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    I did a bad bad thing.

    I for one applaud your honesty - don't give up on this site or more importantly - YOURSELF! I am sending you a big fat hug!
  2. Oh mY Gosh - I need this answer too!! I have had H-Pylori in the past and Dr wanted an Upper Gi done. No H-p but hiatal hernia and reflux. Never had heartburn in my life! Now due to this, i may not be able to have the surgery! YES - I am freaking as I have been working so hard for this! Dr. called this am and now I have to see my GI doc and have an upper endoscopy. This hinges on my actually have the sleeve! Grrrrrrrrr!!
  3. Did you all have reflux before?
  4. Oh NO! Halloween Baby - please keep me posted! I wish you luck!
  5. Today I had 3 Appts ( medical director - NUT and exercise physiologist). A few weeks ago i had an upper GI. It showed a hiatal hernia and intermittent reflux. Mind you I have never had heartburn. The medical director now wants me to see their something something specialist because this may impact my surgery. The hernia is not the issue - it is the reflux. Has anyone had this issue and did they still proceed with your surgery? Kinda freaking here! On a good note - I lost 12 pounds (15 to go for goal of surgery) and the ex person was impressed w/ my "walk" test! Any help would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU
  6. chefcoll


    Ohhhh OK! thank you!
  7. chefcoll


    I have read about this on here alot today. Would some kind soul share what this is?
  8. chefcoll

    Day of surgery photo

    Best of luck!
  9. chefcoll


    I just came from my upper GI (YUK) and they told me I had a hiatal hernia. They also said this may impact whether I have the surgery or not. Feeling very frustrated! Has anyone incurred this? TIA
  10. chefcoll


    Any idea how long it lengthened the surgery time?
  11. chefcoll

    Surgery Eve

    Best of luck!
  12. chefcoll


    "They" was the Dr who did the procedure. Thank you everyone - I now have a bit of hope!
  13. chefcoll

    Guess what? Shingles and surgery don't mix

    Oh my Gosh! You poor thing! Talk about courage!
  14. Gosh - sometimes i am so jealous of those of you that have your surgery quick! The center that I belong to is very very strict (which I appreciate and all), but one does not even have an appt w/ the surgeon until you meet SEVERAL requirements AND lose 8% of your body fat. I have been trying VERY hard and DRASTICALLY changed my eating habits and have only lost 7 pounds! Just very frustrated today!
  15. You all got this! Just think how different your life will be in 24 - 48 hours!
  16. Good Luck! How was your upper GI? i have mine this week?
  17. " A low carb diet uses up the stores of glucogen and helps clear out the fatty deposits. " Catherine707 do you know how long this takes?
  18. chefcoll

    Pre-Op 13th day

    You sound sooo ready! Good Luck!
  19. chefcoll

    Doing their job

    After over a month of phone calls back and forth w/ my PCP to be sure they sent all of my info to my bariatric center, I physically went there myself and stood right beside the nurse until she faxed it over and then made her call them to be sure she sent all of the right info! I guess we need to remember this is OUR priority - not anybody else's!
  20. chefcoll

    Breaking the news! HELP!

    Oh mY Gosh - I am so glad you posted this! I am sorta in the same boat! Just started this past July. My center is VERY strict as well - which I am glad about. Cannot even see surgeon until you lose 8%! Grrrr! I have only told 3 pple and i am slowly telling a few others. Also because they are other "life" things i should be attending to but I have my mandatory mtgs. I for one believe you should be honest w/ your boss and if she is any kind of a good boss or friend, she will be nothing but supportive. Ask her to PLEASE keep this between the two of you. If an alcoholic had to attend mtgs, I do not think bosses can share that info w/ others!! Stay in touch - we shall go thru this together!
  21. chefcoll

    Are you FREAKING kidding me?!?

    Well I think you look beautiful!

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