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saffikeagan 8/31/13

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  1. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Lots of questions...please help!

    Yup, just using that money now for medical preventative care vs in 20 years for insulin, BP meds, Cholesterol meds, etc.
  2. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Lots of questions...please help!

    I dipped into my retirement. I think it worth it. If I can't get this weight off permanently, there will be no point saving for retirement.
  3. Dr. Fernando Garcia Govea works with Ready 4 A Change and Alma is the coordinator. There is also a different Dr. I--- Garcia. But that's not who we are talking about.
  4. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Where's the best place for broth in Tj?

    If in Tj, one must eat Fish Tacos! They are supposed to be the best anywhere! I'm so sad that I won't be able to try them
  5. I decided on Dr. Garcia based on my "Gut"
  6. When was the last time you visited a dentist of eye doctor? Perhaps it's time!
  7. saffikeagan 8/31/13


    Didn't realize that B ) would show as
  8. saffikeagan 8/31/13


    Exactly, so long as I've got something easy and quick, I'm good. but easy and quick and needing to sate the hunger of my pre-op stomach is hard.
  9. saffikeagan 8/31/13


    In addition, one serving of 99c beans from Taco bell is relatively healthy and vegan. So, that would be something that post sleeve would be "fast food" but easy and healthy. A salmon and broccoli dinner at Chilli's is totally delish! I'm hoping post-sleeve, that will last me 2-3 meals instead of one. One grilled tillapia taco could be a full meal for 2.99! I love healthy food. I just need A) find it and eat small enough quantities in which it is affordable for every meal. I have no problem cracking open a tin of black beans and gnawing on some raw broccoli for a meal. But when meal means "full can of beans, a head of broccoli, and something else to satisfy the hunger" it gets hard.
  10. saffikeagan 8/31/13


    I have no problem with left-overs!
  11. saffikeagan 8/31/13


    I'm hoping that with eating less, I will need to cook less. Also, I'm hoping that I can afford expensive healthy food from places like "whole foods" as my per meal/per dollar spent will be lower. I also need to change my way of living. I'm hopeful that the sleeve will help me. When I was on Medifast, one thing of Tofu was one day's serving of the lean and green. With the sleeve hopefully, one thing of tofu will be 3 days worth of lean. That will cut down on the amount I have to cook.
  12. saffikeagan 8/31/13


    I do not believe I'm a food addict. I have a friend who is just a little heavier than me who is. She snacks and eats junk constantly. Instead I'm just a lazy idiot. I live alone, hate shopping, and have better things to do with my time than cooking and doing dishes. Alas it's near impossible to find quick cheap healthy food. It's so much easier to fill up on fast food. Alas, I'll get so sick of eating junk that I won't want to eat; yet, I still get hungry. I do a good job of eating healthy when I'm shopping and cooking. I love veggies, tofu, beans, etc. I did a whole food plant based diet for two months and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THE FOOD. But it required a lot of cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. I know that's going to be the hardest part for me: finding healthy quick food to eat. I'm hopeful that I will be able to afford healthy quick yuppie foods post-op because I won't be needing to eat as much. One yuppie $10 salad will be 3 meals instead of 1/2 of one. The other part, is that fast food will fill me up only temporarily and leave me hungry 2 hours later. Science has shown that's a combo of fat, salt, and carbs which creates a craving to eat more. So, the next meal I eat more trying to make it last until it's time for the next meal. It's a downward spiral. I could easily go the rest of my life without eating any one food: chocolate-no addiction, chips-no addiction, ice cream-no addiction, red meat-bleh, caffeine-addiction!
  13. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Alma with Ready 4 A Change

    LOL Jesser
  14. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    TJ Mariott over Labor Day Weekend

    No one is going to be spending Labor Day weekend with me?
  15. Larinea was just on chat. She speaks spanish. She's more than happy to have you join her in your adventure!
  16. Lareina007 Joined:Today, 8:01 PM Posts:1 posts Topics:0 Patient Info:View my profile Posted 12 minutes ago My surgery is August 9 with DrLopez, anyone else that day? Like This Quote MultiQuote
  17. 8/9 seems to be a popular day. I'm sure you can meet with other sleevers in the SAN airport and go in a large group. Would that make you Father feel better? Have you checked out the August sleevers topic and connected with those peep?
  18. When are you going? and where do you live?
  19. Yup. Someone told me that TJ is safe unlike the Texas border towns because all the docs were sick of loosing money from the medical tourists who were too afraid to go. They went on strike and demanded the city get cleaned up. Of course, their strike meant the city lost a lot of money so the government had to clean house. They have, and TJ is safe again now.
  20. I told my Mom that some of the surgeons have practiced, trained, and/or been certified in the US. They just choose to work in Mexico as it's so much cheeper without all the high malpractice insurance costs etc.
  21. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    TJ and Fish Tacos

    It just sunk in that I'm going to be in TJ the home of the most AMAZING fish tacos in the world (or so I've been told) and not able to sample one! HAHA. Ah well. "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
  22. You will be fine! The most dangerous part of your trip will probably be getting through the TSA at the airport!
  23. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    I left Mexicali and Dr Aceves without a sleeve...

    I understand why the mods are doing what they are. It helps to control flaming etc. However, it also leads me to wonder whether there's been a horror story about my coordinator or Dr. that has also been hidden that could have helped me decide to go with someone else.
  24. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Alma with Ready 4 A Change

    I'm not nervous about the surgery it's self. I've been under the knife several times. It's all the other stuff that is the big unknown for me. Recovery, pre and post diet, post weight loss. The most nerve wracking part is the thought of doing all this and STILL not permanently loosing the weight.
  25. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Alma with Ready 4 A Change

    Deposit paid! I'm not going to book airfare till tomorrow when I get the official okay to be off work on the Tuesday after Labor Day.