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  1. Wow congratulations!

    I haven't been on for a long time. I had to go to Nj to be with my grandmother for her last few days. It's been a very sad time.

    I gained 5 pounds while there :( lost it as soon as I got home. Stayed still until Monday finally lost some. I'm only at 38 pounds. Your all doing so good! WTG

  2. Hi everybody!

    I have had a bad eating weekend! I still have no self control...well I do have better self control than before but not as good as I should

    You know those mini bite size twix snickers an Reese? We have them at work and for the past 4 days I've had 5 a day! I'm so frustrated with myself. U have nothing at home which is wonderful. But when I get real bust at work I'll grab a mini bite!.

    I lost 3 pounds last week and in thinking about deleting the scale this week.

    Glad Evernote is doing well!

  3. Hi hang!

    Well I'm down 30 pounds since day of surgery. I'm happy. I was hoping for more by now but I have to concentrate on the fact that it is coming off, I feel a thousand time better since the removal of my lap-band and I'm doing what I'm supposed to....for the most part!

    I think the only thing I am still doing wrong is eating faster than I should. 20 minutes is the average.

    I have a Protein Shake just about everyday.

    Have a great day everyone!

  4. You know we've done this before, the weight loss part, and i have only lost 1 pound this past week and 1 pound the week before. I'm trying hard not to get discouraged. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not going up and according to my dr I'm not getting enough calories in and that can cause the body to hold off losing. This sure isn't an easy journey but it never has been. I've stopped eating after dinner which is driving me crazy lol! I know it's my head not my tummy. I will have a sf ice pop if I really want something.

    We can't give up!

  5. Hi tomorrow I'm 5 weeks out! Went back to work Friday for a few hours. I'm still not getting enough calories or Protein in but trying. I went to the movies with the family today and had a tiny bit of popcorn. I'm so full! Don't think I'll be doing that again to soon protein is much more important! I'm thrilled not having my lap-band any longer! I had it for 8 years 2 totally unfilled.

  6. I forgot today was 1 month out! Yay for us!

    I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes last night! I feel human again!

    I have tried the laughing cow wedges and love them! 2 filled me up lol!

    I am trying really hard to not eat anything after dinner. So far hubby has agreed! Crunchy after dinner Snacks has been a habit in our home for years! I asked him to help me and not eat and so far 3 nights no munchies!

    I haven't tried crackers yet! Has anyone tried Pasta yet?

  7. Lucky and Bella that's awesome! I'm so happy to have my band out I could dance lol.

    I'm 4 weeks and starting soft foods. It's so wonderful to see a light at the end of the tunnel! 21 pounds since my pre-op appointment. I'm pretty happy with 20 pounds in 1 month! I just have to work on more calories and more protien.

  8. I had my revision to the sleeve on 1/13. 4 weeks ago today. I've lost 23 pounds and I love the feeling of not having the band! I can't explain it but I feel so much better without it.

    All the research I've done people seem to have great results with the sleeve. As of right now I'm very happy!