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  1. Diamond Dallas Page is a retired professional wrestler who maintains his health through yoga. He says that all throughout hs career, he has never lifted weights in his life. He has several yoga videos on Youtube and has a website too. http://www.diamonddallaspage.com/ It Ain't Your Mama's Yoga!
  2. Miss Mac

    Eating Disorder - Bulimia

    You may as well take advantage of any service your team has to offer. They can't undo your sleeve, so the worst a therapist can do is give you geief over not saying something early on. One of the best ways to avoid triggers and fails is planning. This helps you be properly stocked in the kitchen so that you have the right choices at hand. It is really hard to binge on boiled eggs, but boy oh boy I could eat a full bag of potato chips in a few minutes. There is no disgrace in asking for help. Hang around here for moral support.
  3. Miss Mac

    Who the hell do you think you are?

    Ask her to tell you everything she knows about bariatric surgery. Chances are it won't be much. Then give her your surgeon's phone number and tell her to call him and say how she disagrees with his diagnosis.
  4. Miss Mac

    How Do You Stay Cool Without Ice Cream?

    Equal amounts of plain Greek yogurt and ricotta cheese blended with vanilla extract and artificial sweetener does it for me. It's cold and creamy and tastes even better with berries in it.
  5. Miss Mac

    Workout routine update - vanity or helpful?

    Do it. Proper form is as good as the workout effort itself. Hopefully she sees it as supportive.
  6. Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think. It is no secret here that bariatric surgery reveals the raw dynamics of our relationships. Ultimately it is your body, your health, your longevity and quality of life that are at stake. Thank goodness that you are a woman fully grown who can make her own healthcare decisions without anyone's approval. I had family support, but others that have not have suggested options such as inviting the doubters to attend appointments with them. Hopefully his change of mind is due to concerns about complications and not a control issue. My mean ol' rotten ex-husband gave me mixed messages all the time. He would constantly give me flak about my weight, but as soon as I would lose that first fifteen pounds, here came the fresh Krispy Kreme donuts through the front door. Once we were at the supermarket and I reached over to put a bag of potatoes in the cart. He made a scene right there about how I was too fat and should not be eating potatoes. A couple of aisles over he put ice cream in the cart and then Cookies and cheesecake. He would also tell me he was sick and tired of looking at my fat ugly face and then yell at me for ruining every meal with vegetables! You can see why he is an ex. I am one of those people who tried two or three diets every year. After I had a stroke, I decided I just couldn't lose weight without help. There is no disgrace in asking for help. Be prepared for a wild ride. Educate him as much as you can and then dig in your heels. Stand your ground. There are more than just a few reasons why we get this marvelous tool to get healthy Here are 1, 347 reason very good reasons to get bariatric surgery. This forum is a gift of support. I wish you the best. http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/219831-what-was-your-final-straw-that-broke-the-camels-back/?hl=%20final%20%20straw
  7. Miss Mac


    Most of us are back on regular cooked foods at four to six weeks. I agree that you need to choose a dress that can be altered easily. Congratulations.
  8. Having a smaller tummy helps. Right now you are still coping with a beast of a stomach that wants what it wants. With a smaller tummy, post-op nausea, and taste perceptions changing, you get a break from feeding the beast. Those several weeks / months of downtime gives you the advantage of learning how to eat healthy foods in reasonable portions. Hard as you may try, there is likely no way you will be able to heap a plate at Thanksgiving and go back for seconds plus dessert. Your tastebuds may change. Things you hated you now love. Foods you loved you now hate. Your tastebuds have to adjust just like your appetite does. My obesity was taste driven. I wanted more because the original serving tasted so good. Once you have lost that first 50 pounds you will have more energy to exercise. As you gain confidence and strength, you will want to value that progress by not messing it up. You have come this far, so good luck with an uncomplicated recovery. Come here for moral support.
  9. Miss Mac

    URGENT--advice needed

    When you are ready to proceed, you could consider the bariatric team at the Loyola University Medical Center at 719 West North Avenue, in Maywood, Illinois. They are on the Gottleib Hospital property in a separate small building close to Wendy's. Their main number is: 1-708-538-6733 They did my sleeve in December 2013. The whole team is top notch and treated me very well. My bariatrician was Dr. Jessica Bartfield, nutritionist was Ashley, then Lauren, my pych was Dr. Wool, and the surgeon was DR. Bipan Chand. Here is some info on him: https://www.loyolamedicine.org/doctor/bipan-chand The team is coordinated, efficient, and kind. Since I live in a far south suburb of Chicago and traveled an hour for my appointments, they stacked appointments for me so that I could see everyone on the same trip. My recovery was textbook and not bad at all. They kept me informed and prepared for each new step in the process. I wish you good luck and good health.
  10. Miss Mac

    Feeling defeated

    Perfect timing for the third week stall. Your journey is just starting, so keep in mind that that stalls are like lovers: Your first will probably not be your last.
  11. Document and make copies of every conversation and transaction concerning this. My experience as both a hiring manager and a property manager taught me this one thing: The one with the most documentation wins!
  12. Miss Mac

    Mashed potatoes

    Anything dense just sits like lead.
  13. Miss Mac

    Swelling from IV?

    I was puffy all over from the volume of IV fluids, but not just in one localized spot like that. Usually, an IV may leave me with a gnarly bruise where the needle was, but nothing like you are describing. Give your doctor a "heads up" on this one.
  14. Miss Mac

    No preop liquid diet

    I have heard of it. Some docs just go with the standard "nothing to eat or drink after midnight". Mine was ten days.
  15. Miss Mac

    Mad at myself

    The more Protein I eat, the less I want carbs. One thing I realized through this whole process is that I already was pretty much an expert on nutrition because of all the other diets and programs I had tried. My problem is that, like a petulent child, I did not want to to give up the grease, salt and sugar that came with everything I was eating and drinking. You gotta want it it Darlin'. You gotta want it so badly that you don't give a flying fig what someone else is eating in front of you. Take all that money you are spending on factory made edibles (I just can't call them food) and save it to buy new clothes as the pounds come off. Think of the montrous incomes and bonuses paid to the executives of the corporations that produce pop, Cookies, candy, chips, orange mac and cheese in a little blue box......all of that, and think of how it has impacted your health while enriching their pockets. It can be their money or your money. They were getting rich while my spine was collapsing under my weight. They were getting rich while I had a stroke. They were getting rich when my knees were being replaced because they could not hold my weight. You need to grab that bull of indulgence by the horns and show it who's boss. Each lttle success will enbolden you more and more. Here is a link to my favorite thread. To date, it has 1,340 reasons why the rest of decided to take charge of our health and get bariatric surgery. http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/219831-what-was-your-final-straw-that-broke-the-camels-back/?hl=%20final%20%20straw Hang around here for moral support. I wish you the best.
  16. Miss Mac

    I am sad today. Disappointing realization.

    In the meantime get a headstart with these basic principle that most of us have to adopt anyway........ Eat lean Protein first and plenty of it...then non-starchy veggies.....then if you want dessert it needs to be an apple and not apple pie for example. Do not eat anything made in a factory. Drink Water until your eyeballs float. Do not become part of the sofa.
  17. Miss Mac

    Refried beans

    My recommendation for all foods at the beginning was 1/3 cup.
  18. I have been on here 2 1/2 years and have never heard of this approach. My own surgeon developed the bariatric program for the Cleveland Clinic and is now the head of the bariatric clinic at Loyola University Medical Center where I got sleeved. He teaches gastro-intestinal, bariatric and robotic surgery. He had me on 60 grams of Protein from day one.
  19. Miss Mac

    Runny nose after eating

    I still have all of that at 12 1/2 years. Usually, it is sneezing six times.
  20. If you have an option, I would wait until I was at least on soft foods. You will not have much energy yet and could fatigue more easily than you would otherwise.
  21. Miss Mac

    Things that make me fart.

    peanut butter
  22. Miss Mac

    Epic Weekend!

    Ride 'em Cowgirl!!!!
  23. Miss Mac

    Help please. WASHINGTON

    I would call one of those bariatric centers mentioned by the others here and ask them if they would recommend a doctor who is bariatric - friendly.
  24. Me too. It's easier, I can navigate more positions, and I feel better about myself and not so self-conscious. We even leave the light on now.
  25. Amy Schumer is closer to my goal than Gwenth Paltrow. meat is for the man and bone is for the dog.