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  1. The bottom line is the scale is a demon which is going to lie to us. It will lie to you even more the more often you weigh. What does it measure? Fat? Water? Muscle? What are you wanting to lose? Fat? Water?

    Thanks for the response. I agree weighing every morning should be a no no but I'm having a hard time letting go.

    I reread my original post and I guess I should more worried than I am. There's no way I ate more than my 800cal that day so I had to be retaining water. My legs were so sore the next two days it would make sense.

    Thanks again

  2. I walk/ran my first 5k on thanksgiving. It was so hard it was 19degrees outside and 1.5 miles was all up hill! Here's my issue, the next day I weighed and I was up 4lbs! Almost a week later still up the same 4lbs with no sign of movement. Is this normal after a 5k?

    Surgery date: aug 5. Down 57lbs. From 267 to 210 (now 214 :-/. )

  3. I have two and LOVE them!! No work no fuss! Just shake it out and pull it on and go! I love it and I've gotten soooooo many compliments on my new cut!!! If you can do it, do it! I am saving so my money not having to buy hair style products and saving sooo much time not having to deal with my hairdo!

  4. Ok, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, it's hard to type long messages on my phone so I've been waiting until I was up to getting on the computer.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with writing letters to your family, but I wouldn't write them like you are going to die. Maybe just a promise that from now on things are going to be different and better. Tell them why you are doing this, I assume it's ultimately for them right? To be able to spend more time with them and have a more active life with them.

    As far as the shakes go, I have entirely moved over to using powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury. I actually tried the BA strawberry and banana and Orange Cream with almond milk before surgery and they came out like a shake, I don't remember them being too thick, but then I made the vanilla with just milk and it came out so thick I couldn't even drink it, this was after surgery, I had to keep thinning it down it. And it tasted so bad! Like trying to take shots of vanilla cake frosting yuck!

    I'm now drinking Unjury chocolate with milk and the chicken Soup with Water, both are much better! Last time I was at the office they said that they will be coming out with new flavors of the PF brand they carry so I'm excited about that.

    So how am I doing? Well, the first week really was awful, and I had the whole what did i do to myself mopping thing, but I re-read my handbook and realized this will pass and food is not lost to me forever, I'll get it back it's just going to take some time and learning Portion Control. My night 7 I was able to go to bed in my bed instead of the couch which was amazing! I started walking, though my first trip out to Walmart wasn't fun and came home sick with terrible pain/pressure behind my breastbone. You'll get that too in the beginning, From what i understand that's my full signal and in the beginning it's super sensitive to everything. In the beginning I couldn't even drink room temp fluids, I had to have everything, even Water, heated up in the microwave or I was in tears when I tried to drink. My MIL set up a small crock-pot half full of water next to the couch I was sleeping on so that I could keep my water and Soup cups in there to stay warm, BEST idea ever!

    I started walking last week, first to the end of the block and back and that was so hard and I was so tired afterwards. A few days later I decided to walk more and ended up walking 1.44 miles round-trip, came home and when my husband came home for lunch I thought I'd take a shower, got in and a few minutes later called out to him for help cause I was about to pass out. He helped me into bed to rest for a little while. after he went back to work I felt better so I went into the living room to take my muli-Vitamins and within just 2-3 minutes I was in the bathroom experiencing my first vomiting experience post-op. It wasn't so bad and I instantly felt better. The chewable vitamins have been hurting my stomach from the start so I knew something like this was coming.

    I still get tired easy, I went out on sat with my bff to get pedicures and we did some like shopping at the mall and then that night we went to the naturals baseball game. Sunday, it was all I could do to take a shower and make it to the couch where I stayed all day I was so totally exhausted.

    Oh, here's another tip, NO MATTER WHAT: Get your Protein drink in before you do ANYTHING else in the morning or you will be sick. Trust me. Been there done that!

  5. man the movie was a huge let down none of the characters where castes correctly!!!!! oh why did they try to put a face to my man in black his hotness lives in my mind only!!!! ugh!!!! lol

    I know!! I was so disappointed!!

    I really saw Sandra bullock and queen Latifa as steph and lula!

    But lulas diets crack me up! I'm behind on the last two books.< /p>