related to incisions or previous instrument insertion annoyance.. I had a drain for 2 weeks and although it came out on my left side the tube itself was inside on my right. So if you had or have a drain... For gas, walking is basically the best option to remedy it. Check your incisions on that side, any redness or raised skin beyond what it was like before get it checked could be an infection. If you do have staples the site will get itchy as it heals, that's normal. Later on as the muscles start to repair you may feel a 'pulling' at the incisions sites, internal sites that is, as they tighten in their repair. The growling again is gas moving around your newly adjusting tummy. My family used to get the biggest kick out of it as they could hear it across whatever room we were in. I remember being sooo mortified and worried that it would never calm down as it sometimes travels up your throat and voila, nothing you can do but smile.. if it happens to you, you'll know it's not quite a burp either.. just laugh it off.. if you annoy your tummy it gets louder.. Mine never hurt but considering it is a gas and digestion thing, gas pain is normal and as long as it abates and doesn't last long and is accompanied by said growl I wouldn't worry about it at this stage. The number one rule is to trust your gut, no pun intended, if you feel that something is wrong, or it gets worse, or that feeling just doesn't go away, go see your doctor! Congratulations on joining the greener side of life!
  19. My doc had me take Metamucil for 3 days prior to surgery and that worked great, jumped off the gurney literally across from the surgery room to go before they put me under
  20. dropdeadweightdiva

    Gross Gas

    It could be nothing or it could be a result of something related to issues internally, so I would definitely go see your doctor. As they say better to be safe than sorry. If it is not something health related maybe they can recommend something or look into specific food tolerances that may have shifted in the last little while for you. Good luck, hope it's nothing..
  21. dropdeadweightdiva

    BMI Level When Losing Got Harder

    I have been stalled now for almost 5 months just 5 pounds from goal, (thinking surgery is the only way it's going to come at this point) BMI now 24.2... but the slow down started when I was 156 so 26.8 BMI
  22. I am in a support group with a large number of women over the age of 40 and every single one of us would agree that we look younger than we did when we were overweight. We'll see what the future holds in that category
  23. dropdeadweightdiva

    Long term regrets?

    @@*Lexie* Thank you for your kinds words, that's sweet. So anyone who says the sleeve isn't as effective as RNY, so there..
  24. dropdeadweightdiva

    Almost 6weeks out rant

    I started at 287 and it wasn't until I lost 75 pounds that I started to notice a difference and my waist changed enough for me to start wearing non elasticized pants. If you are like me and your abdomen is your biggest trouble zone just be patient, like everyone stated it will happen. That's a fantastic loss considering you just had your surgery in December. Celebrate it!
  25. dropdeadweightdiva

    Long term regrets?

    I think 10-15yr veterans will be null and void because the sleeve hasn't been around for that long. So you might want to lower your veteran requirements I am just over a year out and have no regrets, but the usual, should have done it sooner!