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  1. Im 33 no kids(want them something terrible) my awesome husband has a spunky 6 almost 7 yr old son. I've been throwing the idea of wls around in my head for over 3 yrs and now that i am actually in the process im kinda scared shitless....any who I've been on thyroid meds for over 6 yrs they promised the pills would work then it was oh u have pcos then metabolic syndrome and on top of that u r well over weight for your height not to mention crazy cycles bleeding for 35-60 days an then not at all...for some reason when i went in for my first consultation with the surgeon i thought for sure they would have some reason for why i didn't qualify for sleeve procedure....low an behold he said yes that was july 25th....he says u need to quit smoking an lose some weight ....anyone else know how hard that is???? Its becoming a reality and i might actually get a child of my own(oops sorry hun ours). Has anyone worked so hard for something then when u realize it could come true u fall apart and wonder if u will be any good at what you've wanted for what seems like an eternity.....my poor husband has been on a rollercoster and he never bought a ticket!!! Thanks to all that see this and don't think im totally nuts


    I too have PCOS and have been struggling for years with the abnormal menstrual cycles. There has been times I gone 90 days so that is definitely one of my primary reasons I had to choose this aggressive approach to lose the weight. I'm so glad for this forum bc I've been having similar thoughts of actually feeling unsure a out having kids since there will be actually a chance now I can...it's so weird...bc i also have a 13yr old stepson and i would love the opportunity to have a child with my hubby...but I'm hoping that this year will be my last crazy "aunt flow" cycle and I can begin to live "normal". So I pray that as you progress that you choose what will be best for you and if u decide on not wanting a child that's okay too.

  2. I totally agree...Yesterday I was doing Water aerobics and there were chicks who were all "dolled-up" and were looking for guys to meet...I'm like what happened to "happy hour" and why are spending some much money to be picked up...WEIRD!