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  1. chefcoll

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    You got this Andrew0929!!
  2. chefcoll

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Surgery 12/10. Had my Nut appt today. Went well - basically protein drinks and one diet/frozen meal for two weels prior. I can have Turkey and veggies for Thanksgiving, so i am happy! I have been drastically cutting back on food anyway so i am not too worried. Have to keep up with the gym and walking - i cannot gain an ounce or they will cancel the surgery. But i am now down 8 pounds below my magic number so i have a bit if a cushion! PHEWwwww - Down a total of 34.9 since August. Now to keep at it! Thank you everyone for all of your tips and ideas!
  3. First off - breathe and think of the wonderful end results! Second i thought i would be doing a "treadmill" test and i ended up walking around a room - no big deal! CONGRATS on your decision!
  4. Both my surgeoun and nurse said quite a few times - if i gain = no surgery! Going to be a long, hard month!
  5. Soooo I have been involved in a Bariatric Center of Excellence since August. They do a ton of testing and have lots of mandatory meetings, which is fine. I have learned a lot. Last month my upper GI showed signs of reflux. Due to that, they then wanted an upper endoscopy. Yesterday I had a meeting with the surgeon. She was amazing! Talked to my husband and I for over and hour. Bottom line is this: I cannot have the "regular" bypass due to Crohn's disease. She is apprehensive about doing the sleeve because of my reflux. She said if I then have severe problems with the reflux after, they do not have a back-up plan. They cannot go back and do the gastric. She said it could be a horrible, awful way to live - very painful, could lead to Barratts /cancer or a feeding tube! OR - I could end up fine with no problems! She is not taking it lightly and said neither should I. As it stands now, she wants me to give this surgery a lot more thought and she is going to talk with my GI specialist. Then we will meet again next Wednesday. I was so upset. I thought i already had my decision made! Guess not, now knowing all of these possibilities! I feel like I cannot make a decision until they both talk as they are the experts. Soooo I am wondering if ANYONE else has been in this situation? I cannot believe how much i have learned from all of the generous people on this site! I pray one day i am able to give back! On a side note... I made "weight" for my surgery! Down 29 pounds in 11 weeks! Thank you everyone!
  6. chefcoll

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I am Dec 10th in NH!
  7. goldilox - YES i do have Crohn's. After my surgeoun spoke w/ my GI specialist - she felt better about the sleeve. I am full steam ahead! Dec 10th!
  8. MCM13 - she did not. but she did say she is going to make my size a bit larger and hopefully this will help. After she spoke w/ my GI she felt better about doing the surgery but not 100%. I appreciate her honesty. Taking into considerartion all risks...I am going for it! December 10th!
  9. After much soul searching, tests, appointments, required meetings, working out, walking, DIETS and debates, I am officially part of a group on here! Please welcome me to the December sleevers - December 10th to be exact! I cannot thank all of the generous people on this forum for the encouragement, support and giving of their time to all of us. I pray I will be able to give some of this back! Met with my surgeon today, after she spoke w/ my GI specialist and she felt more comfortable after speaking with him than she did last week. I know this is a risk (due to Crohn's and reflux), but it is also a risk to not do this! NOW, the nerves begin!!
  10. As we say in New England....WICKED AWESOME!!!!
  11. chefcoll

    So Happy Today :)

  12. I have Asymptomatic reflux - meaning it shows up on GI and endosc but i have no symptoms! Met with the surgeon last Wednesday and she is reluctant to do the sleeve b/c of this. I cannot have gastric b/c of Crohn's disease. The surgeon wanted to talk to my GI specialist and i go back this Wednesday for a "final answer"!
  13. Thank you all soooo much! A lot to consider. I will keep you all posted on my visit Wednesday!
  14. chefcoll

    December 2013 Sleevers

    Praying to be part of this group! I find out tomorrow!!
  15. chefcoll

    day1 post op

    Can only get better from here on!
  16. chefcoll

    Pre pre pre-op

    Today just may be the first step to a lifetime of happiness for you! You reached out for help! YEAHHhhh YOU!
  17. chefcoll

    15 lbs to lose b 4 surgery

    I have found that walking has truly helped me.
  18. sending you a big positive hug. Do not risk hurting yourself!
  19. chefcoll

    Monday October 28th

    I look at surgery as being able to take a nap! Best of luck to you!

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