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  1. I drink the isopure drinks with 40g protein. They come in many flavors.
  2. Praying (hugs). I also went to TJ but had a different doctor. I am now 11 days out and doing awesome! I am positive you will do great, hang in there :-)
  3. VG1978

    healthfirst. what was your experience ?

    Go to Mexico, 15 days and you are in!
  4. VG1978

    Awwww Come On !

    I enjoyed reading your post! For me personally I opted for Dr. Ortiz and have my surgery scheduled for next Wed. I can tell you that I have been sooooo impressed with the coordinator Carolyn. She is awesome and does not contract through a 3rd party, works only with OCC for Ortiz. She also has had surgery with him and was able to answer all questions easily.
  5. VG1978

    Day 7 of liquid pre-op and I haven't killed anyone yet

    I feel your pain! My surgery date is July 31st and this diet is making me so drained! I tried to increase my vitamins and intake of protein but still dead tired after work and have to take a nap. Glad to know that I'm not in this alone....... Trying to stay strong!
  6. WOW! Good job . But really though......back to work on Monday? Seriously????
  7. VG1978

    Coordinators in Mexico?

    Ohh, I see. I can't hep u with that one until after next week
  8. VG1978

    Coordinators in Mexico?

    I am scheduled for surgery next week but I feel pretty confident because once u make your appointment they give u every detail possible and help walk u thru what u will need to do and what to expect. I am going through Dr. Ortiz at the OCC. there are a lot of utubes if interested or have not chose a doctor. Oh yeah, my pain medications are in addition to the fee and was told to bring $125-$150 for them. Hope this helps.
  9. VG1978

    8 Week Post-Op Progress (With Pic)

    wOW! 58lbs in 2 months, amazing!!! Good job!
  10. Can't we bring our own Gatorade??
  11. WOW! So excited for you Kieshart!!!!!
  12. VG1978

    pre op diet

    I too am on my pre-op diet. My surgery is with Dr. Ortiz on July 31st and this diet is crazzzyy and hard! We gotta stay strong.
  13. I am having sleeve surgery with Dr. Ortiz in July 31st, anybody else gonna be down there between 31st and 2nd??

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