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  1. I did the Liquid pre-op (except for the Wedding Reception 4 days before) and could not think about eating for days after Surgery. I was not hungry at all, but I did miss chewing something in the worst way. The advice concerning Acid levels and Ketosis are also VERY well stated - and checking these is a request that it seems you should consider. Remember that your journey is Just Starting. Your head can wander in all sorts of directions, so keep your eyes on the prize! It's not the changes in the next week, but the next year that truly matter. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!! You had the courage to go through with the surgery, so you DO have the courage to go through the recovery!
  2. BigDog Bryan

    why did i bother to tell my friends UGH

    They may be afraid of the new you - not everyone is confident enough to welcome new competition! Feel Great for YOU- not bad for them
  3. BigDog Bryan

    3.5 years out slippery slope

    Back to Basics - for me that mean Back to Protein Shakes. They are now as much a part of my routine as Water and Coffee. Make sure that your vitamins are also up to your new requirements. Keep Calm and Eat Well
  4. I am about 18 months out and the weight loss has slowed down considerably. Not to work, I am EXTATIC to have lost a full size man, even as I have a ways to go before my goal. The Victory I am writing about is this - My 21 Year Old Son (College Lacrosse Player with about 5% body fat) borrowed a pair of shorts from me AND THEY FIT HIM!!!!! There are many victories on the Weight Loss Journey, and the scale in only one of them!
  5. BigDog Bryan

    Is Eating Fruit Like Eating Candy?

    I swear by the Dried Cherries from CVS - at work, they have been a short-term solution for needing a lunch on the run. Takes the edge off, and it tastes great.
  6. BigDog Bryan


    I did the "Last Meal" thing as well. My thought at the time was "I will NEVER have a sandwich again....". I went to my favorite Bagel & Deli for a Taylor Ham & Cheese. I Did savor the meal, yes. I say all of that to disclose this - now I can NOT Stand the taste of Taylor Ham. I do still stop by the Deli occasionally, but the scooped out Bagel with Chicken Salad will last a full day or more. WLS has taught me to enjoy the TASTE without requiring the VOLUME. It has freed me to actually enjoy the flavors that are in foods, and make better choices (Salmon -v- Hamburger), and be HAPPY with removing some foods from my diet forever (Rice, Processed Deli Meats, greasy meats, etc.) without looking back in regret or "showing willpower". Change has been VERY VERY GOOD to me. Don't Stress, be excited for your New Life Journey
  7. BigDog Bryan

    I miss fooood

    Enjoy the Flavors, not the Volume. It is an ongoing education for each of us to learn what it means to be full and what a "full meal" looks like now. The learning NEVER stops, but being able to sit at a booth in a diner NEVER gets old!
  8. BigDog Bryan

    Losing inches no weight

    This is what happens VERY often in a stall. I have lost a pants size (it seems to be the lower body that loses the most inches) without the scale moving at all. It seems to be a part of the periodic adjustments that your body makes to its new stomach and energy levels. Check the "Embrace the Stall" thread to see more.
  9. BigDog Bryan

    Judgmental ppl

    Keep it QUIET, since she is so opinionated. You don't need ANY negative energy going into the surgery and in the first 3+ weeks of recovery. When you get back to "regular food" you can revisit the topic. Until then, let her wonder about how you are losing so much and feeling so much better!
  10. BigDog Bryan

    Very New and Scared

    There are FAR More success stories than there are failures. People may not want to brag about hearing that someone lost 100+ pounds and are healthier than they have been in 25 years. Generally speaking, you will find that MANY of your friends do NOT have the courage to make real and lasting changes in their own lives. When you talk about your surgery, you may be reminding them that they are unable to change their own lives, so they are MUCH more comfortable keeping you from showing your courage and changing their little world that you are a round and controllable part of. Change scares people, whether they realize it of not, so don't let their fear change you! You have already been through a LOT in your life, and you DESERVE a chance at a healthier life going forward. The liberation of coming off of medications after surgery (went into the hospital on 4 medications, came out on 2 - and the remaining doses were reduced to their lowest levels) is an immediate boost to your psychology, so embrace it. When you tell anyone that you are having this surgery, do it to inform them, not to affirm you. God Bless
  11. It sounds like gas related pains. Are you taking a heartburn medication (Prilosec OTC or some Omeprasol product) daily? It is VERY important to get this first thing in the morning every day for at least the first year after surgery (I still take one - habit I guess). Also, check with your surgical team to see if there are other things you be doing or addressing. It will get better for you, and your new life will begin again!
  12. First off, CONGRATULATIONS! There are a host of revelations coming your way as more changes occur. The next revelation will be that you will become a size that you don't have ANY clothes for. You will see people that don't recognize you at first glance. Be VERY Excited and embrace the Journey to the RESET in your life!
  13. BigDog Bryan

    How much did you lose...

    I advise ANYONE to look at percentages, not pounds! I lost 15% of my goal weight loss on the first month, then it slowed down a bit. I hit a stall after about 4 months, but it broke after 3+ weeks of Protein intake and walking. A second stall was broken by emergency hernia surgery in July. As of now (14+ months out), I have lost 60% of my goal, and the rate is still about 10-12 pounds per month. Seeing huge numbers can be discouraging if you think you should have lost 100 pounds in 6 months because you read about someone else and their journey. I would not have lost 130 pounds so far if my goal was to lose 150 pounds total. I've had MY numbers because of where I started, not because there is a magic schedule that calls for 50 pounds in 6 the first weeks, regardless of where you start at where you want to go. Everyone is different, but ALL of us are healthier for the decision to have the surgery and commit to the Real Changes that it demands.
  14. BigDog Bryan

    Protein Supplements

    I get mine from the Vitamin Shoppe, their store brand is Body Tech. Whatever you choose, make sure that the supplement gives you over 20 grams of Protein per serving without a lot of sugars. Their WheyTech Pro 24 has 24 grams of Protein and only 1 gram of sugar. It is reasonably priced, and the Cookies and Crème is GREAT in Iced Coffee!!
  15. I am EXTATIC with my WLS Surgery decision, and I have had no real complications to speak of. Recently, however, I have developed a nerve pain (sort of a burning, numbing pain) in the quadriceps and hip area of my left thigh. It is localized, and never goes to or past my knee. Additionally, my right leg is just fine. I had the well-known numbness that many with morbid obesity learn to adapt to, and it disappeared after I lost my first 35-40 pounds. This seems to be a different pain in that it doesn't ever truly go away. Standing does intensify it, but walking is less of a discomfort. Sitting for 2-5 minutes is like a "reset button" that allows me to continue with normal activities. I found reference to Meralgia Paraesthetica online, but this forum has become a vital resource as well. Any similar experiences and/or solutions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, BigDogBryan
  16. BigDog Bryan

    Sleeve and hiatal hernia

    I had a Very Large hernia (about the size of a plum), and was 200 pounds overweight. As a result, the decision was to wait until I got to my 2nd Milestone (250 lbs.) and then make the hernia surgery a 1-time fix. The surgery team, and a lot of , stated that hernias often recur when there is too much pressure on the mesh insert (a REAL risk for a large hernia, like mine). After 100 pounds gone, however, I developed an intestinal block, and the hernia was removed as emergency surgery. The only downside has been that even though I feel fine, I can't return to training or bike riding until January. I was advised to give the scar tissue about 6 months to fully seal in the mesh patch. Remember that my experience is based on a LARGE hernia. If yours is small, the wait may not be necessary.
  17. BigDog Bryan

    You know you lost weight when

    When you do the math and realize that you've lost over a foot from your waistline. When the first digit on the waist went from a 4 to a 3, it was life-changing (Started as a 52, now a 38). Funny that stores now seem to have a boatload of jeans and pants in my Old sizes (44 x 30 seems to be popular at WalMart)
  18. BigDog Bryan

    50lbs down!

    CONGRATULATIONS - A Milestone on your journey has been reached!!!!! Keep it going
  19. On October19th, 2015 the waist was a 52. A bit over 9 months later, it just dropped to a 38. I just had surgery on my hernia (Emergency, to address a blockage) and I had to ask the Doctors if they were using a different operating table - they were not. Why, in October of 2015 it looked like a bed slat. 2 weeks ago, it looked like a table that I could fit on!!!
  20. BigDog Bryan

    2 1/2 weeks Post Sleeve and I Keep Messing Up

    Chopped Fruit in a small food processor (I used frozen fruit) gave me something to chew and was easy to tolerate. Pacing yourself with these treats is a NECESSITY, so use a teaspoon. Also, check to see how much Protein you are taking in each day - it's THAT important. Red Pepper Hummus was also very helpful, and still is. Hang in there and keep going!
  21. I have found that Protein and Fluids are FAR more important than the daily calorie count. I don't miss a 50 gram Protein shake ever! It got me through my stall and it helps a LOT with the hunger between meals (late afternoon for me). Make sure that your protein intake is good and then worry about the calories. Use a good quality Protein powder mix and enjoy your journey. I also focus on my relationship with food, rather than stressing over a calorie counter. Everything seems to revolve around my shake, my Vitamins, and my Water bottle. Better choices and a careful eye on my food diary are working for me, and they may for you as well.
  22. BigDog Bryan


    Since I wasn't taking anything in, I wasn't pressing to get anything out. It took about 3-4 days, as I recall. Check with your surgeon in the next few days - just to be sure.
  23. BigDog Bryan

    7 months post surgery

    2 things (I just had my 6-month Surgiversary) - 1 Are you taking a Prilosec or some other version of Omeprasol each morning? This has been CRUCIAL for me - 2 Monitor what you are eating with a food diary. Certain foods that were fine before are no longer agreeing with you. These are different for each patient, so check your diary to see (Rice and Mashed Potatoes are now forbidden for me, but cheese is still fine). Also make sure that you are still getting your Vitamins and Protein supplements as prescribed by your Nutritionist / Doctor. Hope it helps
  24. I was told that the surgery alone would get me to about 75%-80% of my goal. The remainder would require an exercise plan and a fair amount of sweat, in addition to the new eating habits to cross the finish line. Be prepared to do the work and you will receive your reward!!
  25. BigDog Bryan

    Any bike riders out there?

    I'm in the process of buying a bike, and things have REALLY changed in the last few years. I went to my local bike shop, and they had me sit on a cushion that measured my sit bone spacing. The racing seats come in widths to match your bones, not your butt - a HUGE step forward from the last time I was riding. If you want a road bike, look for what they now call Adventure of Gravel bikes. They look like road race bikes, but they will take a much wider tire and tend to have a better ride. These bikes will hold a rider up to 350-365 pounds. A touring bike may even go to 400, so you do have choices. If you are looking for a mountain bike, try the new fat tire (4" wide) bikes. they are insanely comfortable and a lot of fun to ride. Your local shop can be a huge help, unless they are a bunch of skinny-mini snobs. If that's the case, find another shop with a staff of helpful humans - no sticks tolerated. I am getting a gravel bike and spending too much, but since I used to ride quite a bit, I fully expect to be hooked on it once again. Whatever you do, just enjoy your journey and your time in the outdoors this spring and summer. Enjoy

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