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  1. I'm trying to add this site to another device but I forgot my password. I have tried several times what I think my password is however it doesn't give me the option of lost password any suggestions I'm really frustrated!
  2. dlm59

    Going back to work?

    I'm looking forward to feeling normal again! Thanks!
  3. Yay MJM! Toofluffy your so funny about the cookies. I layed down the law and said no more cookies in this house ever again. I am so afraid of dumping! I sure hope my year continues.
  4. dlm59

    Going back to work?

    Thanks I'm still hurting quite a bit. I'm hoping to go back 1 or 2 weeks part time. I don't want to be a whimp though. My band was completely covered with scar tissue. The scar tissue even went over to my liver. Maybe that's why I hurt so much. :/
  5. Yay MJM! Glad everything went so well!!! God is good! Sleep good you need it.
  6. MJM I'm so sorry! I'm glad he is trying other options before the bypass. I will continue to pray for you. I love you positive attitude. Hang in there and all will be ok. Hugs! TooFluffy thanks for the suggestions! I never thought of those coffee creamer! Great idea!
  7. MJM please be sure to keep us updated. I will pray that everything goes good tomorrow. I would thing that it would be to soon to scar tissue but what do I know. I'm having a terrible time drinking my protein shakes, I have 2 sips and feel gross. Not sure what to do about that. I did make sugar free puddings and added protein powder to them. The problem is they are so small that I know I'm not getting much protein in them. I did buy some yogurt and laughing cow tonight maybe tomorrow will be better!
  8. Oh I'm having such a hard time with the protein shakes getting down! I do like oh yeah but some days I can't get the 2 whole shakes down. We had friends over for the Super Bowl and I had the 7 layer dip. Well really mainly the retried beans and some of the cheese. It was so yummy! The 1st thing I've liked since I have started purée. I've lost 24 pounds as of today. My PA says I need more calories to feel better. It's like a full time job between trying to get the water, calories and protein. I'm thinking of making some green smoothies and adding protein in them for something different.
  9. I can't figure out the blogging lol I guess I'm just a nerd lol
  10. DEEDEE! You do ROCK! We have so much to gain and we are not losing anything! I've been on this journey before with my lap-band. It isn't a "piece of cake" lol however it is a lout easier with our tool. Once we start to try other foods you will soon learn that tastes are a lot better. 1bite of something will satisfy those screaming desires. But the main thing is the head and for me the nose! Thinking about that cinnamon bun and smelling it as it bakes is very hard. What I have done in the past and am doing now is thinking about the fact that it smells good, BUT, I'm not really hungry for it. Becoming aware of our feeling of hunger and satisfaction, thoughts and desires, and smells. That's the part we have to feed on. It's not easy but in a few months when the new spring cloths come out and we can walk into any store and try on anything we want. That's the exciting time! It's right around the corner for all of us! We have a tool we are on a honeymoon right now and wow it's awesome. But when our honeymoon is over and we are in situations that are tempting we need to stop and think what's going on with our emotions. On a lighter note last night I went to the movies with my husband and son. I sat in the middle they both had popcorn with butter on it. I would have loved even 1 bite lol. But I picked up my Oh Yeah Protein shake and sipped away.
  11. This sounds good! I have been trying to be wheat free low sugar on and off for 2 years. This is a great recipe for that! Thanks for sharing!
  12. You all are too high tech for me! I'm not able to find any of you or even how to start one on here.
  13. I'm so excited I had potato soup for dinner! 1/4 of a cup but it was so yummy. Are any of you doing a 1/2 cup? I couldn't do it longer than 20 minutes. And I just couldn't get my 64+ gm protein in today. But my tummy is happy!
  14. dlm59

    band to sleeve

    That's so exciting. The 13th will be here before you know it. Good luck!
  15. Tomorrow I go for my follow up. I forgot to check the scale! I'm still not able to do much without pain on my side and slight shortness of breath. Looking forward to appointment tomorrow. I'm liking yogurt! Can't find whipped cottage cheese in the stores lol I tried whipping it myself and it turned to soup! Oh well.
  16. I'm so sick of protein drinks! Yesterday I even felt sick while drinking them. Any suggestions?
  17. Wow 7000 steps a day that's awesome! I have no idea what I'm at.
  18. dlm59

    NC buddy

    Oh Charlotte buddies I'm in Weddington/Waxhaw area how about you?
  19. You sound exactly like me! We will get better!
  20. Had surgery last Monday 1/13. I had the Lap-band removed and a lot of scar tissue removed. I now am happy to have the sleeve. I am feeling good over all a little better everyday. However when I walk I get a horrible pain by my large incision which goes around to my back and a lot of time I scream. I don't have any pain when I'm resting just soreness. I didn't call drs office today now I'm wondering if I should. Has anyone else had this kind of pain?
  21. Oh my goodness. I love your great attitude!
  22. MJM you have a lot going on! You need to cut yourself some slack and stay far away from grapes or any other foods at this point! Have you tried green smoothies with unflavored protein powder? I just brought injury from my drs office. My husband mixed it in jello for me and it was fine. The protein is the hardest part but it will help you with hunger and healing. I love oh yeah shakes strawberry and cookies and creme are my favorites. They have 32 gm protein in them. See if you can find unflavored ungury online maybe your best bet. Don't worry about he skin today cross that road when it's time too. I know that's easier said than done but try your best. If you worry to much about that now you could sobitague your immediate goals. Good luck and be careful!
  23. dlm59

    band to sleeve

    I wish I could explain the difference I have without the band! I am so happy it's out. I can feel a difference even with the sips that we have take. I'm 9 days out and very excited about the future. Good luck tomorrow Dominki!
  24. Oh how scary to get blood clots. Did you land up back in the hospital for a few days? I went to see the Dr today he wanted to make sure everything was ok with my pain. Everything was fine no hernia. He said the pain is a combination of gas constipation and the large incision. So he changed my pain meds and told me to use a heating pad and gas X. Thanks so much for your concern!
  25. Hazel, I have no idea how you can go back to work already! Good for you! I see the dr later today. Insure hoping he says I can start purée sooner than Monday!