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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    A lot of people stall out for 2-3 weeks at about 3-4 weeks out. It is very annoying but as long as you keep doing all the right things it will move. Calcium is 12-1500mg/day but you the body will only absorb 500 at a time. Vitamin D for me is 2-3 pills a day, but initially mine was low so presurgury I was taking 7/day to get to where I needed to be. I also take a prenatal vitamin literally before I shut my eyes as they make me nauseaus, so wait til my eyelids can't stay open and down it or it will keep me up as the room spins..I recently decided with my nutritionist that I am taking in enough calcium through milk, cheese, and yogurt that I don't need to supplement anymore. But that's me, so I advise you to talk to your nutritionist.. I am on a manditory 66grams/daily of protein since day one post op. I have a scale of appropriate amounts from my nutritionist if you want me to find yours, but again that is a conversation to have with your nutritionist.. Again besides the obvious eat well and exercise.. Add Fiber powder to a shake per day also drink like a fish and I don't recommend chewing gum if you every were a swallower.. then stay far away..and you are too early out for this option now anyway but i do chew gum now and it is a huge help for cravings.. I know it can create additional gas for some but it doesn't for me so that is a personal experience.. and like I said don't even consider it until you are 4-5 months out if you think it may help.. some drop their cheese intake and definitely drop off on your carbs when your are stalled.. good luck! just don't get too frustrated as your body adjusts to the new schedule and calorie intake which for the first while I was told should be between 650-900/day if you can do that much, just work your way up..
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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    Thank you Ann, No worries and there is no such thing as a stupid question and there is such a thing as a stupid answer but I will try not to give you any It is one heck of a ride! Dropdeadweightdiva ... love the post, love your name, love the picture. I'm all ears for anything you have to say. It's so cool when vets stick around. Mostly, it's so helpful. Thank you for caring. Ann
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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    I used to tell people in my earlier stages to do all the research that you can, now I say research the big stuff for complications so you are informed but don't stress too much over the other stuff. There are so many resources online, especially people and everyone has a different experience from post op diet requirements, length of stages, stalls, tolerated foods, etc.. so you'll learn from personal experience as you go.. Just remember that we're all human and none of us are perfect all the time and this surgery is a huge help with keeping you on track and I recommend it wholeheartedly having been someone who did all the diets and did well for about 6 months and then I re-inflated to an even higher weight as we tend to do.. You will do great because this time you have a loud voice that will tell you when you've overstepped and make you 'feel' it immediately and it will follow you around and remind you how awful you felt and how good it can be when you do well!!
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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    I make a point of drinking all day long.. so when I am eating I don't crave fluids. My suggestion would be to have a decent sized drink about half an hour before you usually eat. Also if you find yourself craving fluids while you eat maybe have a yogurt or something that consistency during your meal so you kind of feel that texture but it will fill you up at the same time. I know for me I have learned that when I fall off the wagon onto the carb express I can eat a huge amount of food, especially chips and crackers..As much as this surgery is a tool it's not a cure and we still have to fight the head games. Also when I overdo carbs my head hunger jumps into full effect and I find myself drinking less than I do when I am focusing on Protein. So as much as I am not one of those 'no carbs' sleever.. I am aware that carbs are the devil, lol So just be aware of the carbs in the form of breads, Pasta, crackers.. i don't count carbs in yogurt, shakes etc as a rule in my daily intake.. I do still have a shake every morning for Breakfast and I add a scoop of Fiber to it and you will be surprised how much heavier that sits to help tide you over for the morning.. I also drink a butt load of nestea green tea zero and Powerade zero.. Agree with your doctor to move more but the thing people tend to forget about is weight training.. cpl days a week .. i can set you up with a program that takes 20minutes.. muscle burns fat so it really is an essential part of the process while you are trying to lose.. Also try to stay off the scale and take your measurements instead.. much more reliable tell as the scale will stay still but the inches will move..
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    HELP! Sleeved 8/27/14.....scale not moving!

    I use the term 'three week stall' because that tends to be when that first stall happens but for some it does so earlier or later.. as long as you follow your program it will drop pretty dramatically when it ends.
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    HELP! Sleeved 8/27/14.....scale not moving!

    Welcome to the 3 week stall.. don't fret it will move, just keep doing all the right things. You may want to take some measurements they are much more accurate than a scale will be.
  7. You need to make an appointment with your doctor.. it could be something more serious like a stricture.. at a month out you shouldn't have any issue keeping down fluids as long as you are sipping slowly. Sometimes new tummies don't like super cold or super hot so you could try the luke warm and room temperature angles and see it that helps.. Also lactose intolerance if you find it's dairy fluids that are an issue.. Good luck and hope you get some answers soon
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    Invest in a heating pad, I found it very soothing on those days when it hurts.. still use it for the occasional tummy ache . Welcome to the losers bench!!!
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    Post-op discomfort stories needed

    It depends on possible complications as well... if they can do it laproscopically then you are in better shape.. which is why it's so important to stick to the liquid pre-op so they don't need to open you up.. I had a drain for 2 weeks so that delayed my ability to go back to work.. but other than that I had minimal pain once I got home, just had to adjust for sleeping upright for the first little while.. Good luck!!!
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    Almost 1 yr post op-willing to mentor :)

    I started at 287 lbs. I focused the first 6 weeks on drinking and healing. I started taking Calcium citrate, Vitamin D and a prenatal vitamin daily once I was allowed to do so. Recently I stopped taking the calcium as my nutritionist and I decided that I consume a fair amount of calcium naturally on a daily basis so the extra is just not necessary for me. As far as boosting the weight loss...Initially to get my Protein in I used the typical shakes, bought skim milk powder and unflavoured Protein Powder to add to things. But worry less about protein for the first little while and more about getting in fluids because if you don't you'll find yourself dizzy, ditzy and the headaches are pretty unpleasant and will linger if you don't sip sip sip. lol I live in Canada so my access to some brands is more limited... I started out just walking on a daily basis and just increased the time and intensity week by week. Now, for me, walking is more of a nature thing as it doesn't bring my heart rate up enough to be effective the way I want it to be. But to start walking is a great way, just fill your ipod with music you love and that makes you feel good, and has an upbeat tempo to help keep you paced. Considering how early you are in this stage of your journey, right now worry less about the scale and more about healing and adjusting to your new diet.
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    I need sleever buddies.....

    If you are looking for someone that is post op to ask questions or seeking advice let me know
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    Buddy and Mentor? Sleeve date is October 1

    I had mine In November 2013 so will basically be a year out just before you have yours Ask away!
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    September 2014
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    From the album: dropdeadweightdiva

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    From the album: dropdeadweightdiva

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    From the album: dropdeadweightdiva

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    November buddies where are you?

    Keep in mind that sleeves are a more involved surgery than lapbands are... I hope you have some time coming to recover.. Good luck
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    Incision Infection

    I would definitely get a second opinion... I had a tiny opening of an incision post a different surgery and my doctor just had me keep an eye on it and it did close but it was not infected or visibly open like yours is.... she insisted that if it opened more to come in so she could take measures to close it.. you need to have someone else look at it good luck
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    Im New Here.

    Congratulations, mine's later this month and I can't wait. I hope your mashed potatoes go down and stay down for you. If you are interested in more peer support we have a 'secret' facebook group with 8 sleevers that share your date, just message me your email and I will add you Welcome to the site
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    Nov. 18Th Is Surgery Day!

    Reminder to hide your recent activity list on the left hand side of your fb profile , just hit the x beside an activity a few times and it will ask you to hide all... :-) this will ensure the invite to group does not show up there..
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    Surgery Tomorrow 11/11/13

    If you are interested click on my user and on profile page it gives you the option to 'message' then just send your fb email and i can add you. On your fb profile scroll down left hand side and hide your recent activity to ensure group invite does not show on it :-)
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    Surgery Tomorrow 11/11/13

    That's weird greersc.. haven't had that issue with any others..I'm very sorry.. it shouldn't have done that..i will look into it...now when you say your facebook page do you mean your home page or your profile page... because you can see group posts on your home page, but others on your friends list do not see them..they will see posts from their own groups on their home page that you don't see...?
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    Nov. 18Th Is Surgery Day!

    I just need your fb email :-)