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    ChefEm624 reacted to vegasneon in 6 weeks/ 8 weeks lost 30 lbs   
    Well today is 6 weeks after my surgery and 8 weeks after I started the liquid pre surgery diet and I have lost 30 lbs.
    Its going a little slow but its GOING. It took the last whole month to lost 10 lbs. I know 10 lbs a month is good- it just feels slow while its happening.
    I want other people with crappy slow metabolisms like mine to know they aren't alone.
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    ChefEm624 got a reaction from Kelsan in A plateau at 3 weeks out? What gives?   
    Hey all,
    I was just wondering what in the heck is going on with me. My scale has been stuck for a solid week or even up a pound on various days. I'm at around 600 calories now, because I was only managing about 350 for the first two weeks post-op and I ended up fainting at work. But is this the punishment for eating slightly more? It's still so little. Did I just bankrupt my family and throw my life into upheaval (self-pay surgery) to lose a measly 20 pounds and that's it?
    Please advise, please share... I'm pretty down at this point.
    Many thanks,

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